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Building Momentum – July 2021 –By Emmanuel Dagher


Building Momentum – July 2021

a message from Emmanuel Dagher. Hi my friend! Thank you for being a brilliant light in the world! And thank you for being committed to doing your inner healing work. That work not only supports your own journey, but also contributes tremendously to the awakening of humanity. We are in a pivotal time of personal and collective forward movement right now, and as exciting as that is, it can also feel like we are being stretched beyond our comfort zone, in many different directions. The forward momentum that is building now is setting the stage for us to expand into our full potential. If it feels overwhelming to you at times, know that you are not alone! Resisting change and expansion is often the mind’s way of saying that it just wants things to stay the same, because it feels safer with things that are familiar. As a conscious being, our job is to let the mind know that it’s OK for things to change and expand, even if the mind isn’t able to figure out or be in control of what’s happening. We can also let the mind know that nothing will be taken away from it, showing it how much more it will gain, grow, and have as a result of embracing this new expansion. Here are a few things that can help us more gracefully integrate the forward momentum we are experiencing right now: Embracing Our Power / Becoming the Intentional Creator of Our Lives Now is the time to ask ourselves questions such as, “What do I whole-heartedly desire to experience more of each day—and what’s one thing I can do to make myself more open and available to receiving that?” Asking questions like this will help light up an awareness in our consciousness that empowers us to be more open and available to all of our blessings, rather than just a few. As empaths and way-showers, we are being called to create new paths now that help us connect completely to our most authentic, truest aspects. Resisting that—swimming against the energetic current by playing it safe and small—is becoming much too daunting. And exhausting! Taking Inspired Action For a good while now, many of our goals, visions, and projects (such as moving to a new location or creating a new career path) may have felt as if they were being put on hold. If you’re finding this to be the case, know that it has all been preparing you for something even greater. In the coming weeks and months, notice and pay attention to the opportunities presenting themselves, because they will become louder and clearer. These are the opportunities that are showing up to help us align with the materialization of our authentic desires, goals, and visions. The key is to be open and available to all of the blessings life has to offer us, rather than fixated on just one specific thing we desire. This is where our daily personal growth and meditation practice really come in handy! Allowing Yourself to Shine—You are a STAR! This is not the time to hide or hibernate. It’s time to fully accept your magnificence, and to address, heal, and resolve the outdated stories, patterns, and habits our mind has identified with in the past, purely because they felt safe and familiar. You are a gift from the Source of All Life itself, because you ARE Source Itself. You are here to recognize, embrace, and honor the brilliance of who you are. When you make remembering this your top priority in life, you become a shining example and inspiration to others to do the same. This is you, healing the world! Journaling Your Inspirations This is a time when new ideas, insights, and inspirations will flow through you more readily. As these inspirations come to you, it would be highly beneficial to write them down, so that you can revisit them later. You never know how that one magical idea you write down completely changes the trajectory of your life in a way that is deeply fulfilling, exciting, and meaningful. Journaling also helps to strengthen your ability to hear and trust the guidance of your intuition. Writing down your ideas and inspirations also helps keep them clear and organized. Exciting Changes You may have noticed that the curtains that once hung in front of humanity’s eyes, keeping us from fully seeing beyond those primal veils of illusion, are now being pulled back, and more quickly than ever. People from all walks of life are noticing that their consciousness is expanding into new ways of thinking, living, and being. Time is speeding up, and the world is shifting at lightning speed. Here are some specific examples of the “pulling back of the curtains” happening now: Governments and other organizations are releasing and legitimizing documents and knowledge about other-worldly technology found long ago that far outruns the current capabilities of human logic and technical know-how. For many of us, this doesn’t feel like big news, because we’ve known this was coming for a long time. Because of all the noise going on right now, it may be harder to take seriously these monumental shifts, and to see their significance. Meditation has become mainstream, and is being used as a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. Not only in people’s personal lives, but in the workplace, health-related organizations, schools, and beyond. A decade or more ago, if you had told someone who wasn’t familiar with the mind/body/spirit community that you were meditating, well—you probably would have seen a blank, glazed look in their eyes, at best. The demand for