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Cosmic LIGHT Update Sept. 19-21 ~ Moving Forward FEARLESSLY 🌕 The Full Moon and Equinox

Cosmic LIGHT Update - Sept. 19-21 - Moving Forward FEARLESSLY - The Full Moon and Equinox.

Blessings beautiful Family of Light,

As we move into The higher Light, our astrological aspect is pushing the energies to Move Forward without Fear. We really are in the moments of Moving into an unknown territory where we as a species have never been before. As the veils lift, so much is now becoming known, that has been kept from humanity. We are in the final days as the dark struggles to keep hold of control. However, the Universe is on our side. As we step out of the old into the new, we must remember to Trust in Only the Divine from Within.

There is Nothing to Fear, Fear is only a delusion created by the illusion.


The Pisces moon makes you pick up on the energies of others, energies that may not be aligned with yours, and this can affect your moods and feelings. Therefore, it’s important that you detox your energy with crystals before setting your intentions. Listening to soft music and singing can help to separate funky sentiments from a positive outlook. Connecting with your friends and reuniting with peers can bring you comfort during this luminary. It’s a wonderful time to laugh, talk, and catch up with everyone in your life. After all, you’re feeling more sentimental and nostalgic than ever. Embrace that energy, and keep the positive memories flowing.

You’ve been second-guessing your intuition lately, which is causing anxiety to manifest within yourself. Rather than talk yourself out of a situation, embrace your gut feelings and sentiments. You’ll begin to see things more clearly once you let go of logic and embrace your intuition. Take a leap of faith.

You’re also working on mending fences with those you care about. At first, it will be hard to apologize and be accountable for your mistakes or miscommunications. When you take the first step toward rebuilding bridges, you allow the relationship to grow and evolve so it can be better than ever. Finding your place in the world can be hard, and stress isn’t helping you see your calling. The advice is to stop worrying about the future and live more in the moment. Remaining present at all times will give you a fresh perspective on the path you should take. Source,


Full Moon in Pisces The Complex Path From Ideals to Action

The moon will go through different phases – waxing and waning; yet its changing phases are the constant we hold on to for all our life. ~ Avijeet Das

Sep. 20 ~ FULL MOON IN PISCES (28:13 Pisces/Virgo)

Before you take a step—the first step or the next step—you first need to know why you're taking it. What is the practical reason? The moral reason?

What is your wish that you hope will come true when you take the step? Are you moving toward something or away from something? What do you believe is possible once you have taken the step?

If you answered any of these questions with, "Well, it's complicated...," then you're right in tune with the chart for the Full Moon in Pisces!

The chart is full of yes-but interactions between the planets, starting with Neptune and Mars. The Moon is conjunct Neptune and the Sun is opposite both, although these aspects are separating and growing wide (6:37 orb). The Sun's peak connection to Neptune was almost a week ago (Sep. 14), while the Moon's dance with Neptune took place half a day ago.

Neptune provides an aura of possibilities and promise that may or may not be as realistic, accurate or wondrous as our imaginations have envisioned.

Neptune shines a light in the darkness that hopefully indicates the end of the tunnel, but it might also be something else that isn't necessarily in your best interest.

Time usually tells which, and by now, 6+ degrees later, you're likely either inspired or disappointed—or perhaps you're ambiguously in between where you're feeling a bit of both.

Mars is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, but Mars' aspects are out-of-sign and therefore more complex than straightforward. The Sun takes almost another 3 weeks to catch up to Mars (Oct. 8), while the Moon takes another half-day to become exact. Both Sun and Moon must first change signs before their aspect with Mars reaches culmination, so this energy is just starting to build.

Mars is about taking action, so in a way he says, "Okay, so Neptune showed you a dream or a nightmare or something in between. Now what? What are you going to do about it?" Mars is in Libra, so whatever action you take going forward, it needs to be something that affects your sense of balance between you and whatever dream or nightmare you're facing.

If you're out of balance, Mars should help you regain it. Or, if you're fused in a perpetual balance that is inflexible, then Mars can help you break the stasis. Just watch that you don't get stuck in indecision about what to do – if in doubt, take your best guess in a small step and see how it feels.

Although Mars and Neptune are aligned with the Sun-Moon opposition, they are too far apart to be in opposition on their own. They were exactly opposite on Sep. 2, remaining within an 8° orb from Aug. 21 to Sep. 14. However the Full Moon provides a bridge that reconstitutes the Mars-Neptune energy.

