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Forgiveness is The Final Test

Forgiveness is The Final Test.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

How are you feeling? We can feel an obvious split in consciousness happening. Those of service to self will begin to experience a forcing of energies and will be removed according to their individual Soul contracts. The Earth is Rising, she is ready to ascend into a higher vibrational planetary body. Only those with higher vibrations will stay on the planet. Service to the All and Others is the highest Ways in vibration, That the Human can be. Service to Others is Frequency of Love. When you reach the Service to ALL level of consciousness, you are in unconditional Love Vibration. We will continue to rise in this frequency throughout our journey through the Photon Belt. It is time for what many know as the long anticipated Graduation. Each and everyone of Us, have already made our personal choice to be of Service to Others or Service to self. Service to Others is the way of the New Earth of Light. As the Earth raises in Light we must too, It is our purpose to return to Source. There is no coincidence that you are reading or Listening to this Message. They are coded with the Higher Light, to awaken those who are meant to awaken in these final moments, to the higher way of being. When we say a higher way, we are referring to being Service to Others. It is also to help those who have lost their way, to find the Path of the Light again. All who receives this message are on the path of the True Light in this moment.

Forgiveness is the Final Test for this Graduation

Many, even Lightworkers, are struggling with forgiveness in these moments. They see the darkness and they find it hard to have forgiveness for all the horrific things. In their minds "Justice" is more important. However, Forgiveness is Service to Others in a very high form. To be able to enter into the higher Light, we must trust that the Light will take care of all the Darkness. we must trust that the Divine Light will dissolve all Darkness on this Planet, in all its forms. We must Have forgiveness in our heart for all those who do not know what they Do. This is One of the Great lessons of Jesus in his final moments. He Reminded himself and Those around him to not be the Judge of the Others harming him, and to "Forgive them because they know not what they do". In other words, they do not know their connection to one another, and to the All, so, They harm themselves by harming others.

Many in these moments are feeling let down because of different agendas that they were following have all collapsed. Maybe you are feeling Lied to again, or drug out again for something that is just not happening, the way people are saying it's going too. These where all False light agendas. We too must have forgiveness for all those led astray and those still lost in the illusions. The reason for the Big Shift by Divine Light, is because the False Light is also being Stopped in these moments. Nothing of the Darkness can enter the higher 5th Dimension. We must remember that NO Government is going to help you the way they are set up today. There is at least 3 different layers of Rights, the Ones in total poverty with no income are at the very Bottom level and really have no Rights at all, Then There are the right of The average American Person struggling to Live on minimum Wage or a little above. They are at a little better advantage having some money helps in the system. And then, there are The Rights of The Wealthy, who are the Ones who makes all the Laws against everyone else. All Governments and Hierarchies need to be removed or replace with something to where ALL will receive equal Rights in all aspects and where no one person makes the rules, and is in control. The New Earth of Light will not have division, but be all united and equal. No More will Money decide your standing in society and Power. The way this has been all done within the 3D must Change to a Higher way of Being.

But, Our Purpose is not to change politics in one country or another, we need to Remember that all of that is the Illusion. We are here to be the keepers of this Planet on her journey through the photon belt. While this happens all things of darkness must fall away. We must begin putting All of Humanity and this Planet and all her inhabitants as first priority. This is not going to happen through any Government. This is only going to happen with each of our own participation and service. We are creating the New earth of Light, Not just putting a coat of paint on the Old one and saying it's new. This is what the False Light intended, to sneak it's way into the higher 4th Dimension, still having control of the People causing a major Timeline split, reverting humanity into another Loop or time lapse trying to stop the Earth's and Our ascension.

We each are now in control of our own journey. We choose whether we are going to be here on this Planet for her 5th Dimensional Transformation, or to leave an stay within the 3rd dimensional Universe. We make these choices by the vibration and consciousness we choose to be in in every moment. Every moment is a choice to be of Service to Others. The More of Service to Others you become the higher in Light and consciousness you become. In every Moment we can choose to have forgiveness, releasing all our Karmic energy with Others, and in that process releases Their Karma they have with you. This is the Final Test for your ascension into the Higher Light. To be of total service to the All you must have forgiveness for All Darkness that exists. The 3D Universe isn't going anywhere, it will always exist. But this Planet is moving into a Higher Light Vibration of the Universe as she moves through the Photon Belt. This takes about 2000 years for completion. The Earth entered into the Photon belt in the 1960s. And is now in the Process of her ascension into a 5th dimensional Planet. Which means shes rising in frequency because shes been here in the belt a while. She has been held back many times by the darks agenda, hindering her ascension, Now Divine Light has intervened. The Earth herself has consciously made the choice to raise in the Light, so, the Light will help her do so. We as the human species upon this planet must decide our future. Each person makes the choice for themselves, whether to enter the Higher Light or To stay within a 3D reality. Your choice has been made. The New Earth is about to begin.

And so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled through Divine Light, By Chellea @


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