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Cosmic Light Update 12/10 ~ The Big 12/12,12:12 Full Moon Shift ~ Activation & Manifestation

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This full moon is going to be very profound and will occur on December 12th at 12:12 AM ET, and is known as the Cold Moon or Long Nights Moon. This full moon is distinctive for its high trajectory across the sky, causing it to sit above the horizon for a longer period of time. It is also the Last Full moon of the year.

The Number "1212" symbolizes our spiritual growth and the awakening. It is the manifestation of your dreams, so it also signifies completion. Whatever you have been working on manifesting in your life, Through this shift will be the energies to accomplish these goals. However, Manifestation, is created through cause and effect, or reaping what you sow. In many cases what we "want" is not what we get. Whatever is manifesting has been created through our thoughts, words and actions.

“According to Merkabah mysticism, 12:12 is a code portal that, when you enter in resonance with it, activates your Merkabic field. When this happens, you are in alignment with the human heart connecting to the Unity Consciousness.” -Willow Soul

Merkaba (also spelled Merkabah) is our “light spirit body” and is an energetic field that surrounds us when we are tapped in to a higher state of consciousness. This energetic field forms the shape of a star tetrahedron and it is believed that this formation of energy allows our light body to travel to higher dimensions.


Intuitive Astrology: December Full Moon 2019

The December Full Moon is the last Full Moon of the year, the decade, and before Eclipse Season begins!

It carries strong release energy and falls on the 11th or 12th depending on your timezone, in the sign of the twins, Gemini.

As this Full Moon falls in the sign of the twins, we may find that things unfold in pairs or two areas of our lives may be highlighted under this energy. We can experience this on an emotional level too by feeling in two minds about something.

Regardless of what is stirred under the Full Moon, it gives all of us the opportunity to release and let go of things we no longer wish to take with us into the new year.

It is also our opportunity to release and let go of issues that were circling within a month either side of the last Eclipse on July 16th, 2019.

If there is something unresolved since this time, or more information needed, you may just find that the December Full Moon starts stirring things to bring some release or closure.

December can be an extremely busy month for many, with travel plans, family commitments, holiday parties and more, but if you can, try to take some time to think about what you no longer wish to bring with you into 2020.

What habits, patterns, or behaviors are you willing to let go of to make room for a new way of being?

If anything comes to mind, set an intention, say a little prayer, or write it on a piece of paper to burn. Doing this under the vibrations of the December Full Moon will offer extra support and will help put your intention in motion.

Use this Full Moon energy to check in with yourself, to rest, to restore, and to let go of all that is dense and heavy.

There are strong healing vibes around this Full Moon as just after it peaks, Chiron, the asteroid of healing will go direct after being retrograde since July 8th, 2019.

This is the perfect time to schedule that check-up, to boost your immunity, or to spend a little extra time on self-care.

If you have any nagging symptoms, don’t let them slide! Book that doctor’s appointment or go get a second opinion. Taking charge of your health is really going to be favored under this Full Moon.

The same goes for our mental and emotional health too. If you need some support, reach out to a therapist or friend. Or try to get yourself out of a funk by doing something new, exercising, eating healthy, or meditation.

Be kind to yourself under this energy as there is a little intensity and focusing on things that soothe and heal will be the antidote.

If you need some additional support or would like more channeled guidance, try my December Full Moon Reading.

The Gemini Full Moon may also trigger our relationships and finances, this is mostly because the planet Venus is very active.

In fact, at the time of this Full Moon, she is nestled right in-between Saturn and Pluto, forming what is known as a triple conjunction, and we will feel her energy strongly!

If we have been feeling a little uncertain about a relationship or struggling with some challenges in a relationship, this Full Moon may present an opportunity to progress things along in either direction.

Breaking up or setting firm boundaries with someone is never easy, but there’s something about the holiday season that can make it even more difficult.

If issues in a relationship arise at this time, don’t feel pressured by your family, by the opinions of others, or by the holiday season. You have to do what is best for you!

Of course, this is easier said than done, so don’t feel that you have to navigate all of this on your own. Gemini is the sign of the twins after all, so look to find someone to help you, whether its a friend, mentor, or professional of some kind.