organic, sustainable, non-GMO foods and products is so high, the supply can barely keep up. New farmer’s markets and health-oriented stores and restaurants are opening up everywhere, creating options for people to take good care of themselves from the inside out. People are realizing that they can no longer give their power away to institutions such as religion, government, or any of the old power structures that promote suppressive, fear-based agendas. Of course, there’s still room for improvement in this area. Yet the speed with which things are changing is awesome to witness. Caring for the environment is continuing to be a priority like never before, with people beginning to create new ways of cleaner, more sustainable living that are more beneficial for our planet, and all of her citizens. The consciousness of humanity as a whole is evolving beyond the old patterns of living in separation from one another. No matter how much the “noise” tells us otherwise, when we drop into our hearts, we can feel it. Again, there’s always room for improvement. Yet the big strides are taking place, and shifts are happening everywhere. Every few months, we hear about a new “Earth-like” planet that has been discovered in a far-off galaxy that “could” be a home to other civilizations. Western medicine practices are increasingly acknowledging and integrating natural and holistic approaches and methods, more than ever before. There’s also a great deal happening in the areas of technology, creative arts, and personal well-being. But the examples offered above offer a clear picture of how quickly we are evolving. If you are someone who gets all of your information from the news and doom-and-gloom social media content, almost none of the things mentioned above will seem to be happening in your world. This is because we experience and even become what we focus most on. If you are finding it hard to stay optimistic during these changing times, be gentle and kind with yourself. It just means that on some level, you’ve been giving your power away without even realizing it. You, at your core, are not a pessimistic person. By nature, you are a free, powerful, peaceful, loving, and optimistic being. So if you are not feeling this way, know that it might be time to get clear on who and what you are devoting most of your time, energy, and attention to. And that it might be time to get clear on whether or not you desire to continue giving your power away. You have the power to choose what your energy is focused on, though the mind will try to convince you otherwise. For the next 30 days, just take 3 minutes every morning and every night to connect with your inner self. Let yourself turn off all outside noise and distractions, and begin to feel into the peace underneath it all. The more we connect to this wellspring of inner peace, the clearer the world around us becomes. Seeing Ourselves The energy of July is about nurture and growth. One of the ways we can tap into these energies is to fully see ourselves. We came into this world to be seen. The thing is, most us have been taught to “search” outside of ourselves for approval and validation, just to be seen on a surface level. Feeling seen in the deepest sense can only come from consciously choosing to “see” ourselves. If we are not seeing ourselves fully for the magnificence that we are, we will keep searching outside of ourselves for approval, Love, and acceptance. Doing this keeps us in “chase” mode, where we are constantly seeking something, and never feeling truly happy and fulfilled. When I mentioned that we came into this world to be seen, did that feel true for you? Or did you feel some resistance coming up? If you felt resistance, know that that is absolutely normal. Often, the reason we are resistant to anything that makes ourselves a priority, or allows us to shine brightly, is that we have conditioned ourselves to believe it’s preferable to not be fully seen. Most of us taught ourselves early on to “blend in” with the majority of society. We made up our mind that it was not safe or OK for us to fully be ourselves. And when we were being ourselves, we seemed to get punished for it, because the world didn’t seem ready for what we had to offer. Of course, we know now that this is not what was really happening, when we look at it from an expanded perspective. But to the mind, these experiences were very important, and shaped how we showed up in the world from then on. The way to move beyond the need to identify with the old patterns of remaining “safely invisible” is to understand that it was never about anyone else seeing us. It was us about seeing ourselves. Every experience we have ever had has brought us the gift of this awareness. The awareness of seeing, loving, and honoring ourselves fully. During the first half of July, we may find ourselves desiring to connect and communicate with others more. This might happen face to face, over the phone, online, or in some other way. However that shows up, it’s important to honor that moment by not holding inside whatever we truly desire to say. We may also find ourselves trying new things. It could be anything from trying a new class or hobby to getting a completely new hairstyle, to everything in between. Whatever presents itself to us, as long as it feels expansive and exciting … now is the time to try it! July is a month of continuing growth and change, and I’m so grateful we get to share this journey together. Until next time, Miraculously yours, Emmanuel.


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