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Calling ALL Lightworkers, Your WORK is Needed, NOW!

Calling ALL Lightworkers, Your WORK is Needed, NOW!

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

With all the intense emotional events happening around the world, many are being vibrationally drained. While doing my Grid work I was trying to focus in on the darker energy to Clear it, however, it was everywhere. More darkness than before. Then I realized that the Dark has been very busy lately. They are trying to push your lower emotions, to that of fear, hate, sadness, worry, sorrow, and grief. When major things happen in our world, we can get shocked by those outer occurrences and can get pushed into an instant state of a negative emotion. However, we don't have to stay there within those vibrations. When we see ourselves having the feelings of sorrow or concern, these are not positive vibrations, and does not help the situation. When we are not focused on what energy we are sending to these situations, we can unconsciously send more negative energy to these already Dark empowered events. Most in this world are unconscious to there own energy field and how it connects to this earth and all around them. We as the adepts and Masters know this, but yet, it in so many cases it is forgotten.

The reason is no fault of our own, we are very empathic creatures, and feel what our brothers and sisters are feeling. So, we can feel their sorrow or pain. But in cases of those who are unaware of their connection, they tend to stay within those lower vibrations, of those they are being empathic with. This is where you must learn what is emotionally yours, and what is not.

We must step into a higher state of Vibration, where we are sending pure unconditional Love.

Stop in these moments, Step within, Find the Heart space, and focus on someOne you Love dearly, Like your significant other, a child, or grandparent, maybe even a pet. Not in Fear or concern, But focus on the unconditional Love you have for that being. Focus on the smiles and the heart warming events that you have shared. Now, see that Beautiful Love energy, and focus just on it. Not the individual, But the feeling. Begin to feel it through your body. Now, Whatever is disturbing you or causing you to react negatively, or is causing a negative event in your life, Send that beautiful Love vibration to That situation, to that person or those people, and to that location on this planet or elsewhere, without any judgement, of what is happening. This helps you to begin to have forgiveness. Forgiveness of the self, and beautiful karma releasing Forgiveness, for others. Plus when we do this we clear the Darkness, that may have erupted from a negative outcome. We as the workers of the Light, must brighten our own Light to be of service to those who are lost within the Lower vibrational emotions caused by the chaos of whats left of the 3D world. We are humanities bridge, or the stepping stones when the waters get rough through this transformation into the Light. We must be the beacons and not the stumbling blocks in others ascension. By remembering to focus on unconditional Love, in those moments of fear and sorrow, we can lift those around us, as well as this earth within this ascension process.

Our personal Vibrations are always important for ourselves, but we often forget what it does to others and this Planet. Staying focused within our hearts is important in these times ahead. So much has to dissolve to be replaced by the Light. How this looks, we may not understand. But just remember, all is going according to the divine will in these times. Trust in the Infinite Light, nothing else. That Light Resides Within you.

And so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled through Divine Light By Chellea @


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