Mars and Neptune presents a challenge around how to take action in the face of ambivalence or uncertainty. Are your automatic reactions rooted in what you think is happening or what is actually happening? It's easy to get stymied, unsure of what to do, and therefore lapse into a state of inertia, lethargy or apathy. Or you might find you are motivated by a sense of idealism that inspires you to find the courage to act even if you're not feeling confident.

So, now the Sun and Moon bring the Mars-Neptune hall of mirrors back into focus. Whatever you've been inspired about or struggling with or feeling hopeless about over the last few weeks, you are in a position to see this with fresh eyes. You have a another chance to find a more workable balance between the analytical and the intuitive (Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces), and Mars in Libra adds emphasis to this impulse to seek a better balance.

A man is worked upon by what he works on. He may carve out his circumstances, but his circumstances will carve him out as well. ~ Frederick Douglass, The Portable Frederick Douglass

Mars and Venus are in Mutual Reception, meaning they are each in the other's sign of rulership – in this case, Mars is in Libra and Venus is in Scorpio. Mutual reception essentially means the two planets "get" each other more than they otherwise might – each can offer tips and tricks to the other about how to navigate their sign.

What's especially interesting about Mars and Venus is that they are like opposite energies. Mars is Yang or masculine or active; Venus is Yin or feminine or receptive. They also rule opposite signs.

Therefore, when Venus and Mars are in mutual reception, Venus and Mars are always in detriment. In this case, Mars is in Libra, opposite its own sign of Aries; Venus is in Scorpio, opposite its own sign of Taurus.

Being in detriment means the planet is in foreign territory and must express itself in a way contrary to its nature. In this case, the normally active, impulsive, independent Mars, while in Libra must be more diplomatic, compromising and considerate of others. In the same way, the normally comfort-seeking, gentle, sharing-and-caring Venus, while in Scorpio becomes more focused on intensity, directness and passion.

That said, although planets in detriment have a steeper uphill battle to work constructively with their sign's unfamiliar energy, they also contain the potential for greater strength and accomplishment. For example, high-achieving people are often born with natal planets in detriment (opposite their own sign) or in fall (opposite their sign of exaltation).

So, although these planets carry a heavier mandate, they also carry a more diverse potential. Detrimental Venus and Mars in the Pisces Full Moon chart give you a chance to develop your Warrior Woman side and your Strategic Peacemaker side.

Venus and Mars don't have a major aspect between them (just a Decile or 36° but wide and separating at 1:43 orb). However, Mercury in Libra can mediate between them, sitting at their midpoint. Therefore, it is through thought, communication and awareness that you can best bring the Venus-Mars opposites together in a way that is constructive and useful.

As a small child, I felt in my heart two contradictory feelings, the horror of life and the ecstasy of life. ~ Charles Baudelaire, My Heart Laid Bare

Mercury is exactly trine cheerful Jupiter (a scant minute of orb apart and the closest aspect in the chart next to the Sun-Moon opposition). This aspect encourages an optimistic, philosophical and uplifting mindset that is capable of understanding all sides of a story. This can help you find and focus on the positive potential inherent in Venus' and Mars' detrimental challenges.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, so Jupiter's trine to Mercury, on the midpoint between Venus and Mars in detriment, grants extra potential to transmute struggle into strength through awareness and rational thought, and colours the Full Moon energy with increased depth, wisdom and options.

Not without his challenges, though, Mercury also has a tight square to heavy Pluto. Despite Jupiter's upbeat promise, Pluto reminds us that there is still depressing and gloomy energy in the world that must be dealt with. Pisces often deals with downer energy by ignoring it, pretending it doesn't exist, or (mis)interpreting risky or disturbing situations only through a positive lens.

As a result, the next couple of weeks can be a complicated mixture of seeing a bleak view of life and humanity (Pluto), alongside the glowing potential of same (Jupiter/Pisces). Your Mercurial mind, currently clothed in Libra, may struggle to find a way to resolve the paradox.

On one hand, life can always become better. On the other hand, life can also suck because we humans are far from perfect – every one of us is a work in progress. As such, we make mistakes, we misunderstand, we react in counter-productive ways, and we tend to view things in a polarized, binary way – situations and people tend to be viewed as all-or-nothing, yes-or-no, either-or, it's-this-or-it's-that, with nothing much in between. But the truth is that life is full of shades of grey, and paradoxes abound. There's a full spectrum of rainbow colours in between the polarized extremes of "this" and "that."

