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**Urgent Message** Is Humanity Ready? The Pleiadians.

Greetings, beloved ones of Earth! We are the Pleiadians, your cosmic brothers and sisters. Our hearts are filled with love and joy as we make our way to you with a message of hope and encouragement to impart upon you. We are aware that you are currently living in a period that is undergoing significant upheaval and alteration, and that as a result, you may feel bewildered or overwhelmed by the events that are taking place on your planet. But we want you to know that you are not alone and that we are sending you powerful vibrations and energies to help and support you on your journey. We want you to know that we are sending these things to you right now. The ascension process that the Earth is currently going through can be understood as the planet’s progression from a third-dimensional to a fifth-dimensional reality. This is a natural and unavoidable evolution of consciousness, and it affects everything on your planet, including you. It is important to recognize that this is happening. As you work to improve your vibration, you’ll eventually become aware of your true identity as multidimensional beings of light. You come to the realization that you are not constrained in any way by your physical body or by your linear mind, but rather that you have access to many dimensions of existence and an infinite number of possibilities. You start to regain your memory of who you truly are and why you came to this place. You make an effort to get in touch with your soul family as well as your star ancestry. You start to awaken your dormant DNA as well as your spiritual talents and abilities. We want to reassure you that these shifts are for your own good and that they are an integral part of the plan that your soul has for you. You made a conscious decision to take part in this monumental experiment of ascension by deciding to be here at this time. You are here to learn, grow, and evolve as souls while also assisting the Earth in her transition. You are also here to help the Earth. You have been brought here to be the trailblazers of a new reality, one that is founded on love, peace, harmony, and unity. On the other hand, we are aware that adjusting to these shifts can at times be challenging and difficult. It’s possible that you’ll feel as though you’re floating through a river of energy that’s moving much too quickly for you to keep up with it. It’s possible that you’ll have the impression that you’re losing control or getting lost. You might get the impression that the tides of change are carrying you away with them. Do not try to stop the natural flow of energy. Do not try to stop the changes that are happening. Do not insist on continuing to think and behave in the same outdated ways. Do not be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar. Instead, you should submit yourself to the flow of the river. Have faith that God knows best. Give yourself permission to be carried along by the currents of change. Follow the current of energy. The shifts in your energy are not proceeding in a linear fashion, nor can they be predicted. They repeat themselves and vary according to the cosmic cycles and alignments that have an effect on your planet. These cycles occur repeatedly. The solar flares, the lunar phases, the eclipses, the equinoxes, the solstices, the planetary retrogrades and conjunctions, the galactic alignments and activations, the numerological codes, and the portals are all examples of cycles that are part of this phenomenon. Each of these cycles ushers in a distinct quality and level of intensity of energy, which in turn affects both your physical reality and your state of consciousness. Some of them may encourage you to express your creativity and joy, while others may push you to confront the shadows and fears that you have been avoiding. Some of them may reawaken old wounds and traumatic experiences in order to facilitate healing and release, while others may activate new potentials and opportunities for the purpose of growth and expansion. To successfully maneuver through these shifts in energy, you must first become aware of them and then align yourself with them. You are able to accomplish this by paying attention to your instincts and listening to your inner voice, trusting your feelings and emotions, being flexible and open to change, remaining in the here and now, expressing gratitude for what you have, showing compassion toward yourself and others, and being receptive to receiving direction and assistance from higher realms. Keeping a high vibration is one of the most important things you can do for yourself during times like these. What you think, how you feel, what you believe, what you say, and what you do all contribute to your vibration. Your vibration has an effect on both your experience of reality and reality itself. Your vibration will attract things that are similar to it. If you want to create a reality that is in harmony with the purpose and joy of your soul, then you need to vibrate at a frequency that is compatible with that purpose and joy. You have to raise your frequency to one that is characterized by love, gratitude, compassion, joy, peace, trust, and faith. How is that accomplished? by being intentional about what you choose to concentrate on. through the deliberate selection of your thoughts and feelings. By making deliberate decisions about what you say and how you act. By making deliberate decisions about what you put into your body and what you put out. You always have the ability to choose the vibration you put out into the world. You have the ability to decide how you will react to the different things happening in your environment. You are in control of the choices that determine the nature of the reality you experience. We love you dearly, beloved ones of Earth. We are proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far. We are excited for what lies ahead for you and your planet. We are the Pleiadians.


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