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Countering the Dark's Agenda ~ The Sirian High Council


We are the Sirian High Council.

Many changes are beginning to take place, that will benefit the whole of the Planet Earth. The changes that are occurring, are happening do to the massive influx of Cosmic Light the Earth is now receiving. The Alcyone Star is playing a big role, in your advancement into Higher Light, As well as your Mother Earth, your Solar Logos, and the Cosmic rays being directed by the many Light Beings that are here in these Moments to Witness the Grand Event. Plus with the focus of many Lightworkers on the planet, All of this Light, is helping to speed up the earth and Humanities lift out of the Darkness of the 3rd dimensional Illusion.

There are those, on your Planet, who are literally fighting against these Frequencies and against The Light Forces that are here in these times, to totally Stop or Prevent your Ascension. They use what you would understand as Blood Magic, against the Earth and Humanity. Blood Magic is a craft of the Dark Ones. They use the Fear of the ones they kill to create this magic. It is how they are able to continue their Control over Humanity. They use this magic to keep their deception going.

They also use their hidden Technologies against the Earth and Humanity, as well. You would understand these as Direct Energy Weapons, They use these energy devises to create Earthquakes and Severe Weather against their Enemies.

But these are not the Only thing that these weapons are used for, These weapons are used to alter Human Thinking and Human Actions. This Mind Control Technology is a major weapon against Humanity in these moments, And is being used to advance the Dark's Agenda. This Technology is being used to cause mass Killings and other False Flag events. Adding to the Dark's Spell casting of their Blood Magic.

Many of you wonder how can this be, when there are so many churches and people out there working against this agenda. Many people believe that they can stop the Dark Magic, by Prayer. But Prayer to the God of the Bible, does nothing for the spell itself, because the Dark ones also Pray to this Same God. Even claiming Jesus' Name, even though it is a nice concept, does nothing to stop their spells. Because Jesus himself had to Cast the Demons from the Humans, into the swine, the demons didn't just leave by his presence. He had to demand them to leave. This is why the Dark Ones can continue doing their spells, and advancing in their Agenda. There are very few Lightworkers, that know this knowledge.

For thousands of your Earth Years, your Churches have supposedly fought the dark, and have gotten Nowhere. However, their Teachings have been infiltrated with the Darkness itself. Literally, by doing Mock Blood Ceremonies within the Churches. This is what you would know as the Taking of Communion. So what the churches have done is help the Dark ones continue their agenda.

But There are ways to counter the Dark's spells, But Most people don't want to know this Truth, because they have been so brainwashed into believing what they are told, by their Controllers. The churches have pushed that all magic is evil. They tell you this so you do not know the truth. The Only way the Blood Magic spell can be broken is Through true Lightwork.

The phenomenon that happens when using the Universal Law of attraction for a certain advantage, is what you would understand as magic.

Whether you do it for selfish purposes, which is considered Dark Magic or if you do it for positive purposes, and the benefit of the all, which is White or Light Magic. This Universe has 7 principles that govern it. One of those is the Law of Attraction. Which is how you are able to create your reality.

However, the Dark has learned that if they use fear, and The taking of Life, they can create a distortion into an illusional reality. This is their Control Matrix. Fear is what keeps the Matrix intact. They have made everyone believe that through their manipulation of the church that all magic is evil, when the church itself is performing ,magic with every service.

Words whether written or spoken are spells, they create your reality. When you put action with those words, it makes the spell much more powerful, and manifest much quicker.

When you pray to the perceived god of the bible you are literally praying to a hateful, vengeful, being that rules over the Matrix. Therefore, pushing the dark's agenda.

The Big difference is When you pray to the god within, and work with, or are in positive alignment to the Universal Energies, you create a Higher Vibrational, positive aligned reality. If you are in positive alignment, meaning that you are in Love Vibration, you will create positive outcomes with your thoughts, words and actions. This is considered White magic. Plus When focusing on the betterment of the all, you amp up the Energy to manifest almost instantly.

Every Thought, word, and action is a spell that you are asking the Universe to receive. Depending how much energy and action you put to these words will depend on how quick you will manifest it into your reality. Affirmations are personal spells that you are trying to manifest. Praying is also a form of spells. When Praying or going within, you are connecting directly with your infinite Creator, and asking for certain outcomes or Things to manifest in your Life. So if you are doing this through Love and Oneness, instead of selfishness, you align with the proper energies for manifestation.

With the power of the Darks Magic being amped with war and violence, and mass killing around the earth, They are trying to use this Energy to stop your ascension. By Focusing your intent on dissolving their Magic, and creating the New Earth through Love and Light, You are the Ones Countering their Darkness. Because you are working with and aligning to the Infinite Creators Light and Love. You are changing everything. Your Thoughts, words, and actions, are countering the Darks spells of mass destruction.

The Dark Ones Magic does not work with these higher frequencies of Light That you and your Cosmic Families are emitting. so They are amping up their blood rituals, and their wars killing as many as they can, plus causing as much fear as they can, to drop the Earth back down in vibrations

But you The true Lightworkers, who are focusing on raising your Light and going within, have changed everything. You are Magnificent masters of Light. You are the beacons, shining the Light where it is needed to dissolve the Darkness.

Continue to raise in Light and Love and in Understanding That you are the Children of the Divine. The One Infinite Creator.

We Love you, and celebrate your Return to Oneness.

We are the Sirian High Council

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