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Archangel Michael: The Time Opens to New Potentials

Life on Earth is easiest for humans when there is no dramatic change. The human body is sensitive to change and most human personalities have mixed feelings about change. So when things are stable and seem to be steady, people feel they are thriving.

But in truth, challenges elicit growth and evolution. And the new potentials for Life in embodiment, available now, are wonderful indeed.

More and more people are remembering who they truly are. There is a growing sense collectively, of being connected to one another. Of being connected to the planet in a way that is about belonging and your home. There is a relationship to the planet which is about reverence and realizing that the planet and the people are one and the same in terms of well-being. When the planet thrives, the people thrive.

More and more humans are feeling drawn to be outside more often. The pandemic has opened up their relationship with nature and to their bodies. There are challenges for sure, but we want to highlight right now some of the new potentials which are opening, because they might be a good perspective to remember and embrace to give you courage and strength and also? Hope.

Humanity is recovering empathy. You are likely aware of many of how women have not been treated equally — for they are in the news constantly. And then this is also true around race — with people of color, who you call black or brown or Asian or indigenous people’s being treated as second rate citizens and a growing awareness and outrage about this. And then too, there is the way one identifies gender-wise. An important topic as more and more people speak their truth, and reveal the immense diversity of experience.

There is the possibility now, as people are ill with the virus, and for some, like Ailia, their health is changed. Perhaps now, too there is the possibility of becoming more aware of those who live with different abilities physically, or neurologically, or in any way. Of choosing as individuals and in communities, in your country, and in the world, to honor the uniqueness of each human being and to see value in each life. To embrace what is, to see what is, to accept what is — in terms of the spectrum of human expression – and to remember the Oneness that is All.

For each of you matter.

Do you know this? Know this as in live from this as real and true?

There are too, some who are, let’s say: sleeping. Still. Those who seem oblivious to the more empathetic contemporary momentums of openness and diversity. And they too play their part, but they, like all of you, are capable of awakening, so pray for them to awaken to who they truly are. And get on with being who you truly are!

Who you are is a soul, emanating into a body here for the experience of creating and expressing and also to see — what might I be capable of remembering and knowing in my embodiment? What states of consciousness and connection might I live and be and how might my life and my presence, harmonize and be part of this great awakening? These are the considerations that framed your entry here. You may think of them often, or not at all, and yet…they play and played a major role in how you arrived here and the choices you made for this time.

For this time, Beloveds, is a beautiful time. One in which awakening to the Infinite Oneness and the Allness of everything being One, is breaking through. It is becoming something more and more people sense as real. It’s emerging, and the very diversity of your humanity is reflecting the diversity and creativity of Life Itself. And the love! The capacity for love and the Light! The capacity for Light — these things? They are expanding and we are delighted. As perhaps are you.

Now then. Are you feeling it? The opening within you that lifts your heart, creates a sense of spaciousness and stillness, and provides you with a stable and centered way to be?

It is there, within you, friends. And we the angelic realm, are here with you. We are here with you to guide, to remind you, to encourage you, and to perhaps voice messages such as this to contribute to the perspectives you entertain in orienting and choosing how to live and dare we say it? How to live well!

We want you to live well and there is so much here to enjoy and appreciate. It is truly a beautiful world, even with the many challenges that are before you and these challenges beloveds are doorways and pathways to remembering and recovering more and more of the Light within you, while embodied here. Furthering the potential for consciousness in form.

For beauty and truth and goodness are the basis of all life. And you know this if you look within and you can feel this in the sky, in the look of wonder on a child’s face, and in the way you naturally care about other people and other creatures and nature herself and the light within you shines best when you are open and aware of how precious each life is.

So dear friends, this time. Now.

Practice being who you truly are, here.

Practice being a timeless, eternal being of Light, while you are in this body.

“How,” you ask? “How, Michael might I live as a timeless being of light, while I am in this body?”

By feeling for the grace and peace and harmony in your very being. The inner harmony that is your own way of attuning to Life Itself in your form and then, centered in that way, you also have the gift of clarity and knowing.

For when you are relaxed, calm, peaceful, feel a sense of inner harmony and spaciousness, then the knowing that is needed now, is present. And if it not present, then feel your way — for that too is how knowing is. It’s available as a feeling of “Yes — this now.” And when you learn to live this way, you learn you can trust it, for it works and it does not take too much time of living this way to be changed by it. To have more self-confidence and a feeling of inner direction in your life.

How wonderful! What a liberating shift. And so many of you have already made it. And then, now, we invite you to dream: what would an even more beautiful world look like? If this world was full of beauty and truth and goodness…how would we live? How might I live? What would I do? If I trusted in these things…

If I wished to further these things… what would I contribute? How might I participate?

Beloved Friends, now is a wonderful time to sit with these questions and feel and allow inspiration to flow to you. If you choose to do this, please call upon us us to join you, and we will. And ask your own angels – your guardian angels, and any who you know in your own Family of Light, for you all have them — non-physical beloveds — and invite them to support you. To flow grace and peace to you so you might dream into being, a more beautiful, and truthful expression of the soul, the light that is you.

Oh, beloveds. Such a beautiful time. So much has been unraveled. So much has come to light. So much is in flux…

Such amazing opportunities for newness…

We love you very much. We are complete.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light We bid you, a very beautiful and inspired day.

Copyright © 2009-2020, Ailia Mira | Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira. All rights reserved.


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