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7 "Mantras" That Will Change Your Life Forever

The term “mantra” literally means, “the one that protects if recited with meditation”. (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism)

A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

A mantra (Sanskrit: मन्त्र) is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, words or phrases, believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers.

Mantra meditation helps to induce an altered state of consciousness. A mantra may or may not have a syntactic structure or literal meaning.

The earliest mantras were composed in Vedic Sanskrit by Hindus in India, and are at least 3000 years old. Mantras now exist in various schools of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. In Japanese Shingon tradition, the word Shingon means mantra. Similar hymns, antiphons, chants, compositions, and concepts are found in Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Christianity, and elsewhere.


Simple words and phrases have the power to interrupt negativity and invite change in life.



By expressing I am Love, we are telling the Universe to give us opportunities in our Life to Be a Loving person. This is NOT about you Loving yourself, But teaches us how to Love others. Be Ready to express your Love in every way possible. While saying this Mantra We must be ready to become caring and Loving Beings. We must be willing to express our Love to Others when saying this mantra.



Every one has their purpose in Life. For some this is a mission to better this planet, for others it's to care for others. This is where you find what inspires you, what drives you. and what you are meant to do. Many do not see their true purpose in life. By stating that you have Purpose the Universe will show you what your purpose is. We Must be Be ready to act upon this purpose. Once you are shown, it is your responsibility to act.



By Claiming you are the Light expect to have Truth show to you, in all aspects of your Life, and expect to "BE" the Truth. The Light is knowledge that was hidden by darkness. The Light Shows all truths whether we wish to claim them or not. Most truly do not wish to know truth. they are stuck in a programming that stops them from seeing the Light. If it doesn't match what they have been taught then they reject it. When saying this Mantra we must let go of all belief systems from our past. including religion, politics and education., and allow the real truth to come forward.



We are all very powerful beings, Our power comes from the Universal Source energy that is within us all. Some choose to call this energy God, or the Light. This energy when directed through Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. The Key to this power is LOVE. Through LOVE we are co-creators with God. Through our Prayers and Meditations we are changing this world. Our Power as a collective is unmatchable. We have the Power to Change this Earth into the Heaven we all want. This is what the elites do not wish us to know.



Gratitude is the Highest vibration of "Love" that we can emit through our emotions. When we show gratitude, this universe sees that vibration and gives us more to be grateful for. We should give thanks for all that been given to us. This universe matches the frequencies that we emit, and reflects this same vibration back to us. Therefore giving us more experiences to show gratitude.



With all the Mantras we focus on what we wish this universe to give to us. If you are focusing on the lack of abundance in your life then the Universe sees this vibration of Lack, and reflects that same vibration back to you giving you more lack. The secret to achieving abundance in your life, is by truly feeling that you have already achieved the abundance you desire. For everything that you receive have total heart felt gratitude for the gift received. The Universe sees this vibration and gives more.



What we believe we create. By repeating this Mantra, we begin believing it. Many healers use the Mantra "it is done" or "you are healed" when treating people with illness and disease. This is directing the universe to create the energy of a perfect body. By focusing on this Mantra you create the Health you desire. It does not necessarily happen over night (But it can), if the right vibration is achieved.


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