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The Many Forms of Spirit ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Friends Of Light!

In This Communication We Will Review The Importance Of Becoming Aware Of Spirit That Is Continually Speaking To You In Many Ways! Although This Might Sound Strange To Some Receiving This, We Remind You That The True Essence Of Your Being Is Spirit!

In The Space Of Beingness That Cannot Be Seen With Human Eyes, There Are Beautiful Souls Of Light That Speak To You In Frequencies Of Love! Telepathy Is Only One Method Of Communication!

Be Still And Quiet And Know That You Are So Loved!

For Those That Were Taught By Doctrine That Communication With The Non-Physical Aspect Of Life Was Evil, I Remind You That Angels And Light Beings Are Always With You! Vibrating At Such High Frequencies That They May Surround You In Beauty And Peace To Stand Ready To Manifest If Needed, They Are Silent In The Light They Emit. Indeed, The Very Teachings Of Religions Support Angelic Visitations Of Spirit.

The Soul Is The Individualized Form Of Spirit With Consciousness That Is Infinite. You Are This Soul In Flesh! You Have Traveled Far In Your Perception To Expand In Consciousness In The Earth School.

Know That Spirit Is Holding You In Love As Many Souls Reach Out To You From Higher Planes Of Being.

Spirit Is Attracted To Music And Gatherings Of Joy! Whether You Are Alone Listening To Music, Attending A Beautiful Concert Or Gathering In Groups Of Joy With A Collective Consciousness Of Love, Know In Truth That A Great Number Of Souls Join You! There Are Many Occasions Of Deep Feelings Of Unity As Singing And Music Is Played And Voices Join In That Are Unseen In Their Source Of Being! Indeed, Angels Join In By Lowering Their Frequency To Blend With Others. These Occasions Have Been Documented Throughout Your Waking Dream!

For Those That Understand Water And That All Life Is Sustained By This Sacred Gift, Might Also Know That Water Is A Great Conductor Of Spirit As Communication In Telepathy Is Seamless When One Is Immersed In Water. Your Body Form Is Primarily Water And This Allows Communication To Be Amplified In Your Consciousness. Every Cell, Every Atom And All Protons And Electrons Of All Life Have Consciousness!

Orbs That Are Photographed And Seen In Great Numbers Are Signs Of Spirit Communication. Many People Are Able To See Them Without Special Cameras. They Are Spheres Of Light That Are Projected Into Your Reality To Bring Comfort With Their Presence. Many Have Reported Seeing Faces On The Orbs That Belonged To Their Loved One Who Left The Earth Plane. Be Assured These Orbs Are Being Projected By The Soul Of A Powerful Being Of Light!

Pets Are Able To Project Orbs As Well As Allowing You To Feel Their Presence With Love When Their Soul Leaves The Body. Some Pets Choose To Remain With You In A Field Of Love For The Remainder Of Your Visit On Earth!

When A Starseed Leaves The Body After The Completion Of Their Earth Life, They Have The Choice To Remain For As Long As They Choose To Be Close To You! They Will Return To Their Origin With Great Love And Appreciation For The Time You Spent Together. Indeed, Both Of You Explored The Deepest Aspects Of Another Journey Of Light!

In One Final Communication Of Spirit, We Will Address Darkness As Spirit. Without Darkness, One Cannot Perceive The Beauty Of Light! Each Soul Has Been Gifted Free Will And Each Incarnation Has A Plan To Explore The Depth Of Being While Forgetting Their Plan And Origin.

Some Humans Override Their Soul's Plan And Fall Into Darkness For A Time. During These Episodes, They Will Attract Lower Energies That Match Their Vibrational Frequency. They Might Have Experiences Of Psychic Attacks Or Feel And Hear Noises That Frighten Them. Some People Innocently Move Into A Home Where Evil Deeds Were Done And The Energy Has Not Been Cleared. Whoever You Are And Whatever You Have Done, You Have The Innate Power To Command That All Darkness Leave! You Are The Light!

Listen, Love, Speak, Be Aware, Join And Unite In The Consciousness Of Light!

You Are Part Of Everything That Livs!

You Are The Beloved Ones!


I Love You So!

Akatu of the Pleiadian Collective.

Original Title, Spirit And Frequencies,

received telepathically by Judith Lynn @ Family of Tay-geta of X


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