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Cosmic Light Update 10/15~ Shifting To The Highest Timeline

Blessings Family of Light,

We continue to shift in every moment according to our intentions and consciousness level. But the shift isn't just happening, within us, as we change our personal perspective, we change the way we perceive the world we live in. But there is something much more going on. As we change our minds and the way we think, things begin to change physically in our world. Some chalk it up to the governments playing with time, while other believe it has to do with the raising of the vibration of this planet. However you look at what we see as the Mandela effect, it just can't be explained. Many of us believe that as you raise in vibration you shift to higher vibrational timelines, which explains the Mandela effect, as being a natural occurrence, that happens when we shift into higher light or higher dimensions. However you wish to see it, it is happening. Each one of us seem to be experiencing the shifts in a personal manner. As we each rise in vibration, we each will experience a shift into a new timeline that better suits our frequency.


Energy Update: Moving Into Your Highest Timeline

Sweetest energies of your highest timeline are coming in to be received, downloaded, and let into your heart space! These downloads may come ‘in’ through your upper chakras first as inspired visions, vivid dreams, and grand ideas. Soul purpose clarities can flood through as you connect/merge with your star family, soul family, guides and Metasoul aspects from higher vibrational timelines. You start to remember as your veil is lifting WHY you came here and what you are to BE/DO here during this lifetime.

Then, the desire bakes in your heart as a fondness, a warmth that spreads through your whole BEing. You feel both excitement AND some anxiety as the passion mingles with trust…. pushing up any remaining distrust in parts of you to feel and love. You are invited by the Divine to surrender into this desire, letting it lead and alchemize in your life with less and less effort. This is how you kNOW that you are moving into your higher timeline because synchs, connections, and support come forward from all directions to assist you. It feels as if the heavens themselves are making it all happen WITH you.

I noticed that after some ‘quiet’ energy days, we are being offered more energy waves to support this shifting into our highest timelines too! The Schumann reading from the last couple of days shows a period of elevated frequency with a couple spike beyond 40 Hz at some points.


AND we are in an elevated SOULar winds phase again (in the upper 500’s km/sec) with a geomagnetic storm that came in the evening October 14th, according to

As I flew over the United States and Mexico on my way here to Canada the other day, I felt the MAGIC of moving into your highest timeline as I am doing now. I could feel it in my BEing as a rightness, similar to falling in love yet at an even higher frequency. There really is an ease to everything as the details come together to serve the bigger picture.

It takes a focus, for sure, and sometimes some difficult choices of saying “no” to what doesn’t support the higher timeline. It takes a trust in the money continuing to flow, even if you aren’t sure from where. Sometimes it takes just pure physical work too, although the heart and soul experience this ‘work’ with joy! What better reason is there than LOVE to change your whole life around?

The bigger picture of serving love as you are connected to your soul purpose makes ALL of the effort worth it though as love brings more love and joy brings more joy!

Photos are from the hours long sunset from the air that we got to experience as we headed across the south western U.S.! Amazing codes! And we were seated on the wing, of course!



Posted on October 15, 2019 at 2:10 AM

Dear Ones,

You are shifting minute-by-minute even though you have difficulties believing such is so. For there are several pieces within you that need to be in place before you enter 2020. Not because the year is necessarily magical or even accurate for all calendar keepers, but instead that you are entering a double two year.

For some, this double two year will mean finding a secure home base – whether a current home or a new home, or community. Others will discover a new earth life perspective. For many of you have been pining for another dimension or focus while of the earth.

Such is logical given you have felt like an earth visitor since you arrived. For you have refused to acknowledge you are fully of the earth in this lifetime. Not because such an admission is terrible, but instead that you maintain too many memories of what was.

Earth life has never been particularly easy. And given your responsibility for helping earth shift from 3D to 5D as you achieved the same for yourself, this has been an exhausting lifetime. As is often true in 3D, you probably are ready for a warm blanket and a comfy chair in front of the fire to satisfy your comfort needs.

Instead, you are uncovering pieces of earth life you did not expect from environmental issues to leadership declarations. You expected to rest and then receive hosannas after shifting the earth and yourself. Instead, you feel as if you are walking through quicksand for your body, especially your feet, feels heavy and cumbersome. Where is the joy? Where is your completion party?

So it is many of the pieces you now find almost unbearable, will ease in early 2020, and be completed by year’s end. Not because such is an earth plan, but because of the internal drama, many of you are now undergoing. You will likely find yourself exhausted, isolated, worried, and depressed for the next few weeks. Not what you expected, but emotions pushing you through this final 2020 preparation stage.

The glaring issues for you now have always been there, merely sugar-coated as a pretense that all was well. Issues pummeling into your being with few, if any, ideas for change. For changing the issues that now disturb you, is not within your role. Such will be completed by those who follow. You have accomplished your major steps.

Many of you continue to request a role designation despite your exhaustion.

Your exhaustion is that you do not know how to rectify the “wrongs” you see so clearly. Again, those wrongs have always been there; you merely refused to see or sense them. So it is you are identifying that which is not appropriate for 5D you. Those following will have the solutions.

Your role now is to end your fear, your drama about how terrible everything is. For you are functioning as “Chicken Little,” saying over and over, “The sky is falling. The sky is falling.” While in truth, the sky is changing.

Your fears, your depression is based on what you cannot do. Those solutions are for your followers. So it is that by the calendar year 2020, you will likely allow yourself to know your joy role has little to do with social media or your leaders.

Your role is to be in joy.

Memories of past issues that haunt you – whether as a leader or of the groups negatively impacted by leaders – have little to do with new you. Yet, before you can accept that piece, you must clear those memories related to what is now visible. For just as you did not have solutions in the past as a leader or follower, you do not have solutions now. For such is not your role. Accepting that as your role merely forces you down the “rabbit hole” of confusion and fear.

Your piece is to shift yourself from fear to joy – knowing you are not responsible for shifting the quagmires you find in your leadership, social media, and the press. If such were your role, you would be excited and joyful to tackle it, just as you were dedicated to helping the earth shift from 3D to 5D.

Move toward joy, and you will find your role. Continue to fear which you do not have skills to shift, and you will stagnate in place.

Trust those who follow, as we trusted you. You have different skills – most importantly for 2020 and beyond – to display your joy. For you are the sunbeams, those following will discover as they end earth fears through constructive shifts, just as you have done throughout your transition.

Your fears are ghosts from past lives – lives that have little to do with who you are now. That is what you will discover in the next few weeks. For you cannot fully sparkle if you have fears that the earth – your creation and delight – is not able to circumvent the odious leaderships now destroying all that is important to you. Allow yourself to delegate the next earth shift to those who have completed such roles time and time again – just as you created many planets and places in addition to the earth.

You are the creator beings. Those who follow are the social butterflies shifting those now of the earth – either more completely into 3D or 5D. Your followers are social creators. You are planet creators. Allow you and your followers to work together to create a shining, loving example of Universal possibilities.

For the earth was an experiment, you changed into Universal reality. Now allow the decorators, if you will, to brighten the earth and its inhabitants in ways you do not understand. All you have to do to assist them is to shine your joy light day in and day out.

So it is you will release your current fears through example and need the next few weeks. So be it. Amen.

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