So, at the Full Moon in Pisces, the Mercury side of us is challenged to find a way to hold both the Jupiterian rosy promise AND the Plutonian possibility of disappointment and heartache. On one hand we need to accept that sometimes we are witness to a darker side of life and human nature (in ourselves and in others), while at the same time it's still possible to believe in hope and possibilities that inspire us to make life better (for ourselves and others).

You will never know the moon or stars, unless you breathe in their solar system and inspect it from many diverse vantage points as possible. ~ Shannon L. Alder

Jupiter and Pluto are themselves in a semisextile aspect (30°), which is a tricky connection. Their energies can talk to each other in a constructive way if neither tries to dominate over the other, but the "sweet spot" where this is possible can be subtle and fleeting. So it's up to Mercury—our thoughts, questions and attitude—to find and hold that sweet spot by remembering that both of these contrary energies are real. They may work together beneficially if we accept that they can and do co-exist.

With all this taking place in the context of the Pisces Full Moon, it might be hard not to slip and slide between the ups and the downs and different viewpoints. If you are struggling with this and can't seem to get stabilized, you might try doing something (not just thinking about it) that can help you focus in a positive, constructive direction.

Mars trine Saturn can help with this, and this aspect can be a solid resource lasting to early October. In this aspect, Mars' love of movement and action works well with Saturn's steady pace of progress. Mars and Saturn might not look as sparkly as Jupiter, or seem as provocative as Pluto, but they can help anchor you enough to slow you down if you start swinging between either-or extremes. Mars-Saturn can also help level you out if you get lost between what seems too good to be true versus what seems too bad to be redeemed.

Understanding the difference between healthy striving and perfectionism is critical to laying down the shield and picking up your life. Research shows that perfectionism hampers success.

In fact, it's often the path to depression, anxiety, addiction, and life paralysis. ~ Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Venus is opposite Uranus, and this aspect adds even more intricacy to the Full Moon chart. On its own, this aspect encourages Venus' intensity and passion to break through to greater depth of feeling and passion, rather than just settling for gratification or indulgence.

What adds greater complexity is that Venus and Uranus connect with the Sun and Moon to form a Hard Rectangle aspect pattern. Venus is sesquiquadrate the Moon and semisquare the Sun (135° and 45°), while Uranus is sesquisquare the Moon and semisquare the Sun.

All of the Hard Rectangle's aspects are related to the square family of stressful aspects – opposition 180°, square 90°, semisquare or half-a-square 45°, and sesquiquadrate or square-and-a-half 135°. It's a bit similar to a T-square or Grand Cross, in that there's a lot of stressful but dynamic and motivating energy contained within it.

On one hand, the Hard Rectangle can instigate feelings of dissatisfaction, irritation, and a sense that whatever you do it probably isn't helpful enough to produce the results you want. On the other hand, this may also drive you to greater heights of achievement—but if you get stuck in an endless loop of perfectionism then it can drain you or trigger criticism and seeing the worst in yourself and others. Patience, Grasshopper.

This is where all that Mercury-Jupiter optimism can be a blessing, since it can help you balance yourself out through a fresh perspective. For example, even if your results fall short of what you were aiming for, that doesn't make you "a failure" – maybe you didn't succeed the way you hoped, but there's always a lesson that can be learned. And regardless, you are still a person with a full spectrum of qualities and abilities, who (like everyone else) is a work in progress.

And that's okay. So don't be too hard on yourself. Okay? Okay.

As always, stay safe. Stay sane. Stay awesome. The world, in all its paradoxical wonder, still needs you.


Focus on Your Healing

The upcoming Full Moon and Equinox offer an opportunity to move on from the past. The incoming energies are helping us to transform old wounds into understanding, clarity, and wisdom so that we may shift our perspective and gain a new vision of the future.

As a result, anything that is not in alignment with our soul is being transformed, altered and or removed which will help us to deepen into our intuitive nature and integrate the shifts and changes we have experienced in the past few months.

A new awareness is arising from within that will greatly assist you in moving forward. It is important that you take time to assimilate and integrate all the major changes that have occurred.

Continue to focus on your healing by accepting and embracing where life has taken you.

Let go of attachments to old worries and past suffering and allow yourself to be released from the chaos and confusion which creates feelings of being unsupported and overwhelmed. As uncomfortable as this time may be it holds great purpose and will ultimately bring greater balance between your head and your heart.

By Kate Spreckley Source,


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