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Energy Update: Galactic Human Telepathy Activation's

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant – You will receive your new activations over the next 3 days. This transmission is directly connecting your telepathy templates with your Soul Group. You may feel a bit disorientated at times, so it is VERY important to rest and listen to the needs of you avatar.

You are linking up to the solar stargate as well. You will begin to communicate more with your environment at a telepathic level and from this day forward it will only grow stronger and stronger. This is Gaia moving to a 4th Density Entity. 4th Density is full transparency…nothing can be hidden, everything will be exposed.

A shift in your personal life will begin within the next few days due to these activations directly linking you to your destiny and purpose here so trust what comes into your experience at this time, but use your discernment.

The synchronicity transmissions(some call angel numbers) will be increasing. This is to re-program your 3D avatar at an unconscious level directly guided by your 5th dimensional-higher self. Many unions are just around the corner so it’s time to get ready by being of service in whatever way speaks to you. You mus be doing what you love.

Each Oversoul Group will receive different number transmissions through synchronicity to program the subconscious. This is how we create the new grid, through thought. The grid system is a conscious construct created from crystallized thought forms from the collective unconscious. You are the Gateway Keepers(first wave) here to anchor this grid and dismantle the 3D false timing grid.

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New Earth Body Changes

Photonic wave transmissions August 3-6 is causing the autonomic system of the avartic 3D physical body to no longer be in resonance with the 3D Matrix resonance of the visible light frequency rang on the electromagnetic spectrum, which is linear time. Do not fear these adjustments. These changes began with the Rainbow Wave in March 2018. This portal is the exist point from the March wave and entry point to your multidimensional self, 5D timeline merge.

The 3D autonomic system:

Sympathetic nervous system,parasympathetic nervous system and the etheric nervous system. Through the transmissions programming the unconscious and activating the galactic human templates by synchronistic order, the fight or flight response system is disabled. Your 3D avataric body will begin to fully resonate beyond the visible light frequency, disconnecting you from the Matrix grid system.

Your avataric 3D physical body is adjusting to these changes at a rapid rate. You may feel as if you do not have control…feeling fatigue, pain, insomnia, nausea. Changes in; respiratory rate, body temperature, hormonal response, blood pressure, pupil dilation, bodily functions, body weight, etc… this is taking place at an unconscious level. The unconscious mind has been manipulated by Matrix programs causing the autonomic system to run based off these programs of false time, keeping the body from seeing and experiencing beyond visible light frequency range and linear time.

Now that your New Earth body is activated, the physical adjustments must take place. The telepathy activations through waves 1 and 2 are merging the unconscious mind with the conscious creating a shift in your perception and releasing imprints within unconscious that have caused blocks within the root and sacral chakra; blocking the shakti kundalini from ascending, freeing you from the soul recycling system of the moon Matrix and ALL past 3D karmic timelines based off 3D programs.


~Aluna Ash Clairvoyant

Thank you for Watching, Universal lighthouse. In Love and Light.

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