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The Stargate to the Pleiades ~ Activation Codes for May 22-30th ~ UL Cosmic Light Forecast

The Stargate to the Pleiades, & Activation Codes for May 22nd to the 30th. Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Light Forecast.

We’re leaving behind the stubborn and grounded vibes of Taurus season and gearing up for something totally different. If you’ve been concerned that everything is moving too slowly, don’t worry, because the Universe is about to shift things up.

As we charge onward into Gemini season--which began on May 21--the cosmos are giving us a burst of stimulating and rejuvenating energy that we can utilize to our greatest benefit. While the beginning of the week has a flavor for professional success and ambition, the rest of the week glitters like gold--perfect for romance, and friendship!

The sun and Mars in Leo will work in tandem at the onset of the week, bringing forth a fiery and insatiable hunger for connection. This energy can increase our confidence, pushing us to further our lives socially.

However, by mid-week--particularly May 25--romantic Venus will give rebellious Uranus a smooth, ushering in opportunities for socializing, spontaneity and celebratory surprises.

THE ELEMENTALS. Stargate to the Pleiades. LOVE is the Greatest DIVINE ENERGY!

By Paul White Gold Eagle at

Greetings Sacred Soul Star Family of our Divine 144

Happy Pleiadian Gateway and Day 3 of 10 Galactic Activation Portal Days in a row on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.

We have another day of Trinity Codes and Activations flowing into the field from the most high.

Our local Solaris continues to release powerful Solar flares with multiple C Class Flares and 2 more M Class flares today. There have been 48 Solar Flares released from the Sun in the past 48 hours. These flares and CME’s are flooding Gaia with Higher Dimensional Gamma Plasma Rainbow Rays of 5D and beyond.

Pachamama also received 2 more powerful activations today with a magnitude 6.8 earthquake by Prince Edward Island in the Indian Ocean at 14:56 UTC and a M 6.1 quake in the Solomon Islands (sun of the moon) in the South Pacific at 15:45 UTC. We also had another spike on the Schumann Charts today at 25 hz.

Today the Sun also enters into the Air sign of Gemini bringing in more of the Divine Union Codes of the Eagle and the Condor and the Holy Winds of Change of our Great Shift of the Ages.

Our Starseed Earth Angelics of the 144 are receiving downloads directly from the Great Central Sun. In the Zero Point Energy of today’s Portal the Stillness is being experienced within the Core of our being, the unchanging Eternal Buddha Mind is resolving all things perfectly in this Now. Mother Earth and all Her Children of the Sun are in the final stages of clearing, cleansing and purging all that is not in alignment and resonance with our 5D New Earth.

We keep lighting up the Grid with the Threefold Flame of our Heart Centers as we Rise together in the Glory of the Dawning of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life…Aho!

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Plant seedlings and ideas, launch projects, start a book, or take a relationship to a new level.

What you Plant Now will manifest quickly within the days to come. So Plant your seeds wisely.

If we plant an argument, that too will grow into a tangled forest. This dynamic week contains both that fertile Taurus ground and a muscular engine of willpower as Mars, the motivating planet, enters expressive Leo on Saturday, opposes powerful Pluto, and squares expansive Jupiter to form a T-square in determined fixed signs. It’s good for us to have healthy places to go and things to do with this astrological engine.

Mars symbolizes what motivates us, what makes us passionate, and what ticks us off. Under Mars in Leo people do not want to be ignored. We have a healthy right to be seen and feel appreciated for what we do. Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto will all be at 0° of fixed signs, and 0° is the border between signs, so expect boundaries to be tested. Keep an eye on border problems whether it is with relatives, neighbors, or countries, and watch for grandstanding, invasion, and heroic action on the world stage.

T-squares, like grand squares, work like combustion engines; minor explosions produce momentum which, if we time it right, can drive the car forward. If we don’t time it right, it blows up or blockades. T-squares act like concave mirrors and shine their light on the missing corner of the square. In this case, the T-square shines towards the south node at 3° of Scorpio which suggests old resentments, grudges, deep wounds, and primal needs can catch fire in that focus.

With this T-square over the next few weeks, some people will just need to debate. Fixed signs tell us to hold our ground rather than to be aggressive, but some won’t hear that call. Notice that sparkle in their eyes when they say something contentious, then choose whether to wrestle with them or just call them on the bait. If it’s just recreational contention, they won’t be interested in a real discussion and are not open to learning from our brilliant points.

The weekend is exploratory, interactive, and occasionally contentious under a Gemini Moon and as Mars enters Leo. Consider using this momentum, not to fight, but to make a decision and take a healthy risk.

Slow the momentum early next week to attend to self-care and nurture those newly planted seeds as the Moon enters Cancer and Mars perfects its square to Jupiter. Midweek our relationships take the spotlight; a Leo Moon can help us celebrate the summer but also makes it essential that we honor, respect, and appreciate our beloveds. Otherwise, conflicting needs cause conflict. The Leo Moon calls us to creatively re-center ourselves and tend to business just when our dear ones need to feel important to us. We expand the heart and can pay attention to both.

Thank you for Listening. This has been Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Light Forecast For May 22nd to the 30th. at


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