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By Jelelle Awen.

This is a POWERFUL passageway we are moving into Now! These energies amplify sensitivities on ALL levels ~ emotional, physical, mental, social. The degree and depth that you feel these energies is related to where you are in your ascension/awakening process and what you most need to see/feel now. You may feel like you are ‘floating above’ them in some ways as you ride waves of bliss and love. Or you may feel like you are ‘knee/heart/soul deep’ in heavy and intense emotional states. This range of experience is ALL sacred with none being better then the other.

The partial solar eclipse yesterday offered a preparation for the deeper and stronger energies to come as we head into the total lunar eclipse on July 27th and through Lion’s Gate 8/8. As the moon ‘took a bite’ out of our sun during the solar eclipse, it felt like the Feminine lunar frequencies were making themselves KNOWN in our inner solar systems too. The moon, the sun, and Gaia being temporarily out of alignment during the eclipse can mirror your inner alignments/misalignments of masculine and feminine. This inner mirror reveals and reflects polarizations inside of you from your masculine and feminine, usually a masculine Inner Protector energy in relationship with your Inner Feminine. I wrote more about that here:

Also, these powerful energies invite you feel how you experience your daily life….bringing up questions such as: is your life as you live it EVERY MOMENT in alignment with your soul and service of love? Is your life compartmentalized with aspects of your BEing not able to express in every area of your life? Are parts of you hiding your TRUE purpose here, your passions, your desires, and your light in order to fit into and anchor into a former 3D way of BEing? Are your relationships in alignment with your soul and service of love or are they not?

The GAP between what your 3D Self/Inner Protector has set up and arranged and configured as your life….to what your soul mostly deeply WANTS for your life….is getting more pronounced with these energies. The GAP can be honored and patiently/compassionately related with even as you are more and more letting yourself feel what you really WANT. Divine Feminine frequencies invite you to feel what is real about your life and the sadness, lostness, confusion, disappointment, and denial are pushed up to be seen and felt.

I connected this morning with my Sirian Metasoul aspect/guide Sela and this was the main message she offered me about these energies. The Sirius energy is being activated as we move into the Lion’s Gateway on 8/8 so you may feel their presence more strongly yourself. I’ll be offering more about connecting to their beautiful blue ray Lion/Lionness energies as the gateway approaches.

The message I received from Sela about these current energies was about BEing in surrender to what the Divine Feminine is inviting you to see/feel. This allows for a deeper INtegration as previously deep traumas heal from this life and other lifetimes/timelines too. You can experience then the stillness, the grace, the compassion, the surrender of YOUR feminine (for both women and men) into the natural, arising state of receiving. You can let in how HELD you are in the arms of the Divine Mother as you undergo this death and rebirth process into your sacred humanity.

There is SO MUCH coming into balance now that has long been off balance. Embrace this process with much love and feel the parts of you (esp. your Inner Masculine) that may resist it, offering them a bridge to experience these shifts in an ultimately self loving way!

MUCH love to you as we go through this passageway of BIRTHING into NEW EARTH NOW!

Thank you for Watching , Universal Lighthouse. In Love and Light.


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