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Ascended Consciousness NEW Earth Light Letter / Lisa Trancendance Brown – 3-21-21


A NEW Dawn, A NEW Day, A NEW Life, A NEW Earth ☼

♥ Happy Equinox Gateway ♥

♥ As Planetary Amnesia Dissolves ♥‘ve remained primarily offline since last year for many reasons. It’s been beyond important to respect and honor all that needs to occur in order to dissolve heavy duty individual/collective distortions and shift the people of our planet into much higher States of Consciousness through each’s own individual new realizations, awareness and experiences now.


Ascension occurs as each experiences what we often refer to as “Expansions of Sacred/Divine Remembrance” that shake/touch/awaken one at/to their very cellular core to be able to see the magnitude of all and to truly comprehend the hologram/illusion/dream that all “is”. This Consciousness Expansion creates a cellular awakening/activation of each’s Soul-LightBody/DNA to begin the “next phase” (and the next and the next)… Physical Body Ascension, which is a whole new ballgame, literally taking many many linear years for cellular DNA repair/recoding, restructuring and entire body-template-rewrites to occur. It’s a continual detox/purge/de-densifying/cleansing and cellular breakdown and purification process of each’s whole body and whole life. The restructuring process occurs as fast as it takes for each to open completely up to fully see through each’s PURE HEART-MIND-SOUL BODY and start to build/rebuild/create/re-create all new realities in accordance with immense Photonic Light Codes that must constantly be fully merged/integrated and EMBODIED along the way.

The physical body “complete overhaul process” of integrating PHOTONIC LIGHT deep within and throughout our entire body’s structures and systems are immense. Our bodies REQUIRE 100% SUPPORT from us in order to constantly and continually accomplish the immensity of all of “this”. This is a part of the “overhaul” process that every “reality” goes through as well, as the energetics of all are visible by way of each’s higher-heart-mind’s-eye (pineal gland) and SOUL BODY emanating out from within. This opens up access to see beyond what the human ego aspect’s limited “two eyes” can see, in conjunction with linear brain processing habits/defaults/perceptions of still trying to live the old ways that bind each to fractured/fractaled mentalities-realities still.

Quantum Consciousness Expansion opens up all new natural and organic access and abilities as each hold their own EXPANDED STATE FULLY, even and especially when contraction occurs. As Multi-Dimensional Light BEings we can simultaneously experience and manage/sustain infinite States of Consciousness all at once.


There are processes of each being faced with everything that represents separation programming for each to observe, identify and Consciously Choose to bring/infuse LOVE into every situation, consciously choose to shift, consciously decide what’s appropriate as a Light BEing and completely re-work their own individual reality/world to function in accordance with Divine Light, Divine Will, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Presence, Divine Alignment and Divine Timing. It means that each is choosing to align their own entire life instead of waiting for something to occur to “force this” to happen… It means each is Living as their own Pure Light, their own Soul fully and no longer contracting down/going small to go back to the old distorted and mis-aligned ways anymore…


There is an entire planet of Light Leaders, WayShowers and NEW Earth Frequency/Expanded Consciousness Holders acting as a Bridge from Old Earth Consciousness/REALities to NEW. Each acts as a conduit, a guide and energetic support, which assists each with awakening through Living the Light Codes of NEW Earth Consciousness. These are visible by their behavior, actions and energy and as supported/guided to do so, will guide/assist open hearts and minds in accomplishing “all of this” with greater ease. There are tools galore that all of these Light Leaders have created and provided along the way. There are infinite ways to open hearts, activate SOULS and support each Soul’s Chosen path as an individual one accomplished through Divine Choice/Will.


As the planet awakens from the deep state of amnesia, the old world will no longer suffice. The old ways that enticed/entrapped/programmed/imprisoned humanity will no longer be excused, defended, justified or accepted as a way of life. Old Earth is a Program and Level of Consciousness that constricts, divides, constrains, feeds/breeds chaos and fears and is a black hole that sucks the life out of all, an intricate web held in place through instilled fear energy intentionally grown within each over decades of repeated programming to solidify a reality built on beliefs. LIGHT FREQUENCIES collapse the entire belief system and makes way for all new. As each awakens within to finally have the inner-realization that all was woven so that the typical human remained entangled where there doesn’t seem to be an “out”. Previously being unable to see the magnitude of all that was occurring the entire time, IS A PART of each’s Earthly human experience and Soul Awakening processes too. ASCENSION changes all of this…. and offers new realizations, new ways, new understandings, new possibilities, all NEW REALITIES as each is truly ready to fully embrace and “go all in”.


Whether fully Conscious or not, it doesn’t really matter when it comes to dismantling/deconstructing/dissolving the old, as it’s all a part of the “greater whole”.

