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Cosmic Light Update -Sept -THINGS ARE GETTING DEEP - It's time for The Quickening of The Soul

Cosmic Light Update - Sept - THINGS ARE GETTING DEEP - It's time for The Quickening of The Soul

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Throughout these next few weeks, things are about to get very intense. The Deep Awakening is about to begin. Very Recently, I have been able to see only what I can explain as the color of the Energy. The atmosphere has such a brilliant golden glow to it that I have never seen before. This Color is very intense and I see it within the Light itself. However, I am being shown that This Golden Energy, or Golden Light, is a wave of quickening ascension energy, being sent by the Divine. For those who have been through The awakening, its now your time for Healing and reflection. But what this also means is if you have not healed your past wounds, they will come up during this energy boost. We will have 6 major planets in retrograde and This means that Things are about to get Deep.

It seems everything has been sped up and now moving a lot faster than before and that includes this Ascension. I am shown that This ascension energy is here To Quicken the soul, which means to bring it to Life. To excite it, stimulate it, and stir it up. For so long, Most souls have been Sleeping and some are even like the walking dead. But, This energy throughout September will awaken many from their slumber, and bring them back to Life.

This is also a great time to bring yourself back to life, if you have been feeling drained or in a low vibration. take this time to focus and absorb the Golden Light Energies, That are coming in from the Divine.


This is a Small excerpt from

September 2022 is set to be a more reflective month where we are encouraged to revisit the past, address old issues, or assess if past experiences still need our attention.

Part of this reflective energy comes from Mercury, which enters retrograde for the third time this year on September 9. As Mercury enters retrograde, it joins five other planets, giving us a total of six major planets in retrograde.

When a planet is in retrograde, it can create some backward flowing energy that urges us to revisit things from the past. Sometimes, strong retrograde energy can also dig up things we have swept under the rug or failed to address the first time.

Retrograde energy can also slow things down, making it feel harder to move ahead. But, we can use this to our benefit by taking time to rest, reflect, and wrap our heads around any past experiences.

Along with the strong retrograde energy we have this month, we are also revisiting the past through the Saturn Uranus Square, which becomes more active throughout the month. The Saturn Uranus square was a major feature of 2021, but it is coming back around once more to finish what it started.

While the Saturn Uranus Square energies will hum in the background for the remainder of the year, through September and October, we are likely to feel its effects a little more strongly.

We may feel a push-pull between needing to honor where we have come from, our boundaries, and our traditions versus stepping forward into new territory, breaking traditions, and thinking outside the box.

September also brings the Equinox, which is a time of finding balance and harmony. The Equinox is also said to thin the veil, heightening our intuition and giving us a push when it comes to following our highest dreams and wishes.


This is a Small Excerpt from

We’re just coming out of the New Moon in Virgo, coasting through the energetic shifts of the summer. The month ahead comes jam-packed with awakening, balance, clarity, strength, and euphoric moments of interconnectedness.

Essentially, September is known as the ninth month. Yet, in numerology, the collective numerology of this month carries the “number 6” vibrations of presence and self-awareness.

The energy of 6 carries the power of:

  • Happiness

  • Stability

  • Creativity and love

  • Harmony and order

We’ve been jumping between dimensions and frequencies, and the last few months have been an all-around action mode while we continue to dissolve 3D beliefs and boundaries.

Energies this month encourage releasing feelings rather than becoming bound to them. Our feelings are valid and our feelings, yet they need to move through the proper energetic channels rather than getting stuck in karmic feedback loops.

With Mars in Gemini and Mercury stationing retrograde this month, the physical body continues to send messages on what it needs to heal to integrate higher frequencies.

September provides the bridge from the density of grey matter into the crystalline light of clarity and truth as Fall Equinox harmonizes a beautiful interlude of the seasons. The whole planet is transitioning, and your expansion and stepping up in your divine purpose are needed right now on this planet.

Although we may feel the weight of lessons and deep-rooted changes, we are entering a season of wonder in which the Universe moves and supports us in new ways. Overall, it encourages you to step into fullness, truth, and wholeness.

It’s time to expand and activate the courage needed to step up in your life. So, honor gifts and lessons of the year, and start focusing on what you need to release for the seasons ahead.


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