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All In Great Flux 💫 Judith Kusel

“All is in great flux and flow and the future self can not be determined as yet, as the future self indeed is created by yourself, with every thought you think, every word you speak and every action you are taking or not taking.

Thus, indeed often the feeling for standing on shifting sands, and not being able to see much further than the next step, if even. That is okay.

For at this moment of immense transition and indeed flux, as the Old Earth is disintegrating, and the old way of life and living, the transformation into the New Earth (if desired) is indeed that of allowing oneself to be transformed, without trying to force anything.

The allowing is needed, for when one tries to direct the momentum, or the field, or indeed anything, one will be inclined to steer or direct from the space of the ego, and often from the fear of unknown, unchartered, instead of from the deepest knowing within, that in truth, at the helm of your own soul ship, is the Divine Captain, and indeed the Divine Captain can see, what you cannot see, and indeed is monitoring your process as a shipman, or sailor every step of the way.

For when one navigates unchartered seas, one needs to work as a team, and trusting that each team member will indeed do his or her own thing perfectly, just as you are doing so, as best you can.

Thus release the desire to know.

What is unchartered holds within the magic, the awe and excitement of new discoveries, new lands to explore, a new life opening, and indeed new experiences. Yet, all are but expressions of a new life, a new song and more importantly, in a much higher dimensional frequency, in a totally new World.

What can be more exciting than this?

By Judith Kusel


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