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BUCKLE UP! ~ Cosmic Light Forecast May 2023

BUCKLE UP! ~ Cosmic Light Forecast May 2023

As we step into a brand-new month of beautiful flowers, chirping birds, and sunshine, we are greeted by a powerful surge of energy that promises to shake things up and push us toward growth and transformation. The spiritual upgrades and awakenings brewing within us are now ready to burst forth like blooming flowers in spring.

This month, the Universe encourages us to be bold, fearless, and unapologetically ourselves. We are called to step out of our comfort zones and explore new horizons within ourselves and in our external lives. As we navigate a new month, we may encounter some unexpected twists and turns. But fear not. These are simply opportunities to expand our perspectives, learn valuable lessons, and become more resilient.

May is known as the fifth month. However, the collective numerology of May 2023 carries the “number three” vibrations of harmony, wisdom, and understanding.

The energy of 3 also holds magnetic vibrations of:

  • Creativity and fertility

  • Good fortune and wisdom

  • Abundance, joy, and opportunity

  • Growth, inner guidance, and manifestation

Buckle up your seatbelts because this month, we’re in for a powerful rollercoaster that will take us through retrogrades, a Lunar eclipse, to a New Moon, straight into Gemini season.

And let’s not forget about the other planets changing signs this month. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all switch signs, ushering in new personal and social structures.

This month is filled with wonder and possibility as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds thins. Expect heightened intuition and an increased sense of purpose guiding us toward our soul’s path. We’ll also dive deep into our subconscious minds to uncover hidden truths and shed old patterns that no longer serve us.

It’s like cosmic spring cleaning for the soul!

We are cracking the codes and algorithms embedded in our muscle memory that run the show. Once we crack the codes, we can change the game and shift the algorithm. You see, we all have patterns and habits that are deeply ingrained in our beings. These patterns are like algorithms that run the show, dictating our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

But what if we could crack those codes? What if we could uncover the underlying programming and shift it to create a new reality?

Overall, it’s time to examine the algorithms that govern our lives. We are called to look deep within ourselves and uncover the patterns that have run the show for far too long. And once we have that knowledge, we can rewrite a brand-new story that aligns with our highest potential.

You’re most likely feeling the intense effects of the eclipse season: tiredness, confusion, and a deep sense of wonder. “What is happening next?” you must be thinking. The truth is that so far, the astrological alignments of 2023 haven’t been easy for anyone!

From February to April, we had a huge and long activation of Chiron, bringing necessary learnings through painful relationship experiences. April and May overlapped the first eclipse season with Mercury retrograde, bringing the need to slow down and embrace the deepest of introspections.

“We are all still acclimating to the powerful currents of Pluto’s first ingress into Aquarius and Saturn’s entrance into Pisces. March really felt like the official start of the year around the Spring Equinox and May feels like the first time we can begin to calibrate, get our bearings, and center ourselves in the resources we need to build our dreams in this strange new world we’ve found ourselves in.”

Indeed, it does feel like in May, the vibe truly begins to shift. However, it won’t happen until midmonth that we will feel the waves of optimism impregnating the air. Before we can get a glimpse at 2023’s sweetest astral transits, we will have to dance with some pretty intense forces.

“This month’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio is the second to last in a very destabilizing series that has been challenging many—especially the fixed signs—since 2022. And luckily, the astrology of the month ahead provides a much-needed rebirth and feeling of abundance.”

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, and that’s always the sort of vibe May brings: bright and promising. April closed off in slow-and-steady Taurus, which can kinda feel like the Eeyore to Aries’ Tigger. Not to mention we were hit with Mercury retrograde and eclipse season at the end of the month. Both of those come to a close within the first half of the month just before we enter the frenetic and friendly energy of Gemini. If anything, the energy of May calls forth a feeling of freshness and transformation. It might feel gnarly at first (as most change does) but by June, don’t be surprised if you’re walking toward the summer months with a new attitude on life and love.


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