Old Earth Consciousness will experience through chaos, battle and fight by playing out/experience separation programs and scenarios as “real” still. NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS will dissolve the entire reality/timeline and change the entire HOLOGRAM as it exists….

Both are effective, yet come from different places inside. One is fear/fight/separation and the other is pure peace, love and a Unified State of Consciousness (Quantum). Both are a part of the massive transition/shifting process… necessary for an entire planetary shift to occur.


As each’s higher-heart-mind opens enough to REALize that the people hold the power/ARE the Power, that LIGHT IS ALL POWERFUL and that LOVEIS A WAY of accomplishing all, UNIFIED LIGHT can be a force to be reckoned with, making all just and bringing about equality for all. LIVING AS PURE LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is a new way of life and a bridge between worlds. It’s the Unification of “the higher realms and lower realms into ONE. It’s the UNIFICATION of Heaven and Earth as ALL becomes ONE). LIVING ONENESS.

LIGHT EXTINGUISHES that which represents energetic ego/purgatory/bardo/hell. The “Space in-BEtween” is the passageway through DUALITY into ONEness.

LIVING QUANTUM LIGHT offers SOULutions to what all not only seek, yet ARE. From this ENERGETIC SPACE, the fight within dissolves and new Light emerges to bring each online with the Consciousness we call NEW Earth.

NEW EARTH ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS: Open hearts, open minds, dedicated and focused energy, dedicated resources and infinite DIVINE INTELLIGENCE are UNITED/COMBINED to create, make more available and provide more for all. This stems from immense kindness and generosity that emanates out from each one of us LIVING AS THE HEART OF HUMANITY HERE.

Otherwise the energy of resistance creates a disruption in accomplishing that which can be as simple and easy as we each allow. Chaos, confusion and duality is a part of the unearthing, unraveling and de-magnetizing of old fixed linear programs, mentalities and beliefs that kept recreating and supporting the old out of fear.

The increase in ELECTROMAGNETIC RE-BALANCING is unearthing and completely disconnecting many from the old ways at an accelerated rate now. This is an important part of the process of shifting everything to NEW STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS…. so that “reality” can completely shift/change for all.


This is where we function from. This is what drives us all. This is where everyone is taken into account, cared for, supported and held accountable for their NOW ENERGY/ACTIONS… not what they did in a previous reality…. yet this one right here/right now. Yes the “past” has it’s place, yet it’s not linear, it’s vibrational and becomes a holographic timeline that one is to transcend the programming from deep within. This TRANSCENDENCE occurs with each’s own Physical Body Ascension.

NEW EARTH IS A REALITY THAT EXISTS for all. NEW Earth is a Level of Consciousness we all function from and implement the CODES for a NEW HUMANITY to exist/co-exist within the space we call our beloved planet/Gaia/Terra Nova Earth. The frequency bandwidths of NEW EARTH (5th Dimension+) are LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS FIRST… which opens up all new for everyone to live fully…. a vibrant, exciting and heart-expanding beautiful existence as each are ready to experience, live and do their part.

Since I started this journey/process way back when, I’ve always been “waiting” for humanity to “catch up”. On one level we are waiting, on another one we are not. We go on to create/build/accomplish that which supports/serves ALL OF HUMANITY AS THE GREATER WHOLE. This is how WayShowers live. We forge the path, we Light the Way and we open portals/doors of opportunity for all to also embrace as each exercises Divine Will (Conscious Choice) in order to also walk through that energetic doorway/portal with their own WHOLE BODY CONSCIOUSNESS as each is truly ready from deep within. It’s called Sacred Respect and Divine Love. It’s called Living our Light fully and honoring all to choose to do the same for themselves/each other/all too. It’s called patience, kindness and deep sacred care and honoring all as Pure Love here….

We can respect each other while HOLDING LIGHT and BEing the Light without the need to get caught up in or play out the old anymore. It takes immense inner-strength to HOLD OUR OWN AND SAY NO MORE… (NO, that’s not my reality anymore), while continuing to work in Service for HUmanity every day in ways that are highest aligned for all… and to leave those portals open emanating the CODES for that moment that each SHOWS UP truly ready to also fulfill much higher services roles as a PART OF OUR NEW EARTH EXISTENCE HERE….


Living as Light means choosing LOVE over projecting out unconscious behavior and acts. It means choosing all new ways instead of the old habitual programmed ways that represented immense fears, distortions, separation and lack. It means saying no to that which is unconscious, represents separation/duality and caters to the old ways still, WHILE presenting new ways, taking those extra steps and going the extra mile to support, uplift, unify and completely shift.


We are in one of the most profound corridors/passageways/gateways right now. An entire planet awakening out of immense distortions to reconnect with their own HUMANITY as a way of LIVING and to REMEMBER fully through the depths of their own SOUL, the Light BEings and beauty that each/all ARE, experiencing the profoundness in simplicity, the uncomplicated versions of realities that emanate from purity …. where all is simple and only complicated when the ego is allowed to run rampant, run the show and play old loop-cycle versions of “realities” out.

