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The Divine Light Grid Of The New Earth By Emmanuel Dagher - April Energy Forecast

The Divine Light Grid Of The New Earth By

Hi my friend,

It’s always a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

April is a high energy month, with great personal and collective change in store. If the month of March felt like it was a bit all over the place for you, especially on an emotional level, know that you are not alone!

We have all been moving through timelines that have us consciously and subconsciously processing our feelings, emotions, and thoughts in profound ways, to help us get clear on the path we desire to align with.

Ignoring or pushing down our feelings, emotions, and thoughts simply isn’t something we can sustain as we may have in the past.

One of the many confirmations of the processes taking place now, is the clarity we are experiencing in our dreams. We often do much of our healing and processing during our sleep state.

If you are someone who pays close attention to the inner and outer world, you’ve probably noticed that big changes, both subtle and not so subtle, are occurring now, in your life and in the world.

Where Are We Now?

Although March offered us a great deal of positive movement and progress energetically, the collective also experienced a lot of uncertainty, instability, and fear.

If you are someone who experienced more of the latter, by the end of March you most likely began to sense a softening occurring within your inner being that allowed for greater clarity, stability, flow, and desirable opportunities to begin showing up in your reality.

The Divine Light Grid of the New Earth

The month of April will offer us a unique opportunity to make great strides when it comes to anchoring and materializing what is known as the Divine Light Grid of the New Earth.

Of course, the New Earth template was set in motion many decades ago by awakened Way-Showers, Healers, Empaths, and others on a path of personal growth.

Yet although the Divine Light Grid of the New Earth has been a long time in the making, there is a highly concentrated timeline over the next few months that, when utilized, will help bring forth a quantum leap in the consciousness of humanity.

This will also show up in ways that will bring us together with our Soul Tribes.

Our Soul Tribe is a community of kindred hearts that reflects back to us the experience of “home” and “peace.”

It’s important to be mindful of the people who show up for us in these coming months. Many of them will be part of the Soul Tribe that will help us anchor and weave in the sacred energetic threads needed to manifest the Divine Light Grid of the New Earth.

The Divine Light Grid holds the precious, interweaving threads of Divine love and Divine logic that are building the resilient and unwavering foundation of the New Earth itself, rising from every corner of the planet.

There are many ways to connect to the Divine Light Grid of the New Earth.

This Forecast will highlight a way that is simple and effective.

The Golden Duo: Authenticity and Transparency

One of the most effective things we can do to instantly connect with the Divine Grid of the New Earth is to embrace authenticity and transparency by being completely honest—first and foremost with ourselves, then with the world around us.

The first step is to take a quick inventory of where in our lives we are already being completely authentic, honest, and transparent, while noting what other areas might benefit from having more of these qualities.

Being authentic, honest, and transparent is not to be mistaken with being intentionally unkind in any way, especially in the way we deliver our truth. There is no room in the New Earth for being unkind.

Here are some simple questions we can ask ourselves to evoke greater authenticity:

“What would someone who is unconditionally loving and kind with themselves and others, do in this situation?”

“What are the things that matter most to me in life?”

“What does life look like when I express myself from the heart, freely and fully?”

Our only job when speaking our truth is to be mindful of how we deliver it.

It’s important to not internalize or suppress our truth, yet also to not try to control the outcome of how others choose to receive it.

