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I am Ashtar. I come to be with you at this time, in these great momentous times of change, as indeed truth is coming forward in so many different ways, and through so many different sources.

Truth, light. Light overtaking darkness. Light bringing the truth out of the shadows where that truth has been held deeply within those shadows for thousands of years.

And so many have been lied to and misinformed as to what life is really all about, what you are really here for, that you are the light expressing within each and every one of you. You are the God Source expressing outward. That has been held back from you, as well as the many, many inventions. Those things which would propel your third-dimensional expressions out and beyond into the fourth- and fifth-dimensional expressions. But this indeed has been held back from you for so long, the many thousands of patents that have been held back, but are now, even now, in this moment beginning to be released; very slowly at first, but will gather momentum more and more.

And it is beginning to happen. You are beginning to see the precursors to those things called the med-beds with the celestial crystal chambers, the precursor of that is beginning to come forward, not the full med-bed experience yet, but again, the beginnings of it. The beginnings of working with frequency. The higher energy frequency to heal the body, not to simply sustain the body. Not to take care of symptoms, but to fully heal the body.

Because with frequency working within the body and working with consciousness itself, there is no limit to what can happen with the physical form. The physical form is meant to exist forever if the right frequency is reached within the body. And so many have worked for so long a period of time, for thousands of years, to hold that frequency down within the body to keep it lower so that you would have a finite life and you would succumb to injuries, and accidents, and pain, and suffering. All of that was meant to be by those of the forces of darkness to hold you back from knowing that you are the God Source within you. And there are indeed no limitations to what you can do, what you can accomplish within your own lives and within the collective lives of man.

It is time, my brothers and sisters. It is time to reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters. Reach out and share the truth wherever you are able to do so, beginning with this grand movie that has been released now that is a catalyst for bringing forward the truth. That movie you know is the “SOUND OF FREEDOM”. For it is a call out to all of those that have been held back. A call for freedom. That is what you are all about at this time now, is reaching out for freedom, finding the freedom within your lives, and with the collective lives of man.

It is time now to share, to spread as much as you possibly can, wherever you have the opportunity, and your Higher-God-Self will direct this if you but ask. If you but open yourselves up to what is possible, you will receive answers. It may not come as direct wording within you as far as your thoughts come, but it will come in some way that will direct you, and you will know the answer. You will feel it within you.

But trust. Trust in the process. As you continue to trust in the plan that is fast now moving forward.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now at this time temporarily. I will be back again shortly. For indeed these things are speeding up. The truth is coming forward in so many different directions. And we, those of us on our ship, are coming closer and closer to beginning to make contact with various ones of you that are ready for this. Ask, and we shall appear to you when the time, when the frequency is right.

Peace and love be with all of you.

ASHTAR. Channeled by James McConnell, posted at


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