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Our Interdimensional Reality ~ Sirian High Council


We are the Sirian High Council,

We are very pleased to be speaking with you. We are here with you in these precious Moments of your Advancement into The Higher dimensions. We reside within the 6th to the 9th dimensional spectrums. We work with the Light spectrum Grid systems of this Universe, and are Highly advanced technologically.

We are very excited to witness that more, and more humans, are beginning to awaken to the presence of other advanced Life Forms. What's more, is that many are waking up to the understanding that we are not what you would consider as Extraterrestrial, but we would be considered Interdimensional in your perspective.

In your current understanding, The only extraterrestrials would be those who reside within 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness.

Everything within this Universe is set within vibrational Light spectrums, or what you have come to know as dimensions. The dimensions coexist with each other.

All of your Star Families reside within parallel dimensions that coexists, in a sense, Next to your dimensional Reality. The Dimensions are not separate from Each Other, but coexist alongside One another. The Only thing that separates them is Vibration. The vibrational spectrum for Humans, will be 7 levels, from your previous 3rd dimension extending all the way into 9th dimension. Once humans exceed the 9th, they will no longer need an individual form. At that point they will reach their threshold of Light, and will enter the Collective of Source Consciousness. Where all those at 9th degree and above are a Universal Collective of Light.

The dimensional Spectrums of this Universe, is the way you Evolve, and grow spiritually. To achieve this growth, one must become more aligned with Unconditional Love. As you grow to that awareness in consciousness, you are literally returning to the God Source, to the Infinite Creator. This is the Journey Home to Wholeness, and Oneness with the All. Every being that was created within this Material Universe, Must evolve.

Evolution is not what you are told by your scientists. Evolution is all about the consciousness of all beings. A consciousness can evolve toward a negative vibration, becoming more dark or a consciousness, can evolve into a more Love based being. But a consciousness can also stay at a stagnant state and not evolve at all. These are the paths of your Conscious Evolution. You make the choice where to reside.

As you raise your consciousness, which means raising in understanding of Oneness and Unconditional Love, You evolve higher in the dimensional Spectrum of existence. If you choose to stay stagnant or become darker in consciousness, then you can only stay within the 3rd and Lower 4th dimension, never exiting the material Universe, and never evolving towards the Light. Every individual must make their own choices. 

This is your freewill. You must become Love, To evolve into the higher vibrations. This means to not only care for self, But you must learn to do and care for Others, Learning unconditional Love, can only be done, through your Care and Love for Others. One must realize that Self Love only works if you are willing to give the same Love to Others. Because if it isn't given to others the same, it is no longer a positive action, but becomes selfishness, which is the Opposite of Unconditional Love.

Humanity as a Collective is rising into a new spectrum of existence. But it first starts as an Individual Journey. Even if a Divine Order had not been placed to Lift Humanity and the Earth out of the Darkness, and you were still actively working on your Own Inner Light, you would still be ascending on your own. This is the Natural Course of an Ascension Journey, The Higher in Love you become, the Higher in Light you become. It is really that simple. The Whole Universe is in anticipation of your return to the Light. The Great Spirit of Life, is wrapping you in the Love, of the Spirit of Light, calling her Children home.

We Love you, and celebrate your Return to Oneness.

We are the Sirian High Council

Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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