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Who are We? & What is Our Purpose?

Who are we?

Most people when you ask them this question, they immediately, refer to themselves as whatever title they have achieved through their job, such as doctor, lawyer, or teacher. Some people may refer to themselves as their race, culture, or family heritage. There are those who refer to themselves as what ever religion they are, when those religious leaders that they worship, was trying to teach them their truth.

We are not this physical form. This body is not our true form. We have been in many bodies, and have worked many professions, believed in many religions, and have lived in many different cultures. We even have lived on other planets in other solar systems.

The truth is we are as old as this universe.

There are those who believe we are what is referred to as a star seed , star soul, or a spark of God. It doesn't matter what we choose to call our self, We are a spiritual being having this human experience. The experiences we are having in this form is to enhance our spiritual growth. The more we choose to be Love in our life, it raises us higher in vibration. The more wisdom and enlightenment we receive in each life, will depend on how advanced our soul is.

This Light is who we really are, is the same essence, or energy, that is in all creation, it is the same Light that is the One Infinite Source. We are a part of the infinite One, that is all things.

We are our Ancestor's

Within each and everyone of us, is a record of who we were in the past. For example: if you do not have Native American blood within your ancestral line then you probably were never a native american in a past Life.

Our DNA is an absolute record of who we were and who we are now in this physical form. This means that what is the so-called junk DNA is actually evidence of our Space families and where we came from in the distant past.

Below is an Excerpt from "The Space Born"~ The Emerald Tablets~Tablet # 4

Forth then, my soul sped, throughout the Cosmos, seeing ever, new things and old; learning that man is truly space-born, a Sun of the Sun, a child of the stars.

Know ye, O man, whatever from ye inhabit, surely it is one with the stars.

Thy bodies are nothing but planets revolving around their central suns.

When ye have gained the light of all wisdom, free shall ye be to shine in the ether -- one of the Suns that light outer darkness -- one of the space-born grown into Light.

Just as the stars in time lose their brilliance, light passing from them in to the great source, so, O man, the soul passes onward, leaving behind the darkness of night.

Formed forth ye, from the primal ether, filled with the brilliance that flows from the source, bound by the ether coalesced around, yet ever it flames until at last it is free.

Lift up your flame from out of the darkness, fly from the night and ye shall be free

Why are we here?

We choose to come into this life, to experience the lessons for our spiritual growth. Our soul is Light, and is the consciousness, that is evolving closer to Source. As we go through each lesson how we respond, or react to each experience, is a direct indicator of where our soul is in our ascension.

When we make the conscious choice to be a loving and giving person, we brighten our light,.

But why can't we remember all of our past lives?

The mind gets wiped, from the process of a spiritual attack on humanity that has lasted many millennia. The spiritual war for our soul has been going on for an eternity. This physical form was created as a slave race for extraterrestrials. But We are not this form, The real enslavement is the hijacking of our souls. There are beings who wish to keep us enslaved, so they wipe the human memory of our incarnations, so we continue to believe that we are nothing but a worker, a slave to the system. If we knew of our truth, we would no longer wish to work for them, and stop the continued incarnations as their slaves.

Throughout many 1000's of years, we have been incarnating and have been blinded of our truth, therefore, many times causing past life traumas, and karma, that still effects us in this lifetime. Without us knowing our truth, we have continued to stay in this downward cycle of evolution, which is how they kept the human race enslaved. Through our fear, and unworthiness, we continue to allow the deception, and control.

How can we become Free?

Once humanity knows their power they can walk away from the illusion of the world, that the controllers have created for them. We as Humanity have allowed this to happen by not focusing our attention on our spiritual awareness. When you ignore your inner light it becomes dim. Then through selfishness, greed, and self service, humanity stays enslaved.

By focusing on being a loving, caring, and giving person you brighten your light and create a better world for yourself and others.

Whether everyone knows it or not, your life on this planet, is your spiritual Journey. Every experience and situation is a lesson that is based on Love.

What is our Purpose?

Now is the moment when all is revealed, As humanity continues to awaken the controllers are losing their control.

We are now awakening our ancient selves and remembering our truth. Nothing can stop this ascension towards the light. This is our natural way of consciousness evolution. The Light that the Earth is receiving from this cosmos, is much more amplified this time around, so humanity is getting a magnified boost into this ascension.

Not all are ready for this transformation, but it will not be stopped. The Light will continue to raise more awareness of the spiritual journey, that everyone is having.

Once you realize that the whole point of us being here, is to become Love, things get much easier.

We are continually guided by love, through our own Source Light within us. We just need to learn to listen to this inner guidance. The more we choose to be Love in our life, the brighter our soul becomes.

Our Purpose is to return to the Light, which is returning to Love Energy, the source of all creation, we do this by continuing to raise our vibration and purifying our soul.

The information that is collected throughout each of our journeys, is received by the collective consciousness of humanity, and uploaded to the Ultimate Consciousness that engulfs this universe.


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