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Cosmic Light Update 4/7 ~ The Big Pink Super Moon ~ Finding Harmony and Balance Within

This Pink Super Moon signifies our feminine and emotional sides. Through the craziness Right now in this world, many are in fear and unsure of what's really going on. This can cause even those of us who have focused intentions to drift into sadness and depression especially now, where most of us are being forced to stay in our homes. However, the energies are perfect for us to do a little spring cleaning, "within" as well as without.


The Emotional Meaning Of The April 2020 Full Pink Moon Is About Balance

The full moon is incredibly potent yet somehow underestimated. This lunar phase is a celebratory one, because it symbolizes spiritual completion. However, despite the climactic essence stemming from the full moon, it's also a catalyst for purging. For instance, the emotional meaning of the April 2020 full pink moon has everything to do with collective unity, but in the midst of tapping into your inner equilibrium, a number of revealing truths will come to light.

This month's full moon will be in harmony-seeking Libra on April 7 at exactly 10:34 p.m. ET. FYI, when looking to the stars for guidance and clarity, every single astrological energy must be considered. Integrating the effects of the full moon phase along with Libra's zodiac archetype is barely scratching the surface. Libra is governed by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and values, which means the foundation of this lunation is entirely Venusian... or is it?

Cooperative, liberating, and triumphant, this Venus-ruled lunation will be activated by a number of astrological energies, such as a powerful T-Square among the sun, moon, and Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn. Also, Venus will already be traveling through curious Gemini, too, amidst her pre-retrograde shadow phase, which starts on April 9. In harmony with Mars and Saturn, there's no denying that Lady Venus is on a mission. Luckily, she's well taken care of with these aspects.

Pink Supermoon In Libra: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Before discussing the astrological aspects activating this Venus-ruled supermoon — which will appear almost 14 percent bigger considering its proximity to the Earth — let's take a closer look at Libra's zodiac archetype. Aside from charming the whole world with its irresistible aesthetic and undeniable charisma, Libra's cardinal air is constantly seeking balance and equality. Depicted by the sign of the scales, Libra strives for social justice and equal opportunity.

When la luna reaches her peak of fullness, however, she sits directly opposite the sun which once again, represents a call for balance. For instance, with the sun — a symbol of the sacred masculine and physical identity — in aggressive Aries, there is an unquestionable surge of kickstart energy available, as well as an opportunity to tap into your inner warrior. Meanwhile, with the pink moon in Libra — a symbol of the divine feminine and your emotional foundation — there is an intuitive longing for peace and love.

As you can probably already imagine, April's full pink moon has everything to do with finding balance within yourself amidst the current events. The T-Square among the sun, moon, and Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn is the most challenging aspect activating this lunation. Pluto is drastic, transformative, and revealing; Jupiter is expansive and over-indulgent.

In structured Capricorn, this potent conjunction is here to remind you that everything in life is cyclical. For instance, powerful Pluto is putting a magnifying glass on the harsh realities taking place, while Jupiter instills hope and faith. There is nothing to be afraid of, especially when you learn how to keep your balance.

Venus' trine with structured Saturn is challenging you to upgrade your lifestyle, especially in terms of your finances, relationships, and creative intuition. Venus will also be in harmony with Mars and this will inspire you to stand up for your individual truth and freedom. The element air — a representation of unique perspectives and social atmosphere — will be incredibly prominent throughout this lunation.

In the end, the synergy between Mars-Venus-Saturn is here to enlighten the masses and create an environment fueled by love, equality, and collective consciousness.


The biggest and brightest Pink Super Full Moon of 2020 will reach peak illumination at 10:35 EST, April 7th and it is going to be in the sign of Libra.

The April 7th Full Moon is also referred to as the “Pink Full Moon”. The name was used by the Algonquin tribe, as well as by colonial Americans. This traditional name for the pink full Moon in April stems from the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, being in their season to blossom.

We are living in extraordinary times. These energies are intense, confusing and can bring up all sorts of emotions. The Full Moon in Libra is asking us to seek the solace of our soul.

The Pink Super Full Moon in Libra is a Chance to Look Up

Have we ever needed to take a step away or get some fresh air? Have we ever felt overwhelmed by our surroundings or the problems we are facing? This is the time for a break. This is the time for some space. During these times looking up at the expanse of the night’s sky and seeing the Full Moon build can bring peace and clarity.

The Full Moon in Libra is Inviting Us to Change

The Moon teaches us that there are phases to life. That things change and we too are always changing. These times are filled with many full-blown changes and that can feel shocking to our human systems. This is why looking at the Moon and remembering there is more to the Universe than Earth can give us some refreshing perspectives.

This Moon is in Libra while the Sun is transiting Aries. The Sun and the Moon are opposite each other and that’s what causes a Full Moon. Let’s take a look at some of the themes the Sun is illuminating throughout her time in Aries.

What Does it Mean to Be an Individual?

Aries energy is about independence and individuality. It’s the free spirit who does not want to follow pre-conceived norms and instead wants to be spontaneous. This energy is asking us to take a look at who we are, and more importantly what we believe it means to be an individual.

Chiron is in Aries as well, and throughout history during this transit we have seen countercultures emerge. Chiron was in Aries during the Jazz age and again during Woodstock. Both those times in history taught us to break free from what society deemed appropriate. Here we are facing the question of who we want to be and how we want to act. But this time society and the system itself is getting a major overhaul.

The Pink Super Full Moon in Libra is Welcoming a New Reality

You can read more about this new reality of Earth being built from the ground up in the Jupiter Conjunct Pluto article. (tap here to read Jupiter Conjunct Pluto article)

But to sum it up, we are experiencing a revamp of the systems of authority and power. This is associated with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto’s transits in Capricorn.

To use an analogy, our 3D world is undergoing a controlled demolition. There’s a plan to what’s unfolding, but if we haven’t been filled in, these times can feel frantic and scary. Imagine we had an old building that we knew was damaged and not safe for people to enter. We’d plan to take it down, and we would tell everyone to stay home, away from the building that is falling.

The Current Astrological Cycles + History

We are on the brink of a new system on Earth. When we look back at these astrological cycles throughout history we can get a sense for what is being taken down. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn the world saw the start of modern economics, the US Declaration of Independence, secret societies were formed, and much more.

The 3D reality matrix we are told to live in is built off of these energies, and now it is time for change. Aries is the sign of power and in many ways the power is coming back to the people. 

The Super Full Moon in Libra is About Personal Power

Power is not an external force, instead it’s something that exists within each of us. This Super Full Moon in Libra is asking us to access our inner realms. The power of collective meditation and intention is real.

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