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There is No Turning Back! ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and Love of our Infinite Creator,

So much is happening behind the scenes with the transformation of the Earth into the higher degree. The 5Th degree spectrum that she will reside within is a different density than her current state, so her Physical transformation has begun. She is moving very quickly into her new form. She is in full acceptance of the frequencies she is receiving. What this means for humanity is... there is no turning back. The Ascension has begun.

As the Earth rises, so shall all of humanity. The Lower vibrational beings, who are not part of the Ascension, will begin to leave the planet at a much more rapid pace. Clones and AI droids, that control society, will begin to break down. Those who are the handlers will struggle to keep the Lies going. But it is Over for them. Older Technology will also begin to malfunction within the higher vibrations. Everything of your old paradigm is falling away. The entire matrix will be affected by the Light.

The veil is thinning from your eyes as you can begin to witness lower vibrational beings, scamper away from you in your presence. The lower spectrums are becoming visible now due to your acceptance of these new higher frequencies, you are experiencing.

As you vibrate Higher, your pineal gland begins to open, allowing for vision into the Other realms and spectrums. As the earth moves into a 5th degree density, this lower spectrum will no longer exist upon the planet.

That realm will vanish. once the Earth actually reaches the 5th degree, all lower realities of the Earth will be dissolved.

This also means all Timelines, that the dark ones have created. The Earth isn't leaving any part of herself behind in the darkness. And that also includes her Children. All of Humanity is in for a massive ride into a new way of being. A reality based in Love, peace, wellness and abundance for all, a New Earth.

Humanities reality is about to be turned up side down from what they thought as truth. There are many people now looking to the skies, and into the Extraterrestrial topic. However, many are wishing us to be as though your movies told you we are.

but... We are Not. We do come in peace and Love and in the nature of Giving.

The truth of your oneness with all, is what we bring. We Bring you an understanding of Your connectedness to all things through Spirit, in this Universe. we would never harm you, or impose our presence upon you. We would never go against your freewill as individuals or as a collective. this is why in most cases we can not intervene. In all situations, humans are expected to experience, their spiritual Lesson to achieve growth. we can not take that away by intervening in something you have wanted to experience for your spiritual growth.

The divine intervention is taking place due to the Dark ones, taking away your freewill, and imposing their agenda on humanity. Stopping your spiritual development all together. Your natural evolution was blocked by the Dark Ones, without your awareness. This allowed for the Intervention to take place.

But we are not here to save you, you created your own reality, and you are fixing it. That old reality is changing fast because you are changing within. We will be here to shine the Light for you to see your Divinity, Your Light, Your Godlyness. We are here to guide you to look within... Thats where you find your truth. your oneness with all things.

Once you understand your true power within, you can do anything through The Light That you are. You are the infinite Spark of God, or Source, or the Infinite Creator. The One. You are of the One. We are all, One.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine.

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