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Cosmic Light Update 11/4 ~ The Truth will Set You Free

Blessings dear family of Light,

These intense energies bring constant change with a continued advancement toward a higher understanding. Those who do not except these energies are being thrown into chaos within the mind and throughout their lives. These energies also bring out Truth in all aspects of our lives. Truth, isn't always pleasant, and can totally change our perception of our reality. However, Truth is necessary for our spiritual growth. When you choose to hold on to old beliefs based on lies and deceptions, you can become torn and confused when you have been shown the truth. For some the Truth will be right in front of them and they will never see it, because it goes against what they believe their reality to be.

What is Truth?

The real truth is knowing you are One. One Humanity, One Earth, and One Universe. There is no "your truth" or "my Truth", It is ONE TRUTH.

You are One with all things Natural. The Spark that is in all life, is who you are. Once you understand this truth, you no longer can see yourself as something separate from this creation. You are a reflection of the Infinite Creator.

Why is this Truth important?

In today's "age" we are experiencing what is referred to as the "unveiling" or the "apocalypse". This is where All truth is exposed for humanity to see. With all this energy of disclosure, can come anger and chaos. Distrust becomes fear and division. During all of this exposure to different truths, we can end up closing ourselves down to our emotions, so we don't get hurt. The problem with this is, while closing yourself off, you can separate yourself from knowing the real truth of who and what you are.

One thing to remember is that you are not this physical form. This world of politics, religion and economics, is nothing but an illusion and means nothing in the grand scale of things. This illusion is not our truth, so therefore, it really doesn't matter what supposed truths, come from the controlled system. As long as you believe yourself to be whatever career you have chosen, or the religion you believe, or how much money you make, you will never see your real truth..

When you begin to see that there is no difference from you and me, all the hate and fear of separation disappears. You are Not your political Party of choice, This mentality is used to keep you fighting and hating one another, and is used by the Government to manipulate you. It doesn't matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, or grocery bagger, your job doesn't make you. It doesn't matter what religion you choose to believe, We are all of the same Infinite Creator. We are the same consciousness in a different form. Each of our experiences are our own, but they are uploaded to the collective of Humanity for the benefit of all. Our lessons learned help teach those who come after us.

Once you "know" your real truth, you are free from the illusions of this world.


The Astrology Breakdown

Please Remember, the point of knowing what the stars say is so you can control your own thoughts, words, and actions, to be kind, caring, and loving. Sometimes the Energies can pull on our emotions, so always remember to stay in the heart.

Before we can say goodbye to 2019 we still have two busy months ahead and another Eclipse come December!

While this sounds a bit exhausting, time is speeding up and things are going to move swiftly and quickly. While November does bring some intensities, it also brings some of the sweetest cosmic alignments of the year!

Here is your breakdown of what’s to come:

November 1-9

November kickstarts with Venus entering Sagittarius. While we still have a few weeks of Scorpio Season to go, this will be our first taste of Sagittarian energy.

Following this on November 5-6th, we have the dramatic alignment of Mars and Pluto. They will be square or 90 degrees of each other on this day, however, we are likely to feel the energy building a few days before and a few days after.

Both Mars and Pluto are Scorpio’s rulers so this alignment carries strong Scorpionic themes. We may be faced with some confronting news or we may find ourselves feeling angry or irritable. It may also bring themes from the recent Scorpio New Moon to a head or we may have to revisit some events from February 2019.

This energy has the potential to get intense or hostile very quickly so try your best to keep your cool and make sure you give yourself healthy outlets if you do feel emotions bubbling to the surface.

November 10-19

While the first part of November brings some intensity, following this we have the powerful day of November 11.

On this day, we have the numerology code of 1111, which is synonymous with angels, higher vibrations, lightwork, healing, and ascending to higher levels of consciousness.

In fact, all through the first part of November, we have a potent series of angel numbers guiding us through the first part of the month.

Using the day/month format, the 1st of November would give us 111, followed by 2nd of November with 211, then 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, 811, 911, 1011 and then finally, 1111.

Under these codes, we can connect with our angels and spirit guides, travel to higher dimensions, receive cosmic downloads, and listen to the voice of our intuition with greater ease.

On November 11, the Sun also aligns exactly with Mercury in retrograde. This day signifies the rebirth of Mercury and will be a day to watch when it comes to the themes of this Mercury Retrograde.

The day following on November 12th, we have the Full Moon in the sign of Taurus. This Full Moon holds great energy for bringing our goals and dreams into reality.

It is also a wonderful Full Moon for attracting and tapping into abundance. If you have been working hard on a project you may see it come to fruition or receive the rewards of your labor. This is definitely an abundant Full Moon that will allow us to harvest all we have sown this year.

From November 19th to the 24th, Jupiter will move across the Galactic Center, a pivotal and supercharged point in our cosmos. Here, Jupiter’s energy will be amplified, shining down abundance and sending waves of support our way.

This won’t happen again for another 12 years or so, and it’s wonderful energy for spiritual development and for boosting positive energy.

November 20-30

On November 20th, the good vibes continue with Mercury stationing direct after being retrograde since October 31st.

Events from this time may come to a close or you may find a new doorway, possibility, or awakening in regards to what has passed, especially in matters involving communication, travel, or technology.

November 24th also continues the good vibes with Venus and Jupiter aligning at the exact same degree in Sagittarius over the Galactic Center. This is a beautiful, creative, and magical energy that will boost feelings of optimism and romance.

Venus energy will also be amplified as at this degree, and together with Jupiter, it’s some of the best energy we have seen in a while!

November 26th then brings the inspiring Sagittarius New Moon, which is the last New Moon before Eclipse season begins. This is our chance to revisit themes, lessons, and patterns we have been working with since the last Eclipse back in July 2019.

Finally, to wrap up the month, Neptune, which has been retrograde since June 21st will turn direct at 15 degrees of Pisces.

With more planets direct, time may feel like it’s moving quickly so do your best to stay organized!

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November is a busy month and things will feel like they are moving quickly.

The first part of the month carries a little intensity, but as we reach the middle of the month we are going to be bathed in some of the sweetest cosmic energies this year.

The end of the month returns a little intensity with the New Moon, but overall November is a magical month.

If we think of the nature of magic it can bring miracles, synchronicities, alignment, and the opportunity to “cast a spell” on areas of our lives that we want to change or do better with.

Under this energy, our potential for manifesting and intention setting will be strong, we just have to be willing to put in the work and to remember to be careful what we wish for!


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