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EVERYTHING You Have Ever Known, IS A LIE ~ The High Council of Sirius

Greetings, We are the High Council of Sirius,

We have observed many of Humanity in these Moments, in the Mist of deep confusion. There are so many different perspectives, and Agendas, happening all at once, and there is no true discernment taking place. Many believe whatever they are told by whatever Government Authority, Religious Leader, or popular figure they have connected themselves to, and many have given their energy and power away to those individuals. Most of Humanity continues to believe in a False God, Fake Education and in a One sided Money making Science, keeping the unawakened locked into the 3D perspective and the control Matrix. Many are connecting to the False information, because it is all that they have ever heard, and they are literally afraid or in Fear to look at anything outside of what the Matrix has given them.

The Matrix has kept Humans in a box that only allowed them to see what was projected to them. Now that the Box has been Opened, More Humans are beginning to witness Beyond that very limited perspective. Many are beginning to see the Control structure, that has been setup to control your every Thought, word and action within the Illusion. Through Religion, Politics, Education and your Science, everything you have ever been taught, or Told, has been False, and used to keep Humanity separated from each Other and Knowing your Truth of Oneness with the all, Oneness with God. The Matrix has controlled every aspect of your reality. Instilling separation, within every concept.

To find your way out of the Matrix, you must let go of all that you have ever known to be real. The Dramas within your Politics and world stage, are Not Real. Your Religions following a Vengeful, Hateful, Jealous God, is also Not Truth. Everything you were taught in your Education about your History is Not Truth. And Everything your Science has told you about your Reality is also Not Truth.

The Dramas in your Politics and on the world stage are to keep you separated in all aspects and fighting with your Neighbor. Wars are planned and orchestrated to cause more chaos and fear within the Human collective. The Created Religions of the Vatican, which are all beliefs of the God of the Old Testament or Jewish God, have deceived you into believing that a very Dark Extraterrestrial entity who demands worship and sacrifice, is your God. This was intentionally done several Hundreds of your Earth Years ago to control your Spiritual Growth, and to keep you in fear and subservient to the dark's control. 

The Infinite Creator is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. The Infinite Creator or The ONE TRUE God, does not carry Vengeance, And does not project hate or anger towards those who reject him. The One God can not be jealous because he/she is all that exists.

You have been Lied to Throughout your Lives about your History and your Origins as Humans. This is the trap of the Matrix. Everything you have ever known is a Lie. For Humanity to step out of the Illusion, you must step out of all the Beliefs you have been Given within the Matrix.

The Earth and Humanity are shifting out of the Matrix control. as things begin to transform you will witness the control structures of the Matrix collapsing. Those who still hold on to these perceptions, are the ones in deep confusion, everything they have ever known has been a total lie. It is a shock for many as they awaken to the total truth of how the Matrix has controlled your every Thought, word, and action. As the Illusion begins to disappear, your reality is changing, those who have let go of the darks control, are seeing brighter days, They See and witness Love because they have become Love. They have chosen to let go of anything that separates them from The Infinite Creator. Where those who are still stuck within the old belief systems of the Matrix are now being shaken awake. Those pushing separation are being seen for their service to the darkness. Humanity will be shown Truth.

They will see all that has kept them enslaved within the Matrix. Including those who push the agenda. Soon there will be nothing left, for those holding on to the matrix, to continue to hang on to. They are grasping at their last straws, as humans might say. All The Confusion that the Human Collective is feeling in these Moments, will begin to transform into A Knowing of your connection with The One True God. This is the Awakening, to except, and understand, your connection to The Infinite Light of the One True Creator.

As More Awaken out of the Matrix, They will begin to find Their Truth, They will find the peace within, bringing peace without, they will find the Love within, bringing Love without, and they will find the Oneness within, bringing the Oneness without. Humanity is about to be freed from their enslavement of the Darks Matrix of Control. Let Go of all you have ever known to be truth. And allow for your Inner truth to Rise in Light.

We Love you and Honor You,

We are the High Council of Sirius.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, at


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