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What is a Starseed? & Am I one of Them?

Many people are now waking up, to see that they have a higher purpose in life, then to just be the 9 to 5 work routine, where money and career are top on the list. The controlled narrative has always been to entrap us with debt and the continued money and work slavery of the corporate agenda.

But many of us have awakened to a new way of thinking. we are no longer controlled by this system. We see things differently then our parents did. Starting from the 1950's children begin being born, that had a different perspective of this reality. They want a world of peace and prosperity for all. These humans who go against the gain, are who we refer to as the Starseeds.

What is the purpose of the Starseeds.?

Starseeds are those who know that they have a special purpose in the near future events. Most of them feel they chose to come here to planet earth to help raise her in vibration. Many feel that they are not originally from Earth, but come from other planets, throughout the star system. Many even have memories of these places. The main purpose for the Starseeds is to help wake up humanity, to the real truth, of their connection with each other and this Universe.

Yes, we are here to Save our Planet.

Below are 10 Signs that you may be a Starseed.



You are someone who would always keep bias out of your thoughts. When asked to think, you would always be impartial, and independent of any preconceived notions, and see to it that you are bringing something new to the table.


You know that the world isn’t perfect, but you also believe it can be made so if people cooperate. This might have repercussions because people might not work the way you ask them to.


Since you are not burdened by preconceived notions, you have a lot of creative intellect in you which is totally different from others.


You are self-sufficient to the point that you don’t really need the help of others to get what you want. You are capable enough to do that on your own.

Devil’s Advocate

You don’t blindly follow the general idea of a topic, simply because the mob follows it. You have your own set of ideas and beliefs which can lead you to look for a contrasting opinion to the same.


You absolutely detest lies. In the event that someone is actually lying to you, you don’t want to let it go. You keep hounding until the truth finally surfaces. But, this might come off as dogged behavior, which could be detrimental to your relationships.

Natural Leader

You can get quite insubordinate when you see things aren’t moving the way they should. It might make you go against the norm and challenge the authority for that position. Well, that’s you.


Goes well with insubordination. You are extremely rebellious, and would never accept tyranny quietly. You seek to save people from tyranny, which sets you apart from the rest.

Old Soul

You are one of those ‘old souls living in a young body’ individual. You feel as if you have lived a hundred lives before living this one.

And frankly, you get frustrated seeing the slow-paced nature of things. Yet, you are always intrigued by the advancements made by people in the generation that you currently occupy.


You care. YOU CARE ABOUT EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. The environment, humanity, the inherent existential crisis, you care about everything. Not only do you care, you feel the need to do something about all the suffering and disharmony.


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