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The Sword of Light ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator,

As you move into these Moments of Great Change in your Reality, You are being Engulfed with the Unconditional Love from the Divine Pair, The Infinite Creator. You are loved beyond your understanding in your limited perspectives. We are here, and we are witnessing the Dark's last attempts at control. They are actively Pushing the False Prophecies to further their agenda of World domination. They very directly are attacking humanity. This is a war against the civilians, the Innocent on Earth.

In these precious moments, We must remind you that you are more powerful than you ever have imagined.

Just one Lightworker can make major changes in the Light quantity in any given area. When you gather together in groups it amplifies this even more.

When you gather online reading or listening to the same messages and teachings of Light as Others, you also amplify the Light within the collective, as well as your own frequency.

By connecting to each other even while on your internet, you are strengthening and Brightening Humanities collective energies as well as your own personal Light.

The Dark will continue the same path as they have always trod. They will do this because this isn't an agenda that is something new, it is a very old agenda that is the same on every world that they have conquered. However, their Time here on this Planet is very short. They do know this, but still play their game. They fear what is ahead for them. They have been given the chance to look toward the Light. but they will not. All their attempts at planet domination has failed and will fail on Planet Earth.

We say that this is their last attempts because they no longer have any power backing them. Their extraterrestrial counterparts have all been removed.

The Hybrids and clones still do their bidding of Darkness. However, they move blindly because they no longer have eyes in the skies helping them. They are about to throw all their cards on the Table, as Humans might say. There is much more to come. They are about to throw it all out at once to cause as much fear as they can. This could include making claims of a fake Alien invasion.

Any intervention from your star families, by disabling their bombs and weapons, has been countered by the darks attacks on more civilians.

But understand that the Beings that are here now do not want to harm Humanity or this earth in any way. It's quite the Opposite. We are here by the divines Order to remove all Dark Forces on your Planet. This is being done. It is more difficult when they use humanity as a shield.

The Dark can not continue, without their force, for much longer.

We, your Star Families, will continue to amp the frequencies, causing the darkness to stress and weaken in every moment. The more they fight, the more they lose. For those who are caught up in the Chaos, and have darkness all around you. You have been placed there, by your Higherselves, in these moments, to bring change. You are the beacon in the darkness in these moments.

You are the ones to hold the light for those seeking to find their way. Many are seeking truth, because the stories that humanity has been told has been all lies, to keep you enslaved. With the Light rising, the truth rises. Truth will be Humanities savior. Once you see truth you can then project your energies as the Light workers, to where you see it is needed.

The Power of Truth, Brings the Power within you forward, as a sword of Light. This is the Most Powerful force in the Universe, and it is at your beck and call. The Light is There to be of service through you. You just need to command it, direct it, and Share it.

The Light serves you in your Mission. It works as Love, as Healing, as Cleansing, as A Sheild for protection, as a Foundation of Truth to stand firm upon, and a Binder of the Darkness, and Nulling them from causing harm. It is your wings for Flight into the astral Plane, it is your knowing within that you are Divine. The Light is here to serve you.

There is no limitation on what the Light can do, for you, through Love. It works through your intentions, so whatever your intention is, if it is positive, will be done through the Light. You are that Powerful when holding the Sword. Holding and embodying the Light is just a small piece of what you can do in these precious moments.

The Light is of the infinite Creator. It is the divine Pairs essence, their gift to you, to all of us, their Children. The Light is what everything is made of. It is who you are. Merge with your Truth and Carry the Sword of Light proudly. You are a brilliant Beacon.

Welcome home to Love,

We Love you and Honor you,

In the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator,

We Are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, Here to Serve the Divine.

Channeled by Chellea at


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