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Cosmic Light Update 3/14 ~The Astrological New Year! ~ Trust In Yourself

With all the negative in the world today it is important to keep yourself in High Vibes! Even though we are surrounded by the Fear that the collective is experiencing at the moment, we ourselves must hold firm in the vibration of Love. Instead of fearing what is happening in our world we must learn to send Love to those in need. So many have forgotten their gifts of "Prayer" and energy work. When we ask the Infinite Creator for assistance, it is given, The Infinite is conscious of our needs. Plus when we know how to connect with the Universal Force, we ourselves become beacons for the Light and can send healing and Love with no limit of time and space. When working with the Universal Energies, we can heal this Earth and All of Humanity, we just need to Trust in ourselves.

The Energies of this new Astrological Year is pushing us to Take that Leap of Faith in our lives, whatever that may look like in your situation.


The Sun is preparing to shift into Aries on March 19th, and we are ready to welcome the New Astrological Year!

Along with the new astrological year comes the Spring Equinox, and this event brings with it some potent energy for us. We are all going to tune into the new energy of the Universe and welcome new possibilities this Aries season.

With the new year will come the need for us to take a leap of faith. The Universe is telling us to have faith and explore the unknown. Opportunities are abundant, we just have to venture out.

Why not start your dream project now? If you reach out to people, they’ll be more than willing to help you reach your goals. This is a great time to push past all of your fears and let go of all that restricts you.

You can use this energy to understand where in your life you are making excuses. Lack of self-love and fear lead to such excuses that hinder our growth.

Identify your fears and challenge yourself to rise above them. Channelize your energy into more productive forms.

This Aries season is a bit special since we don’t have any planets in Retrograde! The cardinal energy will be quite strong too. Take inspiration from the leader of the zodiacs and step up. Be your own leader and reach for the stars!

With the forward-moving energy of Spring, we can grow exponentially. But we have to put this energy into work properly if we wish to reap the benefits. Our power to manifest our thoughts and build new things receive a boost with the presence of the fiery Aries and other planets in earth signs.

Do you have any projects that you want to get off the ground? Want to apply for a fund? Are you waiting to apply for a job or a new school?

Why not start healing yourself with the beginning of the year? Have you been stalling that very important conversation you are too scared to take part in? Well, now is the time to do it.

Whatever aspect of your life seems to have been stagnant, now is the time to push yourself. Utilize the Aries energy to take action! Pisces season gave us enough time to think and wonder.

With Aries season now is the time to act on those thoughts. While you focus on getting out of your procrastinating shell, don’t forget to listen to your intuition though. Align yourself with the Universe, let your intuition guide you, and keep moving ahead!

Great success awaits us this Aries season, but we must be mindful of our actions too. Aries will help us regain our self-confidence and rediscover who we truly are.

We won’t be afraid to speak the truth. And we will now make our ego work with us, instead of letting it create any friction.

As the Universe is preparing to aid us, we have to be aligned with our highest self so that we can decipher what the Universe is telling us.

We have to be open to all signs this Aries season. The Universe is trying to put us on the path that is better aligned with our future self.

With the new year comes great personal growth. The seasons are changing, and we will be discovering new insights about our destiny.

Aries season is the time to release all fears. We must utilize the fresh energy of nature as it will support all of our endeavors. Don’t miss out on the abundant energy of the season!


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