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Cosmic Light Update 8/19 ~ Shifting into Your Chosen Timeline.

During these amazing August energies, we are given the opportunity to choose our destiny. As we shift in vibration, we become the frequency of our chosen outcome. This is what is thought as "Timeline Jumping" or "Time Shifting". The higher in vibration you become the easier it is to create your personal heaven. We can use the energies that surround us, to manifest our heaven on Earth. The more pure of heart we become, the more connected we are to these "Waves of Light". The more caring and loving you become to others the brighter and happier your Timeline will be. You will see the difference in your loved ones as well. When we move between these time shifts we can notice the changes in the people around us, and even in our world. If you are moving to a higher frequency timeline those around you are much more caring and loving themselves, then what you may remember. If you are moving into a lower vibrational timeline, you will notice your friends and family as being angrier and more unhappy then you remember. If you are witnessing this, then stop and focus your attention on your own heart.

This isn't about Loving and Servicing the self, this is about making your heart pure and learning to Love ALL others. We do need to love our self to take care of our self, but that is not what is important here. Self Love and Self Service is Selfishness, especially if you do not Love and be of Service to Others. This means you are putting yourself above all others. If you are in the mentality of Self service then your Timeline will consist of a Self Serving hate filled and war based reality, where everyone is separate and has No Unity. This is the Road that the elites follow, and have tricked many New Ager's into believing. The more they can separate you from others, especially your family and loved ones, The easier it is to control you.

Those of us who know our Path of Ascension into the Light, Know that we are entering a dimension or timeline that is of Unity and Love, not of separation.

Love Isn't really LOVE unless it is shared with someone else.

To Share Love with Others, puts the Vibration into this universe, That You wish "Love" in return for "your" life. If you give of your service to Others and help when needed, then this Universe lifts you up and Supports you when "you" need it. This is How the Love of Others and service to Others, impacts "The Self." Our Universe works as the Law of attraction and Cause and effect, What we reap is what we sow, What we send out is what we receive in return. When we Love Others we experience Love in return, But when you Love only the self, Then you receive separation. The Universe sees that you Love Only yourself and "gives" you only yourself in return. This is a very lonely life. Some people may want this path, But, there are those of us who wish for Unity, Harmony, and Love in our timeline.

You are creating your Chosen path by the Vibrations you emit through your actions, thoughts, and words.

What does it mean to Be of Service to Others?

To Service Others is to Help those that you can, Care for those around you, be Kind, gentle, and Loving. If you see someone in distress, Don't walk away. See what you can do to be of service. If you have a Family, care for them, Feed them and nurture them. If you are a Lightworker then Share your Light by Sharing your Truth, Love and Knowledge to All who will listen. We should be looking for ways to Love others Or "Being Love", in every moment. "Being Love" is Service to Others, Being Selfish is Service to Self.

The Givers (Service to Others) and the Takers (Service to Self)

There are those of us who will give to others and Love others unconditionally, then there are those who will take and take and take that energy for themselves and never pass it on. These are what is called energy vampires and need to be avoided. If you notice that people are taking your energy and not giving any energy in return, then you may have a taker on your hands. When you notice this kind of behavior, put the intention out there that taking of your energy is unacceptable. This can become a form of control. Those who are only about SELF are truly Only about "nobody" but themselves. Those of us who wish for unity and equality, must surround ourselves with that same energy. When we Give to other giver's we will receive the Love in return. We can not allow our energy to be manipulated any longer. We must use our energy for goodness.

We need to learn to think of our Energies as weights on a scale, the more you create positive or negative energy, the more the scales will be tipped in one direction or the other.

Stuck In The Middle "Fake balance"

There are those who fill that they must stay in the middle for some reason. They have been wrongly told that this is Balance. Being Null. This creates nothing for you. You receive Nothing or the energies don't move anywhere, keeping you at a stale mate. Never "ascending" or "descending" in Vibration, never "evolving" into the higher realms.

"Balance" means Balancing within the "Positive" Energies, not between positive and negative.

True Balance is Balancing in the Positive Energies in all of your Chakras.

For Example: To balance the Root Chakra, you wouldn't think of being in constant survival mode, and in Fear, It's a matter of being content with our surroundings and comfortable with where you are in life. You wouldn't want to be somewhere in the middle here for this example.

We Make a choice in every moment to be in what ever vibration we want to be in. Many times we feel forced into these vibrations by out side sources. But, what we must understand is we still have the control to change our own minds to something positive, in that moment. We have a Choice to be Kind and considerate, or hateful and selfish. Each and every moment makes the difference in the outcome. It's the moment to choose the path you wish to follow, or the timeline you wish to be in.


August Acceleration, Its Time to Choose Your Timeline




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