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**Event Update** 4/19/24 ~ A TSUNAMI OF LIGHT~ The BIG SPLIT is Happening!!! ~ The Galactic Federation

The Ascension Event Update for April 19, 2024

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The Earth and your Solar Logos are very active in these moments, creating a Massive wave of Light, That is pushing a mass awakening for Humanity.

Within the Last 4 of your Earth Days, the Earth has been very active, keeping her frequencies around 60 Hertz, Which is 6th dimensional vibration. The most intense was on April 17th, a Strong Phase of activity began just before 2pm UTC, and immediately led to a strong peak in amplitude which reached the maximum value at Power 71 Hertz.

Another Energy burst, started happening again today April 19th, The large oscillations of the Primary Frequency started a new phase of intense activity. The amplitude rose to Power 30 hertz, with a first maximum value at Power 35 hertz.

This was followed by a phase with an amplitude in oscillations and this led to the max peak for today so far, at a Power 61 hertz shortly after 2am UTC.

This is Keeping The Earths Vibrations very High and very intense in these moments, and within 6th dimensional Vibrations. But that isn't all, The Tsunami of Light isn't over yet.

Your Star is also amping up in its activity with 19 registered solar flares, all registered above a C Class, in the Last 48 hours. And within the Last 24 hours, 7 of those were Large M class Solar Flares. 4 of them directed towards Earth, This Also is causing a Small Geomagnetic Storm. M Class Flares are at a 5th dimensional frequency. So the Burst of 7 of them within such a short amount of time is quite intense Energies, for the Earth and Humanity.

You are in the midst of an Energetic Tsunami, That is actively splitting the collective consciousness of Humanity. Many more are awakening, and opening their eyes, to truth. But many are still very stuck in the patterns of the 3D paradigm. The programming of the matrix, is heavy and hard to break if the percipient isn't ready to let it go. One of these programs or patterns was The Ego Mind.

The patterns of the Ego Mind, must be released to maintain the Higher vibrations, to Boost yourselves into the Higher spectrums of Light. Many may wonder, What are the Patterns of the Ego? One must first know what the ego is. The Ego is an individualized construct of the mind that Humanity has created to separate themselves from knowing their True nature. Which is the truth of their Connection to the Infinite Creator, and their Oneness with The all.

The ego Mind is the judge, Jury, and executioner, of everything and everyone it encounters. It is the Me, me, me, the I,  I,  I,  and the mine, mine, mine, that entertains your Thoughts, words and actions. This fake construct was helpful during the experiment, to separate yourselves from The Prime Source Creator. However, In these moments you must let go of the Me, I, and Mine, Mindset, that projects into your Words Thoughts and behaviors. When you Let go of the ego mind, it allows the Energies of This tsunami of Light to Transform you into a Being of Oneness. With a Mindset focused on We, Unity, Giving, and Oneness. This is the transformation you are experiencing, and This is the Split in Human Consciousness that you are feeling.

As your Earth and Sun dance in unison to the Energies of Love. You are beginning to experience a higher way of being. You are moving beyond the Self discovery part of your evolution, into the true knowingness, of your connection to the all. Know that you are One with your Earth Family, just as you are One with the all. Your Earth Brothers and sisters, are all reflections of you, and are Many aspects of the same Source, The One Infinite Creator. This Tsunami of Love that is engulfing you can transform you into a Higher Understanding of your Truth. Let Go of the need to individualize and separate yourself, and return to Oneness of the All, The Love of our Infinite Creator.

We Love you and Honor you.

We are The Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension Event Update for April 19, 2024

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