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Quantum Consciousness & How It Works

Each still, vegetative, animate and human, is a piece of a single network, called Nature. Many believe that Nature, in general, is something for us to use and abuse. However, those who see things in that manner are not aware of their true connection to all things. We are not something separate from nature we are nature. Each and every cell in this universe, no matter where it at is conscious of its job as a cell. We are each a part of a grand consciousness within this Universe

Quantum Consciousness is in everything natural and supernatural.


Nature Is a Unified, Collective Network

We are all parts of a collective network that binds us, however, we fail to have conscious awareness, perception, and sensation of this network. If we would, then we would see a completely different world and society than we do today.

Gaining consciousness of this network is a developmental process that has been taking place over the generations. Scientists, philosophers, and other researchers have long considered nature as a single whole. The very idea that we emerged from a single point, which continually expands, strengthens the concept of the universe’s and nature’s oneness.

When we examine nature, we see clear laws in operation. If we fail to see these laws completely, either on macro or micro scales, it merely reflects our incomplete knowledge and perception. The more we discover about nature, the more we discover its absolute interconnectedness and interdependence.


Humans Are Integral Parts of Nature

Interconnection and interdependence exist on all of nature’s levels: still, vegetative, animate and human. Individuals and society are no exception. We are products of nature. We didn’t create ourselves, even though many of us like to consider ourselves as independent. Instead, the more we develop, the more we discover laws guiding our development, showing us more and more of nature’s interconnectedness and interdependence on still, vegetative, animate and human levels. Moreover, today, the global interdependence of the most qualitative and developed part of nature—the human part—is being revealed.


Our Congruence with Nature’s Interconnectedness will Result in Our Discovery of another Dimension

The question thus arises, how can we begin to match the degree of interconnectedness and interdependence we are revealing in nature?

If we would reach such a balance, we would see that the sum of all our efforts and actions to positively connect would invite an additional force that we cannot access in our current individual modes of operation. This different kind of additional power is a force dwelling in nature, a force that we can tap into if we connect in the way that nature is connected. By doing so, we would as if invite new wisdom and thoughts from a higher dimension, gaining the ability to perceive and sense beyond time, space and motion, because through our joint effort, we would enter into a degree of congruence with nature’s interconnectedness and interdependence.

If we could gather a group of people who would truly make this “click” with nature, i.e. that the group’s members would ascend to such connection with each other as is required by the collective network, then they would find themselves actively pioneering the shift into the next dimension toward which nature is developing all of humanity.


True Collective Consciousness Is When We Shift Concern Away from Our Individual Bodies Toward Others

According to our current developmental point as humans in this system, we are on the animal level of existence, and nature is pushing us to realize the human level of existence. At the animal level of existence, we have concern solely for our own individual bodies. If we could shift our concern away from our bodies to concern for society as a whole, then we would discover a whole new dimension of collective wisdom, intelligence, attainment, and experience a harmonious and happy life in balance with nature.


What Is the Difference Between Collective Unconscious and Collective Consciousness?

The collective unconscious unites all of humanity and unconsciously transforms our civilization into a single body. The development of human society has gradually reached a blind alley, and a process of withdrawal and degeneration has begun.

In general, a new stage in the development of society happens on a more instinctive and unconscious level during revolutions and crises. This is because the higher force that drives humanity toward development is beyond our reach—it is nature’s force of love and bestowal above our individual perceptions and sensations, and from us to that force—there has been the power of the collective unconscious.

The world is tired of despicable and alienated attitudes. In a time of turmoil, a dead end, or crisis, a powerful force always arrives and, through suffering, forces humanity to take a step forward into the unknown. In our era, after the transition to the new situation, the collective unconscious will be replaced by a collective consciousness that strives and aims toward resembling nature’s force of love and bestowal, which is the higher level.


Where Is My “Self” in Relation to Collective Consciousness?


One of the main laws of nature is the law of conservation of energy. If nothing disappears, then presumably we also do not disappear. What happens to our consciousness when we die?

Answer: In nature, nothing disappears but passes from one state to another. There is no such concept as “disappear.” Therefore, consciousness passes from one form to another, from one carrier to another—if it exists within us at all!

It can be said that consciousness doesn’t exist within a person, that it is around him, or maybe even in a completely different dimension, in another space. Our brain is kind of a modem that picks up the general consciousness to the extent that it needs to realize itself at the moment.

Question: There is a collective consciousness, and there is an individual consciousness of each person, that which I pick up from the collective consciousness. It turns out that individual consciousness continues to live on?

Answer: Yes. Nothing disappears. It only changes its structure, design, just as our body decomposes into basic elements.

Remark: I would really like to remember my own self.

Answer: Your “I” exists in the consciousness, not in the physical body. Consciousness per se is information. An informational connection exists beyond time and field. It permeates the entire universe.

Information does not disappear, it can only change its medium. And we can not say for sure in what form and where it exists. This is the way the wisdom of Kabbalah views it.

Remark: I support the idea that consciousness is a global phenomenon. Therefore, the individual consciousness is like a small holographic copy that picks up certain things from the collective consciousness. In this case, they are truly connected. However, physics does not yet discuss what happens after death.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that nothing else exists. Our bodies and the whole corporeal world are only an illusion. This world is called “an illusory world” and is considered nonexistent. Everything else exists in the consciousness..


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