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Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being Guided again to disclose More about what is happening with the Rapid Changes, major shifting, and Timeline Jumping that is occurring at this time. So many strange and unusual things are still happening within this World that it is apparent that We have been shifting Timelines again. And It hasn't stopped, we are continuing to shift and it is causing some really weird stuff to happen Like Things totally disappearing, Where they NO Longer Exist within this Reality. This Phenomenon occurred to David and me just recently while Playing with our Cat. David had thrown our cat "Hercules" 2 of his toys, He wrestled with them for just a moment when all of a Sudden they totally vanished, Both toys, and we have yet to find them. We both were right there when it happened. This also left the cat confused about what could have happened to his Toys. We could have just let go of the experience if it had been just 1 of the toys that came up missing, but it was both of them, Totally gone from this existence. This happened a few days ago and I've even Cleaned that room and still nothing. I started doing some Paranormal investigating after these recent strange events, to see what I can find out about what is happening to us. This investigation is showing me that there may be a portal opening up right within our Living room. If you haven't seen it yet Check out my previous post Freaky Reptilian Shapeshifter Encounter & Experiencing the 4th Dimension. This will help you understand what David and I have been experiencing these last recent weeks.

All of this activity started happening right after the Hadron Collider started back up.

We have seen many things change right before our eyes. The Georgia Guide Stones being destroyed is a prime example of this. This shows that there was a total shift in the Earth's Energies. Many believe that we were accelerated in time. Maybe up to 3 years. Causing a shift in control of Earth and this is why the Guide stones were destroyed.

I am being shown that there is Divine intervention that is taking place at the Moment. The Karistus, Those known as the Angels, have actively begun to help Mother Earth Gaia Sophia with the Cleansing of the Old energies. This cleansing within a 3D perspective seems like chaos to those unaware of what is taking place. Mother Earth has already begun this cleansing and will continue as long as it takes to remove the Darkness. As she rises in the Light, She is able to sense our true intentions. She will focus her energies on those who do not see her as a living being and use her for their own selfish purposes. Our Mother Earth Gaia Sophia does supply all our needs as her Children. But to take from her selfishly is the Darks agenda. We must remember that this Earth is a Sentient Being, whose Spirit is of Divine Nature. The Ancient Text refers to the Earth as half of the spirit of Sophia. The other half of Sophia now resides within the Pleroma, Or what is considered the First Universe.

I am being Shown that Our Earth's higher self The Aeon Sophia, has taken over, And is now in control of her own ascension. The Dark ones knew this and have tried again to change the timelines by turning on CERN. The Last time they actually turned it On, it did alter our reality by sending us backward in time by 3 years. However, I am being shown that this time instead of adding 3 years, trying to prolong this ascension, CERN actually jumped us forward the 3 years. What that means is that we are now catching up to the new Timeline. This Timeline is much Different than the ones that they had jumped us to before. As I said, there has been an intervention of sorts. Yes, I have heard that there may be people working at CERN with a Positive agenda to sabotage CERN Experiments. However, this is a Divine intervention that is Now taking Place, to lead us out of the Darkness at a much quicker pace. These weird and strange experiences we are having are a sign of the big shift that is occurring. How this affects our Consciousness is that the Ones who have chosen to ascend with this Planet are experiencing and witnessing the Shifts on a more personal level. While those who are not evolving will be slowly removed from the Planet. This is already happening, we must understand that they have made the choice to continue in the 3D Universal School. Many are just not ready for the Big Jump just yet. There is nothing wrong with their Choice. They will have it much easier than we did. They will not have the interference of the Dark Entities that we did throughout our Time on this Planet. The Dark ones are all being sent back to the Void from which they came, and in some cases Vanquished altogether. This includes Their Reptilian Human Hybrids that are working against Humanity and this Earth. Some say that they will be sent to the Light and Merged. But this isn't the truth. The Real Darkness that Ruled this Universe, has no Light within it at all and can not be merged with The Infinite Light. So this is why it had been placed within the Void By Christos The Divine Consort of Sophia and Their Daughter Zoe.

I am being shown that The Dark one now is total AI, no longer being an organic being. He controls his Minions through a Hive mind or what you might consider a network of sorts. By Being an AI, his Essence or Program if you will, is then Placed in Host Bodies to continue his agenda. He has destroyed many worlds by "dehumanizing" the Occupants of those worlds. His Minions are only created through Matter and do not contain the Light Spark that Humans do. Their Reptilian Human Hybrids, only can contain dark souls, or Ones who have had the Spark of the Infinite removed. This is Done by Choice. This is the agenda the elites are working toward for Humanity. But their Plans have all been foiled here on this planet. More people are saying NO, to the Control of the Dark Ones and are standing up to change this Earth. We all must stand up to what we know to be truth and for our freedoms.

As we shift and Jump to meet our New Earth Vibrations we will continue to experience the strange weird and unusual. These strange occurrences are signs of things changing rapidly. It's Time to Let Go of all that's Holding you Back from your Ascension. The Angels are here to assist us through these changes. All we need to do is Ask.

And so it is and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of The Aeons, Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus. The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance @


The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 9 Putin Said, They are “NOT EVEN HUMAN”

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