Video - "Taking Our Power Back" By Patricia Cota-Robles


A Desire and Willingness to Heal Another effective component to help us connect with the Divine Light Grid of the New Earth is to cultivate a desire and a willingness to heal. Often when we heal from a seeming imbalance in our lives, a large burden that had occupied our attention is lifted out of our energy. Though the Spirit loves to travel light, the mind sometimes takes a bit longer to be convinced, simply because it has grown accustomed to the burdens it has carried. There are different levels of willingness, especially when it comes to healing. Many people do not become ready and willing to heal or release the stories they have identified with for so long, until their thoughts start feeling increasingly uncomfortable. These are the stories that the mind uses to reinforce the idea that one is broken or lacking in some way. Essentially, these are the stories that create victim/survival consciousness, which is actually the lowest aspect of humanity’s consciousness. However, we are in a unique time now, where we no longer need to identify with or operate from victim consciousness. We have the opportunity now to shift our personal and collective timelines, so that we can truly begin to operate from the most empowered and sovereign part of ourselves. This is also known as the Spirit/Goddess/God/Higher Self aspect of ourselves. So the question then becomes, Are we truly willing and ready to heal? In other words, are we willing to let go of attachments to our survival patterns? Are we ready to release our stories and insecurities, and the fear, worry, lack, addictions, guilt, shame, self-sabotage, blame, and anything else that vibrates at that wavelength? Once we get an inner “Yes,” we can begin asking questions like, “Who am I, outside of the limiting stories my mind has identified with?” and “What steps am I willing to take to discover that?” If you are finding that you are not healing as quickly as you would like—“healing” being just another word for remembering the wholeness, perfection, and abundance that has been within you all along—then invite your mind to contemplate how it may still be identifying with the old victim consciousness. The mind might immediately resist, and think something like, “I don’t want the old patterns! I really want to heal.” However, question it. Ask, “Do you really want to heal? Because clearly, you are still finding comfort in the old discomfort.” Once you begin questioning your mind in this way, it begins to light up parts of the brain that have been dormant. These are the parts that allow for the highest wisdom and insights to come through, loud and clear. Unconditional Love The most important component for connecting with the Divine Light Grid of the New Earth is to practice the art of loving unconditionally. The human misinterpretation of love has caused a great many challenges that are still playing out in the world today. We’ve been taught by society, traditions, religions, doctrines, and stories that in order to experience love, we have to search outside of ourselves for it, sacrifice for it, experience pain and heartbreak over it, suffer for it, give up things we want to have it, work hard to earn it . . . and the list goes on. The energy of love has absolutely nothing to do with any of these unconscious misrepresentations. Love is the core essence and foundation of all life. Love flows unconditionally through everything. Love expands. It listens and supports. It heals, and it nourishes. When we are being our authentic and true self, we often feel joyful, content, and at peace, because we are choosing love. It’s simply the way people have misinterpreted love that has created other kinds of experiences around love. During the next few months, one of the most important things we can do to connect with the Divine Light Grid of the New Earth, is to rediscover what love really is, and to immerse ourselves in its qualities. For so many generations, most of humanity has been taught that it is wrong for us to love and honor ourselves in the same way we are supposed to love and honor others. This collective pattern we all unknowingly agreed to is one of the main reasons why humanity has moved away from operating from our most loving and empowered state of being. We were taught to look outside of ourselves for the answer, when it was within every fiber of our being all along. Those days of searching outside ourselves are winding down quickly, because we are evolving. People are understanding more and more that in order to create a happy, free, open, prosperous, loving version of ourselves, it’s important to lay the foundation by showing up for and loving ourselves unconditionally. To the mind, this may not come easily, simply because we have not been taught how to show up for and love ourselves. Here are two helpful questions we can ask ourselves, to help us embrace loving ourselves more: “How would unconditional love treat itself, if it were embodied in a person? And, “How can I open up to being this person for myself?” Let’s make this experiential. For the month of April, I invite you to make a list of all the ways an unconditionally loving person would treat themselves. Are they generous, kind, nonjudgmental? Fun, playful, respectful? Do they make sure they feel seen, heard, appreciated? Do they give themselves gifts, time to rest and rejuvenate and play? Do they do the things that bring them the most joy? It’s great to connect with a Soul Mate from our Soul Tribe—someone who can mirror these qualities back to us. Yet in order for that to happen the way we truly desire deep down, we must choose to show up for ourselves first. From now until September, as we choose to continuously show up for and love ourselves, some of the greatest growth and healing will take place—in us, and in the world. Video - Freedom Flame Transmission -


Renewed Inner Strength Towards mid to late April, we will notice a renewed inner strength. We may even find ourselves feeling extra bold and courageous. This will be an excellent time to step into and complete any tasks that have felt challenging, or as if they were a cloud hanging over us. The energies will be highly supportive of the highest resolutions and favorable outcomes happening, when we choose to practice living mindfully. This will also be an excellent time to begin new projects, relationships, and creative endeavors. There will be a great deal of focus on “building” during this time, so make sure not to lose sight of the important things in life. It’s wonderful to be ambitious and to be in creative mode. Yet that energy can be even more fulfilling and sustainable when we take time out daily to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Things such as our connection to Spirit, the sound of a bird singing, the calm of a peaceful lake or ocean, the awareness of how your sacred breath connects you to everything, a hug from a loved one … These are the most important things in life, that feed our Souls the most. When our Soul is fed completely, our energy operates at 100%. We are at peace. We are open, clear, inspired, and available for all the blessings the Universe has in store for us. Meaningful Connection By late April, a desire to express our love in ways that are meaningful will continue to awaken within us. As mentioned earlier in the Forecast, it all begins with creating a meaningful connection with ourselves. We make that connection not in an egoic way, but rather a reverent way, in which we understand that by acknowledging the magnificence within ourselves, we are offering the greatest respect, love, honor, and gratitude to the Universe. Once that meaningful connection is established within ourselves, we then create the space for meaningful and intimate unions to unfold around us. It’s important to note that when we have a healthy love and respect for ourselves, the love we experience with others no longer needs to have dramatic and primal aspects. And if something does come up, it can be resolved quickly. This form of love is pure, easy, joyous, and flexible. This is unconditional love. What an extraordinary time we are in! We have the privilege of witnessing the great expansion occurring within us, and in the beautiful world all around us. Till next time, Miraculously Yours, Emmanuel ©2009 – 2021 Emmanuel Dagher. All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the name of the author and the source website link. Infinite Blessings with God's infinity Energies of Christ Love & Enlightenment and all the Blessings needed for your Healing & Spiritual Ascension that are all Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment ! Steven Hutchinson Video - Let's Unfold Our Highest Divine Self By Emmanuel Dagher"


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