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**EVENT UPDATE** 4/14/2024 ~ NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT'S COMING ~ The Galactic Federation

The Ascension Event Update for April 14, 2024

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

It has been Quite an eventful week for the Earth and Humanity. The Solar Eclipse, has Brought with it Many exciting new Energies That are in the Form of Manifestation and New Beginnings. Your seeds have been sowed for the New Earth.

The Last few weeks, the Earths resonance and your Solar Logos activity has been very Calm. The Earth herself has stayed at a peaceful 14 to 20 hertz. But This was just the Calm before the Storm, But in a very positive since. Yesterday, April 13 in your timespace The Schumann Graph showed a blackout In the Mist of sporadic activity. During that Blackout, it is registered that The Earths Vibration reached 9th dimensional Frequencies at 100 Hertz.

 This Extreme Burst has caused another major Shift and Quantum boost in yours and the Earths Ascension process. But your Planet did not stop there...

Today, your Mother Earth began with a strong Burst at a Power 72 hertz, which is very High 6th dimensional frequencies. After the nocturnal phase with the maximum value shortly after midnight UTC, a gradual rise in frequencies began, From 3am to 7am UTC the Amplitude remained between a Power 25 and 30 hertz and then decreased from 7am UTC, between a Power 15 and 20 hertz. 

So, The High Frequencies for today, at the Moment of this update, is at 72 hertz.

As stated previously, Your Solar Logos also has been very quiet for several of your Earth Days. Nevertheless, it's activity also has increased. For the Last 24 hrs. Your star has had 14 sizable flares, with 2 of them being large M class flares. Which has also helped to boost the extreme frequencies in these Moments.

The Energies around the Earth and that which is surrounding Humanity, is rising you in to a new understanding. Helping to Raise Humanity out of the Lower vibrations. The Dark ones have laid their seeds as well, and are amping up the wars to increase the negative energies to push their agenda. The Earth began to show a counter to these Energies, immediately. Raising her frequencies to counter the Darks work. Your Solar Logos also, began to help boost the High Vibrations.

Everything the cabal has tried will, and continue, to backfire on them. This will become even more apparent as the weeks and months move you closer to the Grand Event. Nothing will stop what is coming. No One Knows when it will be. It is a Moment of Mystery when the Divine makes the Choice. That moment is only known by the Divine Source. Nonetheless, Many things are playing into your ascension process. As we have stated before the Grand event is more for those who have not awakened yet to their connection to one another, Their connection to the Infinite Source, or their connection to the all. Those who have already awakened will move very gracefully into a fifth dimensional Consciousness.

The event can be any Large occurrence that can create a large amount of High Frequency. Including solar Flares, Astrological events, such as Novas, and other planetary actions like collisions. Cosmic rays also play a big role in the rising of the Earths frequencies. Cosmic rays are a continuous Shower of Light that the Earth constantly receives. These energies are continually hitting the Earth. They also come in waves as they move outward from the Central Logos of this Universe. Which is the Sources' connection to The Physical material reality.

Our Dear Family, Be at Peace. Allow the Cosmic Love to engulf you. Raise your Eyes to the Stars, as we too are here to serve through Light. We are here to be of Total service through yours and the Earths Ascension. You have the Light walking with you on this Journey. You are not alone.

We Love you and Honor you.

We are The Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension Event Update for April 14, 2024

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