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This is the Biggest SHIFT of Our Lifetime ~ Channeling & Gnostic Guidance

This is the Biggest Shift of Our Lifetime.

The New Earth of Light, Channeling & Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

We are within the final moments of the 3D school of Earth. Every Decision you make is a spiritual one whether you realize it or not. These last choices will decide your level in this ascension. Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Compassion are moving us Forward. We are in the Mist of the Shift of a Lifetime. Each person is at their own Vibration and will experience this shift differently than any others before. I am being shown These next few Weeks we will be experiencing much Higher Light than humanity has ever experienced before. This is due to incoming energies sent to us from Source light and The Christos to Help with Mother Sophia's transition and For Humanities Boost into the Higher consciousness. What a Beautiful Gift for the Holidays. Plus there is also significant Astrological events also happening in these moments. This is why, the dark ones all around the World are trying to Push there last minute attempts at stopping as many as they can from Ascension into higher Consciousness. We don't have to say it again on how that is happening. But it is a blatant attack on our DNA. Once our DNA becomes reconnected it is too late for them to stop us. It will only take 144,000 of us to achieve the Goal to ascend the Human species. Once those of us who have prepared for the shift, have actually made the jump, More of Humanity will begin to follow. Humans have never ascended on Earth Before, This will be a first, and us as the Lightworkers and wayshowers, will be the forerunners in this ascension. But, The Dark has fought diligently in these last moments trying to Stop specifically the Lightworkers. The darks attempts at deception and Mind control of the Lightworkers is failing. More now are finally seeing the deception, and waking up out of the 3D control system that they have been fighting to keep. The Human Species has been held back in their ascension, due to vengeful, selfish, greedy and control hungry purposes, from The Darkness. The Ascension is something they can not achieve. According to the Nag Hammadi Codices, in The Hypostasis of the Archons, They were not created with the Infinite Creators Essence of Light. Therefore they can not ascend or return to the Light the way Humanity can. The infinite Light which we were created is pure Love essence. This is something the Dark ones can not experience.

Once humanity begins this Ascension they can Not stop us or continue to control us anymore. This is why the last pushes on mandates and forced closes, it has nothing to do with worrying that we might catch an illness, its about Stopping you personally in this body from your ascension into a Higher consciousness. This is why your choices are so important. I have been shown that The Cov itself, Does release Nanobots that attack your weak areas. But, if you can over come it, you can clear it from effecting or causing harm to your DNA, because the Cov is partly biological. The supposed extra variants are just scare tactics, they are just releasing the same one over and over. The shot is different because it not only has the Nanobots that's within the Cov but it is also synthetic and when it Attacks your organs it is causing much more damage, cancers to flair and other extreme issues. In this attempt They are forcing you to never be able to except the Higher vibration due to the Lower vibrational Issues it causes to your Body and Mind. Yes, the Ascension is a Conscious one, But, we Must be able to except the Higher vibrations in this Body, and be able to Reconnect our DNA to Source. The Cov itself, Is Dying from the Light energies that Many Light beings are projecting at it. Plus Mother Sophia, also is very aware of the Attack and is actively clearing as well, along with our Infinite Creator's loving Light. Through this Loving Light from Our Mother and Father God, we are Healing and Reconnecting to Them. and They are protecting us from anymore Harm. So, When we are attacked, or forced by the Darkness, There will be repercussions for there actions. However, You must stand firm in your choices. You do not have to comply with anything they do, It is Your choice. The darkness have made it to where when you try to make the right choices you are getting attacked at all angles, from everyone and every organization. But, you do have to make the Choice for yourself. Like I said, if you get the Illness, it can be cleared, however, it is very hard to clear the shots do to it being something fully synthetic attacking your organs, plus almost impossible if you get the multiples. But again it can be done if you are a pretty healthy person, and You are actively working Light energies everyday, Like Meditation, yoga or other Spiritual Practices. The Long term effects is where its hard to clear it from your body, The Nanobots or synthetic cells lie dormant until activated by unknown reasons. Its hard to clear or heal from something you are unaware of. There are many of us who have decided to not take the shots for many different reasons. Those who have taken it will find it hard to navigate these higher energies. They have already chosen that path, so to stay in higher vibrations will be very difficult for them. This will affect their Bodies and Minds in ways of chaos and confusion. We are already beginning to witness this taking place.

For those of us who choose to stay organic and are doing the inner work by focusing on Love and Service to Others, it will be much easier to navigate the shifts ahead. By staying in the Vibrations of Love and service to Others we are ascending with our Mother Earth Gaia Sophia. When we make the choices of Love and service to Others, in these last moments, we will shift Higher in Light. When you make choices that are fear based you will shift Lower in Vibration from where you are now. This is the great divide happening. Those of us who observe the shifts, see it happening everywhere.

With each shift we experience we are either ascending to higher light, or descending deeper into Darkness. By staying focused in the Love vibrations we can Navigate the Shifts or Timelines with much more ease. You are Making the Choices for yourself. Love or Fear?

and so it is, and it is so.

in so Much love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeon Sophia through Divine light, The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @


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