Family relationships can often be highlighted this time of year anyway, so if you are feeling frustrated or emotional around the Full Moon, perhaps find a way to protect yourself from anyone in your life that is a known trigger.

While this Full Moon may highlight issues in a relationship, know that whatever comes to the surface is better out than in!

There is a power in knowing the truth and knowing where we stand with someone.

If a new truth or information does come to the forefront under this Full Moon, be sure to trust your instincts and give yourself time to digest and process all the facts before forging ahead.

If the path ahead is not 100 percent clear don’t feel pressured to act. You may have to sit tight until more information is revealed which could come during Eclipse Season.

While the December Full Moon can highlight relationship issues it can also bring sweet, loving, creative energy too!

We may feel softer, more sensitive, and more open on this Full Moon and while this can sometimes bring its own challenges, we can use this energy to tap into love, compassion, and kindness — and we all know the world could use more of these vibrations!

Our finances are another area that may come to our attention on this Full Moon. Again, this is something many of us tend to feel around this time of year anyway, but there are some ways we can use this energy to our advantage.

Within a few days of December 11-12, make it a priority to create a budget or to organize your finances a little. Look into opening a savings account or make some financial goals for the new year.

Don’t be tempted to over-spend this holiday season! Think about your long-term goals and make that the focus when it comes to any holiday spending.

You may also find that the Full Moon brings some abundance your way or if you have some to give, you may find that you are the one bringing the abundance! Donate money to a charity of your choosing or clean out those closets and donate old blankets, toys, and clothing.

This Full Moon is great for balancing the energies of giving and receiving in your life so think about ways you can give and then open yourself to receive!

In true Gemini twin fashion, this Full Moon brings a little duality, but overall December offers some wonderful vibrations for us to tune into and enjoy.

Any intensity around this Full Moon should pass quickly and we will be able to find the gifts of any challenges with greater ease.

It’s the last Full Moon of 2019, and no matter where you have been and what you have done or not done, you deserve to heave a sigh of relief, to let the heavy stuff go, and to embrace the start of the new year with some excitement or at least some hope of what’s to come.


What zodiac signs is affected the most through this shift.

2019’s last Full Moon rises in the sign Gemini on the 12th of December, 2019. The Full Moon will spread its energy on all of us but 4 zodiac signs, in particular, will be affected more than the others.

Being the last Full Moon of the decade and with the new year just around the corner, a lot of energies are associated with this Moon.

This Gemini Moon will make us focus on the more responsible aspects of our lives. Growth is on the cards and we have to work hard for it.

These 4 signs will be the most affected ones this December:


With all the focus turning on you now, you will be feeling extra antsy. Your social vibe will be getting a boost but be careful about how much you share and with whom. Your words will be blown out of proportion so better be careful. You will be busy socializing and making new friends but no one likes unsolicited advice, do they?


As usual, you are super-busy with your work. But this Full Moon could easily tip you over the edge. Try to remain calm even when the Moon is egging you on. Prioritize your tasks and finish one at a time. Everything will be better once you have finished some of your work so hold on till then.


With the Sun in your sign and the Full Moon rising, you will be focused on your personal relationships now. An honest heart-to-heart is due, either to mend things or finally end them.

Even if you are not particularly looking forward to such confrontations, they are a necessity now. Be honest and the Moon Goddess will take care of the rest. You have to go through this confrontation sooner or later so what’s the use of delaying?


All Full Moons are intense for you. But this last Full Moon of the decade will be a bit different. You will now want to spend some alone time, away from all the hustle-bustle.

You could also opt for a social media/mobile phone detox. You need to roam your imaginary world when the Moon rises so don’t feel bad about canceling plans or cutting everything off. Your health comes first. Enjoy a relaxing day at home.

With Sagittarius and Gemini controlling this Full Moon, you might feel like you are way out in the open. But the Archer always knows where the arrow is headed. So have faith and hold on. New beginnings are almost here.


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Sep 27, 2020

I read that : "you might have a passion or desire that you want to accomplish. In this case, you might be on the verge of having an unexpected opportunity, which will manifest your dreams."


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