This is a reality where each chooses to live from the depths of the core of their own BEing as Pure Light…. to treat each other with humanity, the utmost kindness, deep sacred respect, compassion, love, care and to choose to unite, come together, work together and put forth the effort in BEing the difference/change/SOULutions instead of deflecting/attacking and trying to live the old linear and constrained ways of the ego aspect still.

As the people of our entire planet continue the transit through, while emerging quickly/slowly from immense States of Amnesia (The Forgotten State), it’s beautiful to see/witness so many breaking away from the old/unconscious mainstream conditioned narratives in order to continually go deeper within to explore their own inner-dimensions and awaken to all new understandings, ways, energetic experiences and holographic “realities” only visible through each’s own deep sacred inner-pure Heart-Soul-Light connection. This is a completely life altering, life changing, re-prioritization and energetic/vibrational alignment process that changes/shifts/realigns everything on a Multi-Dimensional level for all. ♥


For various individual collectives now full-on with their own Physical Body Ascension Processes, body density, light Quotients, body-energy-field re-coding and re-calibrating processes increase substantially with every Photonic-Cosmic-SOULar-Gamma Ray mega-blast. The transition process of the body is immense. The human aspect tries to fit everything in a box and apply old mentalities/beliefs to what is occurring without the expanded awareness that those won’t work anymore and no longer support or apply. They are trying to “fix back” to a way that’s linear, comfortable and conforms to a learned/programmed way of conditioned/limited beliefs. The Lightbody DOES NOT CONFORM or fit into any of this. This is a WHOLE NEW WAY, with all new ‘new energetic rules’ and all new understandings that bring each out of the old. Each’s LightBody is Divine Intelligence and it purposefully and intentionally “seeks out distortions” for clearing and bringing into DIVINE BALANCE AND HARMONY from deep within.

We are in Accelerated Body Ascension Phases where “realities” are flipped on their heads (each’s Merkaba/Soul-LightBody-Field) and “new realities” prepare to become visible/available through each’s descending Light into each’s FORM for Embodiment here. This is done with each expansion and contraction where more LIGHT is integrated within the form, forego a massive physical body/reality overhaul process that has to occur for all.

These ultra-high Cosmic/SOULar Frequencies are working powerfully to re-write each’s “reality” on an individual level, through the continual induction of NEW SOUL-STAR CODES, which then correlate to various collectives, both Old Earth Consciousness and NEW. These work on the physical body to shift density and Light Quotients, as well as each’s perceptions of all. These break down/dismantle/dissolve old mindsets/beliefs/ways by disintegrating old beliefs and belief systems and where these beliefs were held within the physical body on an energetic level (emotional/mental), clearing heavy-duty density from the body so that it can vibrate atomically at a much higher frequency than before. In conjunction with our beloved Gaia, massive energetic clearings and shifts are continually occurring and increasing as we all go…

While the human aspect struggles with, resists and has a hard time with change, holds on and insists “that is real”, gets caught up in “everyone else’s” life (a part of Old Earth distraction programming), living from our highest states of consciousness is a very different reality than that. It takes much linear time for each to work through their own personal Matrix System and all of their own unconscious programming/conditioning housed/held deep within. So continue to be patient, have respect, yet hold your own new in place and do your part by BEING the LIGHT, BEing the LOVE, while continuing to Open Portals/Gateways and SHOW THE WAY…. while uniting with those energetically and vibrationally resonant with consciously creating, building, forming, living, accomplishing and holding and emanating Sacred NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS Codes too.

Hold your own NEW in place. This is one of the “initiatory phase” and passageways of expanding into higher states of consciousness, having all new realizations and understanding that your own reality is yours to maintain/sustain through your Consciousness…. (The ego aspect will want to keep going back to the old ways and play out old loop-cycle programming again). Parenting your ego, merging it into ONEness within you so that separation is no longer a state that you function from, yet one you observe to shift, is a whole new reality where peace, love, purity, kindness, generosity and immense inner-power prevails. You no longer give your energy/power away to “that outside”, instead you build your own Light(Body) constantly and transmit NEW CODES that shift/change “reality” to one highest aligned on a Soul/Source Consciousness Level instead. ♥

You have to be willing to let go and move on… we all do. It’s a part of the process…

Remember, your experience will be exactly as you hold, allow, create and believe it to be. ♥ Expand your Consciousness and challenge your own beliefs/entire belief systems…. go deeper within, deeper beneath and connect from the depth of the CORE of YOUR ENTIRE BEING to create/build/live and align your LIFE on a SOUL LEVEL to live your most magnificent dream realities here. ♥Immense gratitude for your service and for living your Light fully too..


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