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Energies InComing!!! Enjoy the Upgrades!!

ENERGIES INCOMING DUE TO SOLAR STORMS FROM A LARGE CORONAL HOLE THAT JUST BECAME EARTH FACING.Quick Weather Update We are in for some interesting Energies from now through the 23rd. A very large Coronal Hole aka A BIG Sun Spot has just turned Earth Facing. This puppy is Huge. Expect Bigger Solar Storms and uptick in Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity. We already have a Large CME release today. I haven’t checked to see if that’s Earth Facing or not but I will update you once I have more information on that. We have at least 3 days before it’ll hit.Right now we are experiencing big Solar Storms with high Wind speeds that are knocking around the energies. Expect this to last most of the night. Lots of body pressure with these storms. Listen to you during these incoming days, rest as necessary. Enjoy the Upgrades!!


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