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Freewill is Your Spiritual Freedom, Don't Give it Away ~ Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

Freewill is Your Spiritual Freedom, Don't Give it Away

The New Earth of Light, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Beautiful Day Dear Family of Light,

The battle of the sides continues, as they get ready to rumble in the New Year. Those who have followed me a while know that I am very UNpolitical in point of view, meaning I do not follow any Governmental Agendas. I have chosen to stay clear of anything run by the very rich and power-hungry. However, I do have strong opinions about several topics that are used in the Political Arena. So I guess in the world ring, I am a Target from both sides, labeling me as one or the other. They can not grasp that My opinion does not take a side, but follows the path of Freedom to Be. This is Freewill. Freewill is doing as you wish, As long as you are not harming or showing disrespect for others in your actions. This means you would only do unto others, what you would have them do unto you. Freewill is a Universal Law and is considered to be the Law of God. For some reason, this bothers a lot of people, so they have to control everyone in some form or another. The Vibration of Control is the Lowest on the Scale. It is a vibration that is trying to outdo or delete other vibrations. So when countered by The Light vibrations, it seems like chaos because all that's been controlled becomes released. However, This Universe is a Conscious Living Being, that Mirrors our true intentions back to us. So even though we have freewill, there are consequences to our actions or Effects from our Cause. So by learning to work with instead of against universal energies we can create what many know as our Heaven on Earth.

Yes, we do have freewill, but, when we take away others' freewill we are going against Nature and Source which is the Infinite Consciousness that we call God. This is why the dark must have your permission to do harm to you. Through Movies, Media, and every other outlet they can, the Dark is telling you what they want to do, and if you comply they can do whatever they wish because you have let them. The Universal energies then do Not reflect bad Karma to them, because they are asking you, and you Allow.

By Standing up and saying No to Governmental control of any kind, they will begin to receive their Karma.

Only those who need to be Governed are those who intend to cause harm. I personally do not intend harm on No One or nothing, so why are my rights being taken away? It doesn't matter what side of Politics you are on. It all boils down to both Sides of Government wanting to control you, and by choosing a side, you choose your slave masters.

In ancient Times Jesus literally Beat the Money Changers or Bankers out of the Temple and Claimed Money to be the root of all Evil. His point of view of this System was very obvious and this is why he was killed. In their eyes, he was a radical and a crazy man for going against the status quo. Does this sound familiar? It is time to wake up to the Truth of the old paradigm. The New Earth of Light has begun. The lower vibrations of the Old corrupted control system will cause it to crumble within the Higher vibrations.

Humanity has been given an opportunity to evolve out of the darkness that has controlled them. You choose what you wish for your reality. To Follow a Control System that wants to force anything on you, you are giving away your freewill, which is a Right given by the Infinite Creator.

Being Non-Political does make me a target because I see corruption on all sides. I see the Lies that all politicians tell. We must remember who the Politicians actually are. They all are extremely wealthy and only got in control through Big Pockets. They don't let the average guy or girl in, sorry it's a special club.

It is totally a control system that only allows the very rich to be in power. This is what many throughout our history have tried to warn us about. Wealth has become power. So even a crazy man can become President if he has Lots of Money.

The real problem is that people are hungry for a change. but it won't come through the system as it is set up now. Real change only can come with compassion. As this Earth moves higher in the Light vibrations we must too. The Highest form of Light that humans can emit is the feelings of Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Giving, and Unity. By being in these vibrations we not only raise in Consciousness, but we are receiving these energies mirrored from the Universe, reflecting into our lives. Jesus taught within the Nag Hammadi Codices that We must become these qualities to Raise our Consciousness, or what is also known as rising in the ascension. He showed his intention through his action of Service to Others, being the path back to the Light.

We are given very simple instructions on how to Live in Harmony. In no way does Control reflect Harmony, Only Respect for One another can do that. Loving our Neighbor can be a hard thing for us to do, But respect is just learning to allow Others to Be. Allowing Others their Freewill. We are to give to Others what we wish to Receive. It's also called Reaping what you sow, or also known as the Cause and effect Principle within the Hermetic Teachings.

When we finally become free to be, within the universal Law, we will no longer need someone to govern over us. We are Mature enough spiritually to not cause harm or disrespect to Others. And if we do we are excepting The Universal Mirror of our Actions. Freewill is Our Birth Right in this Creation. We were given the choice to return back to the Light from where we first Came, or to continue to stay in the Darkness, and ignorant to our Truth. You make your own choice by what you give your Energies too. By giving away your Freewill you give away your spiritual Freedom. Our Beingness of Light is our Power, given by the Infinite Creator. Don't Give it away.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeon Sophia through Divine light. The new earth of light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


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