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**EVENT UPDATE** 3/17 ~ A BIG SHIFT FORWARD ~ The Galactic Federation

The Ascension Event Update for March 17th 2024.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

The Last week of your time space, has been quite busy with the Earth Showing major activity. As we have stated before in previous Updates, Your Mother Earth has increased her song and is now boosting from 4th to 6th dimensional frequencies. Since our last update, Starting on March 10th The Earth began pushing 32 hz which is at 4th dimensional vibrations, This was amped by your Solar Logos Erupting a Massive M7.43 Solar flare. These energies have remained intense, through this week, with the Earth Jumping up another octave to Power 45 hertz, on March 11th.

The Frequencies were isolated throughout the 12th and 13th, staying within the range of 40 hertz... Your Mother Earth then relaxed for 2 days the 14th and the 15th within the 4th dimensional vibrations at 14 hertz.

However, again on the 16th she amped her frequencies into very High 5th to Low 6th dimensional vibration.

 At 1:30am UTC on March 16th we began to see the first movement of Amplitude reaching Power 15 hertz, By 8:00 am UTC she had jumped up to Power 28 hertz...  By 9:00 am UTC she had already reached a Power 41 hertz... Soon after, The earth jumped again to a Power of 57 hertz By 12:00 pm UTC.

After yesterday’s activity, which ended around 5 pm UTC, there remained an underlying instability with numerous oscillations throughout the night. At 11:00 am UTC today March 17th the high peak has reached Power 23 hertz, boosting 4th dimensional frequencies.

To help Your Mother Earth boost these Energies, your Solar Logos has ejected 14 solar flares within the Last 12 hours, 12 of them being at a C class and 2 massive m Class Flares.

With each amp up of the Earths vibration, you are being pushed very rapidly into the Higher Frequencies.

During these precious moments, you are being guided to look within for just a moment, and observe Your personal transformation that has already taken place. This Transformation is moving you from doing all the inner work on yourself, to actually beginning to take action.

In your Astrological Since, Your Solar Logos transitions from Pisces into Aries on March 19th, You will encounter either Spring or Fall Equinox depending on your Location on Earth. This is also the Beginning of your Astrological New Year. This pivotal moment brings a burst of energy, courage, and a push towards self-assertion and new beginnings. It is also the vibration of Letting Go of all that no longer serves you within this higher Light. This is a call to wake up from your Slumber. Both metaphorically and literally, and initiate action towards your most personal desires and goals.

This next week brings in your new Zodiac cycle. Aries season and energies bring assertiveness to the table, stepping up and becoming brave in the advancement of Dreams and desires. Now is the time, Manifestation of your New Earth is underway.

This week blends the end of a reflective period with the fresh start of the astrological new year, offering a powerful transition for all. Embrace this shift from doing the inner work to actually beginning to take action, aligning your goals with the energetic push towards growth and renewal.

This is a BIG step, a BIG SHIFT forward for Humanity in these Moments of your Ascension into a 5th Dimensional Reality. Your Dreams of your New Earth are now beginning to be manifested. Change will begin to become more physical in your reality. The Foundation of your New Earth is being laid. Soon the structure will be apparent. The Changes will begin to speed up, moving Humanity into a Higher way of Being. A Higher Conscious way of Life, where the Betterment and Upliftment of All, becomes your societal Focus. A Beautiful New Earth based within the Vibrations of the Infinite Creator's Love.

We Love you and Honor you,

We Are the Galactic Federation.

This has been the Ascension Event Update for March 17th 20 24.

Channeled and Researched by Chellea Wilder at


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