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Don't Give It Your POWER ~ 7D Pleiadians

Beloved Friends Of Light!

You Are The Creators Of Your Experience. Each Created Personality Has Free Will To Explore Life In All Aspects. But Not Until Aligning With The Soul Will There Be Peace In All Circumstances. With Alignments, The Power Of The Soul Is Complete. In This Magnificent Place Of Being, New Expressions Of Creativity Will Be Known.

In All Moments Of Finding Peace Within, The World Around You Continues To Rage With Lies And Discord. With The Greatest Wisdom, I Tell You To Give It No Power. Focus On Light And Develop A Sense Of Tranquility That Is So Welcoming That No Storm Can Be Felt. Wars Will Always Rage. But You Can Have Calm Within Your Own Being. Allow Things To Move And Change As You Pull Your Energy Back Into Your Place Of Peace.

Give Hatred And Fear No Power. Walk Away And Create Even More Beauty Within. Desiring Healing Will Allow You To Become Peaceful With Your Ongoing Focus To Achieve The Best Outcome.

If You Desire Joy, Learn To Laugh Throughout The Day. Smile And Relax And Know That Each Cell Responds To Your Lead That Is Made By Intention. Speak To Your Body In Soft Healing Tones And It Will Serve You Well. Your Body Is Largely Composed Of Water Which Has Memories. Allow This Conductor Of Spirit And Life To Create Patterns Of Magnificence Within Each Cell. Give No Power To Negativity And Your Body Will Respond In Love.

Focusing Attention On Truth And Light Assures That The Path Of Your Soul Plan. The Direction Will Be Lost Many Times Along The Way. But Detaching From The Noise Around You Will Assist In Redirection And Clarity. Give No Power To Those That Fight. Stand Strong In Your High Vibrations As You Overcome Darkness With Your Own Light.

The Goal That You Share With Other Souls Of Light Is The Completion Of The Final Waking Dream. Allowing Only High Vibrational Thoughts Will Assure The Perspective Of Only Joy. This Will Be Your Awareness As Nothing Else Will Be Known. Remembering That You Have The Creative Power To Shift To Sheen In Magnificent Transformation Will Propel You Onward Each Moment.

Give Your Power To Truth And Light! In This Reality, Nothing Else Will Exist. There Are So Many Things To Be Grateful For In Everyday Circumstances. Make These Moments Count As You Move Toward Upgraded Bodies Of Light And Returning To Exploration In Crafts. So Many Gifts Await Your Discovery!

You Are Part Of The Greatest Plan Of All Stars And Planets In The Culmination Of A Sacred Journey. You Are The Beloved Souls That Have Braved The Density That Requires Transcending All To Spirit In Order To Survive And Thrive. Nothing Else Matters In Your Sacred Existence. Give Nothing Else Your Power!


I Love You So!


Original title, Give It No Power.  Messages from Pleiadians of 7D Tay-geta received telepathically by Judith Lynn @Family of Tay-geta on X

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