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Secret Hand Mudras for Power and Success

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO Prashantj yoga Only 1% Knows This Secrets | Most Powerful Mudra | Dreams Into Reality | ​⁠ Welcome to YouTube channel Prashantjyoga Other important videos👇 Join our regular online classes Plz connect - +917351912811 whats app YOU SHOULD NOT SKIP | BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA | BHRAMARI BREATH | BHRAMARI FOR MEMORY | @PrashantjYoga • YOU SHOULD NOT SKIP | BHRAMARI PRANAY... SECRET OF NADI SHODHAN PRANAYAM | Alternate nostril breathing | ANULOM VILOM | @PrashantjYoga • SECRET OF NADI SHODHAN PRANAYAM | Alt... Kapalbhati pranayama and kriya | no one will tell this | fire breath | everything about Kapalbhati • Kapalbhati pranayama and kriya | no o... EVERYTHING ABOUT BHASTRIKA PRANAYAMA | BHASTRIKA PRANAYAMA STEP BY STEP | PRASHANTJ YOGA • EVERYTHING ABOUT BHASTRIKA PRANAYAMA ... Other videos CURE YOUR CONSTIPATION | CLEAN STOMACH EVERY MORNING | YOGA FOR CONSTIPATION | @PrashantjYoga • CURE YOUR CONSTIPATION | CLEAN STOMAC... VITAMIN B12 DEFICIENCY | B12 RICH VEGETARIAN FOODS | CURE B12 DEFICIENCY NATURALLY • VITAMIN B12 DEFICIENCY | B12 RICH VEG... HOW TO CHANT ॐ | BENEFITS OF OM CHANTING IN BODY | OM CHANTING CORRECTLY | @PrashantjYoga • HOW TO CHANT ॐ | BENEFITS OF OM CHANT... DRINK WATER DURING MEAL | RIGHT OR WRONG | WATER AND FOOD CONNECTION | @PrashantjYoga • DRINK WATER DURING MEAL | RIGHT OR WR... You can now join our morning yoga sadhna at 06:30 am Welcome to our YouTube channel - 🙏🏻This is Prashant Jakhmola 🧘🏿‍♂️Certified yoga teacher - BIHAR SCHOOL OF YOGA 🧘🏿‍♂️ERYT-500 🧘🏿‍♂️Currently doing P.H.D Yoga 🧘🏿‍♂️Contact : +917351912811 ( school whats app ) 🧘🏿‍♂️Read my blogs for yogic knowledge —————————————— You can Connect me -⬇️ Instagram 👉 Facebook page 👉 For my upcoming yoga course you can visit 👉 Yoga school profile 👉 🙏🏻If you like the information dont forget to like, share and subscribe the channel have launched one online. Pranic course you can join the course and start your Pranic journey click the link below👇 - to learn proper Jalandhar Banda Part-1 • JALANDHAR BANDHA | Part - 1 | Steps ... Part-2 • Jalandhar Bandh Part-2 | Yoga For Thy... If you want to join our online regular classes, you can sign up for next month’s - Recent videos 👇 STOP JOINT’S PAIN | HOME REMEDIES FOR JOINTS PAIN | FIX JOINTS PAIN IN 7 MINUTES | • STOP JOINT’S PAIN | HOME REMEDIES FOR... 15 MINUTES PRANAMAYA | MORNING PURIFICATION PRANAYAMA | PRANAYAMA FOR BEGINNERS • 15 MINUTES PRANAMAYA | MORNING PURIFI... ————————————————————— Other important videos: Yoga for weight loss • YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS | PRASHANTJ YOGA... Yoga for tight hips • Hip Opening Movements For Tight Hips ... sun salutation • Do this way Sun salutation | surya na... Download facing dog • Becomes flexible | Downward facing do... How to become flexible • Padangushthasana | ashtanga yoga | Ha... How to do kumbhaka breath retention • Kumbhaka | breath retaliation in pran... Prepration for pranayama • Pranayam sadhana| Prepration of prana... How to do lotus pose • No more pain in padmasana | how to do...


Please Use your own "Personal Discernment" on all content posted. What doesn’t resonate for you, May well be, a message for someone else.

The Grammar and Punctuation are corrected for the Videos, and the Titles are changed due to copied Titles on Youtube. Others also post these Galactic Messages. Youtube Allows its contributors, to flag content if it's titled the Same, as though it is Copyright. This is how Our Other Youtube Channel got blocked.

Please understand that videos can sometimes take hours to make. We try and Share Up-to-Date Galactic Messages from many different Channels. So we search for new content daily. These Articles are created into Videos for your Convenience, and to Spread the Light. This is our service here at

We Gather The Messages from many different sources. We Hold No Copyright, to anything posted, and do not monetize the Videos. We offer this Content Free, without commercials or Ads, to All who are seeking the Light. The Website and the Radio do cost monthly to keep them running. We do except Love donations Here.

Thank you for your Continued Support.

If you enjoy the work of the different Authors that is shared, Be sure to subscribe to Their Content as well. We hold No copyright on this content and make no income on the videos created.

However, if you are Enjoying Our services here at Universal Lighthouse, Donations are greatly needed and appreciated.

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We share this content as our Service to The Earth and Humanity

We are a Beacon of Light, In Total Service.

Thank you... in so Much Love and Light..

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