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Ancient Gods and Paradigm Shifts

Despite the global confusion and political unrest apparent throughout the world today, humankind might very well be on the brink of a paradigm shift in human consciousness. Indeed, the unrest may even be the proof that such a shift has already begun. There are distinct lenses through which historians can view patterns of psychological and philosophical upheaval. One method is the A / B / A1 stage-pattern of spiritual growth. By employing this method progress can be discerned in areas that reveal humankind’s understanding of who we are and where we are going:

A-Stage: The Age of Religion

This stage consisted of a world rich in dreams and magic. An early ancestor, some 40,000 years ago, had a vision. Did it suddenly appear in his consciousness in the form of a spiritual insight? Was it perhaps inspired by a mushroom he ate? Did he ingest a natural chemical that, for a moment at least, expanded the filters that had evolved in his brain—filters now referred to as the senses of smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing—that up until that moment kept too much reality from flooding his mind with information that might have distracted him when he most needed to be alert to the approach of a predator? Was he now open to a sixth sense—metaphysical discernment?

However it happened, this ancestor seems to have been suddenly smitten with new possibilities of what appeared to be spiritual worlds he had never before even considered. He then crawled back into a great cave to be alone with his thoughts. Using natural pigments, he transferred his vision to the cave walls, becoming the world's first inspired artist. When he emerged back into the sunlight to teach others of his tribe about the wonders he had experienced, he became the first Shaman.

Maybe he was a gifted teacher. Maybe he was hard-wired to become a priest. Maybe he was the first to realize that it was time for humans to take the next step in their evolution. Maybe he was just brilliant. The rest of the tribe

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probably did not all blindly follow his lead. People were doubters back then, just as they are now. There were a few, no doubt, who thought he was a prophet. There were others, certainly, who must have considered him crazy.

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