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Pleiadian Light Forces And The Lost Healing Technology of Lemuria

Pleiadian Light Forces and The lost Healing technology of Lemuria. a Special Message to the star seeds of New Earth for immediate planetary broadcast. The pleadians often tell stories designed to bring you to higher levels of consciousness. This light transmission is encoded to trigger your ancient divine memories. The information in this data stream is derived from secret space program Intel from Earth Alliance data and is channeled from the crystalline grid, Akashic records that contain a complete and accurate record of the history of planet Earth. There is a lot of information to process in this data stream, so listen to it twice if need be to allow it to be integrated. Take some notes as you go, because the things you write down will be your DNA triggers. - Channeled by Michael Love - Visit our website:​ - Narrator : Petra Ortiz /​ - Special Thanks to VisualDon:​ 🌟 AWAKENING Notebooks For Starseeds and Lightworkers : 👉​ 🌟 if you wish to support my channel, I would be forever grateful 🙏 👉​ 👉 Tee-Spring Store:​ 🌟 Special Thanks to DNA AWAKENING Members : Joanna Eden Lota Etu Jasmine Danh Gia Bass Keith Hartman Julie MCCluskey Weedime Sean Ellis KC Cads Steve Interrante Toni Jones Cricket Team Diane Greenfiel Much Love to all of You Beautiful Souls #Pleiadians#DNA_AWAKENING​ ------------------------------------------- pleiadian ascension, pleiadian update, pleiadian messages for the new earth, pleiadian principles for living, pleiadian message, pleiadian message for 2021, what is the pleiadian prophecy, pleiadian family of light, pleiadian council of seven, pleiadian language of light, pleiadian university of wisdom, pleiadian starseed on earth, pleiadian wake up call, pleiadian channeling,


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Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Healing is an Alternative and Complementary health care for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Offering Remote/Distant Healing using Ancient Egyptian Clearing, Metaphysical Practices, Soul Awakening Techniques & Meditations, Usui Reiki, and Quantum Energy Work.

​DNA Repair

Heal Emotional Trauma Past and Present

Lower Stress and Anxiety

Overcome Addictions

Heal Obesity and Other Weight Issues

Reduce Pain and Promote Cell Regeneration

Help Reduce Inflammation, illness, and Disease

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Entity Attachments

Pet Healing

And Much More...

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