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GET READY !! The BIG SHIFT is Here - It's Time to JUMP!

Get Ready !! The BIG SHIFT is Here - It's Time to JUMP!

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am being guided by the Angels to share that All The Cosmic Activity that has been happening recently is ramping us up to another huge Quantum Shift. This is a major shift in our perspective of reality. This wave of Light is going to jump us up to a higher 4th dimension perspective. However, The Dark is aware of this Jump and is pulling at their last straws. They are trying to cause as much pain, suffering and insecurity as they can. But I am shown that this Massive Energy Boost is Sealing this Earth and Humanity's fate. This is not something that can be stopped from taking place. Mother Earth Gaia Sophia has made the choice to Return to the Light, and she is taking all of us with her, who wish to go. This Energy Boost is from the Divine and We are being protected by the Higher Realms. I am being told that the Energy Cycle we are currently in is rising to a peak. This is the Time for us to jump or access the higher energy. To do this we must focus on our emotional state of being. as Stated before, The Dark is trying to make as many Suffer or feel insecure, as they possibly can. They are doing this to stop your ascension process.

Our Emotional State is where our Vibration is at in the Moment. If you are staying in any of the Lower emotions, such as anger, hate, greed, jealousy, and selfishness, You can not make this Jump in Consciousness. We must focus our intentions on the Higher Vibrations such as Love, Gratitude, and Care for Others.

The Angels then show me a great Victory. The Energy we are receiving is our ticket out of the Darkness. By Raising our Light, The new Perception of our consciousness will be the victory. We are Now raising higher than the Dark Rulers can withstand.

I am then shown that the Darkness will still try and keep their control under the same system. The Church, Government, and Media, will still push their Fake Control. Only you can choose to step away from this fake system. It's all about your perspective. If you are seeing things from a higher understanding you no longer see the 3D control Matrix as real, and therefore you are no longer under their control.

I am Then Shown That our victory over the Darkness will bring great unity and wholeness to this Earth. The Higher perception that We are about to experience is when our Inner world becomes our Outer world. This state of being is considered to be enlightenment or Nirvana.

This new perception is the understanding that the individual self is profoundly linked with all other things within this Multiverse and that we all dance and sway along the flow of life to one rhythm. This jump in self-realization will awaken us to the Gnosis that all things are One in the Cosmos. Once this Vibration takes hold of Humanity, all things that keep us separate Like Religion, Politics, Race, or Culture become totally obsolete. We then can just step away from that controlled mindset and Be at Peace.

We are about to experience one of the Biggest Shifts our World has ever had, and this is going to bring Massive Change. This change doesn't have to be Hard. It's all a matter of how you understand things.

We are at the End of this Grand Experiment, and big Changes are ahead. We are the Ones going to go through these major changes, transitions, or transformations. You Must to Let Go of The old version of you or Your Ego to allow the new you to be created. This is your ascension

This can be an uncertain time for many because you may be unsure of what will happen in the future. But we are being Guided by the Divine to Have Trust and Faith that all is in Divine Order.

Our perception of this reality is changing fast, and the Dark is scrambling to keep its control. The Angels are here to assist us Through these very precious moments. You are being engulfed by Beautiful Divine Cosmic Light Directed by Christos and Sophia. Absorb it into your Form, Breathe it in and Allow for the Transformation into a Higher state of Being to Take Place.

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons, Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus, The ones known as the Angels, The New Earth of Light Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.


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