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Cosmic Light Update 11/9 ~ Feeling the Shift of 11/11 Portal ~Allow for Transformation

Many of us are extremely sensitive to the energies around us, and are aware of the recent increase. If we can align ourselves with the vibrations of the 11/11 portal we can feel less out of balance. To align yourself, one must cleanse away any ego that is blocking you. When we release the egotistical mind, we allow for the higher consciousness or Christ Consciousness to enter.

Our ego tends to block us from knowing our true nature. Our truth is our "oneness". The Ego doesn't know "oneness" it only knows self, and only serves self. Oneness is knowing you and me are of the same spirit, part of the One Consciousness that engulfs this Universe. This is why service to one another is so important, we are each other in a different form having a different experience. When we are serving others we serve ourselves, which benefits the all. When serving only the self you benefit only the self. This sends the vibration of selfishness back to this universe. This path of Serving Self is a very lonely one, The Universe sees you have no compassion for others and gives you solitude.

You are not just you, Everything you think, say, and do, affects all around you.

The path of the Light or the path of "Service to Others", is much different, you find yourself surrounded by Love. People of the same mind set. We are not alone on this journey and we were not meant to be. We are meant to Love our Neighbor instead of fear him. We are meant to grow in Oneness as the whole of humanity, not to be separated by race, religion, or political stance. The more we separate our self, the easier it is for the dark to control and manipulate us.

Entering these intense portals brings up all the old baggage that is way down deep inside us. The energies cause any lower vibrational feelings to bubble up to the surface. If you find yourself in lower emotions such as anger, hate, fear, greed, control, envy, selfishness or any others, stop and focus back on your heart space. It even helps to put your hand over your heart. Remember to Love. Find the feeling of Love and share it with those around you, especially if they are the one causing you to have the negative feelings.


Just in case you haven’t already been feeling it, there is an energetic shift coming and it’s going to be very intense. This shift is the shift of 11/11 and as things heat up towards its peak we’re all going to be feeling pretty out of whack. 

Those of us who are energetically sensitive have been feeling this shift working towards us for quite some time now and are most likely ready for all of this to be over and done with. While this shift is going to be a very positive one it is also going to be very hard to face one in a number of ways. During this time we are going to all be bringing out the worst in one another and fighting for success in all we do.

As the days pass and November 11th comes forth this shift is going to get more and more intense. For at least two weeks after this date has passed, we will still be feeling the effects this shift has to offer. Whether you’re facing power struggles, relationship woes, or self-expression pain you’re going to be able to get through it. Just because things might seem a bit crazy at first glance doesn’t mean you are incapable of pulling yourself together and getting through it.

Below you will find a list of things that you can do to help aid your mind and body during this time period. While this shift is a bit unexpected for some it is something that we will all be growing through. The more you work to protect yourself during it the more benefits you, in the end, will reap. Doing these simple things can make all the difference in the world.

4 Ways To Get Ready For The Upcoming Energetic Shift:

1. Question your higher self.

Before things reach peak shift you need to have a serious one-on-one conversation with your higher self. Whether your higher self speaks back or not, is not of importance, you will get the answers you’re seeking in time. Ask yourself where you’re headed and where you really need to be. Work to figure out if the path you’re on is the one you should be on and if you’re living the life you should be living.

2. Be as open-minded as possible.

Stop closing yourself off to things in this life. We are presented with so many opportunities and saying no to them is not going to get you anywhere. The more willing you are to embrace the energies before you the more progress you can make in this world. Not everything is as simple as you make it out to be and sometimes diving into the unknown is a great option.

3. Don’t forget to meditate.

Meditate often and do not allow yourself to become overly stressed. When things become overwhelming remind yourself that a few moments alone can sometimes be more than enough to calm your inner workings. If you need a moment, take one there is no shame in that. Meditate before this event, during its peak, and as these energies begin to fade.

4. Allow your intuition to guide you.

Do not refuse to listen to your inner voice. Your intuition is something meant to guide you in this life and if you ignore it you’re only going to find yourself further and further behind. The harder you work to better understand the things this universe is placing before you the more ahead in life you will find yourself.



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