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A Sacred Field of Light is, Headed Toward Earth ~ The Pleiadians

Beloved ones, we greet you,

A sacred field of light will be descending on Earth during the timeframe of May. You are being called to align through your Heart and open consciously to be received, to be realigned through this field of light. This sacred light will encompass the planet. The Network of light that has surrounded the planet will begin to anchor its roots physically within the earth plane and will open this platform of light consciousness.

This is your time to let go on another level within your Heart center by choosing to surrender through your Heart and allow your Heart to merge within this platform of light. This process is an actual returning for you. You once again become a beacon of light, a natural extension of the field of God light consciousness, in truth you have always been part of this God consciousness light. Your Heart plays the role of an anchor for the planet. You return home, taking your place within the pure field of God light consciousness.

The words, your unique frequency of these words, “I AM”, actively claim your sacred birthright within the light and you begin the realignment process within the platform of God light consciousness.

Utilizing the sacred sound, entarn... acts as a key to the door to your place within this platform.

This is the time for self-resurrection, this process accelerates with your active conscious choice through the realignment of your place within this sacred platform through your Heart. Remember, your pre-agreement was always to take place at this juncture, the pre-agreement being that while existing in your physical human form you create the powerful action of conscious realignment and allow another shift through the consciousness of humanity.

The call is going outwards to all Galactic forces in the Universe to hold a vibrational light around the planet while you engage and unfold in this next step of your transmutation process. Know that this is unlike any other engagement process that has gone before. The frequency of the light that is anchoring at this juncture carries a unique vibration of light designed for a rapid awakening for you.

We witness you and acknowledge this next step of your journey.

The Pleiadians Message for May 2023, Channeled By Christine Day at


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