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Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

We are at the peak of the Lions Gate Portal and The Earths Heart Rate is increasing. Her Energy is at 85 today and is pulsating every 6 hours or so from Base reading of 7.83 up to 85. I am being shown that Her activity within is reflecting outward as well with storms, volcanos, earthquakes, floods and other natural events that are now occurring. These energy bursts are a result of Mother Earth Gaia Sophia, now becoming more active in the Removing of the Darkness within and without her body. As she continues to become more active, Humanity will have no choice but to see her as a sentient being. Once this happens, There will be a change in how we care for this planet. Her resources are here for humanities survival, But to use them selfishly and to control them and keep them away from Others is against This Earth and her nature. The Native Americans claim to only take what you need, and give the rest to Others, and back to the Earth. Many People out there really don't understand the true concept of the Native beliefs about this Earth. They know she is a Living creature and the Native cultures still today, honor her as such. This is why they Fight against Big Corp and Big Oil. It threatens their whole way of Life by going through their Land and Waterways, and goes against the Earth herself, and the Universal Laws where every Creature has the right to Live.

Our Mother Earth is not only the rocks and dirt beneath our feet, She is half the Spirit of Sophia and is the Divine Entity That gave Humanity our Light, so we could be connected to The Infinite Source, The One God. She sacrificed herself by Splitting her spirit and becoming the form of Earth, to give us Life, and a chance to be able to ascend out of the 3D Universe.

This very ancient Knowledge comes from the ancient Judaic and Early Christian Gnostic Beliefs. This isn't channeled information but achieved through much Research. This very ancient Knowledge speaks of a time when the Earth Mother would awaken. She will cleanse and purge herself of all Darkness. The Judaic Seats which is the Rabbis of the Ancient Teachings claimed she begin to wake up over a year ago. They claim she can control all aspects of her being including the weather and other atmospheric changes. She is sensitive to our Intentions toward her and her nature, and will respond to us as needed.

Those who see this Earth as nothing but a commodity and Lifeless Matter will be rudely awakened.

Even the Animals reflect the wishes of the Mother Earth. They are fully connected to her energy. We ourselves can make this Direct connection. To do so you must see her as a sentient being. You must respect her as such. Once you have made this shift in your consciousness, she can speak to you directly and you feel her emotional state. which many times is not happy. She in the Moment is in a hurried state, or feeling anxious and concerned. She is trying to clear and cleanse herself of the Negative vibrations she is feeling. However, This is everywhere at the moment because the Ones who wish to control, have caused chaos and fear throughout Humanity. Humanities lower emotions of Hate, Fear, and greed, is causing the Earth to intensely react. And of course when hit with natural disasters it can cause more fear, But it also causes something else to happen. it causes people to Unite. It causes people to help each other, and it causes people to become of service to one another. It causes Humans to become the Light we all know we already are. It wakes us up to who we are suppose to be.

When we are in chaos our True spirit is to Find Each Other. Now is the Time to Find Each Other. To Become One in Spirit and in Love. This is our Truth, to deny this you deny your truth. Its like when your Mother is calling you home for Supper, you didn't want to make her Yell.

Our Mother is feeling our emotions as a species, she sees this as lower vibration energies she does not want. We are being guided to step out of the Lower emotions of Hate, Fear, Greed, and control, and begin to focus on Love, healing, respect, and forgiveness, for ourselves and the rest of Humanity. We have all been misled to believe we were something separate from each other.

Yes each person has their very own ideas and beliefs of what is truth, We must learn to respect everyone else's truth. It may not be our own way of thinking, but we need to have the respect that they are different, with different ideas, But we are all of the Same Spirit. Understand that its ok to be Different, but everyone's real truth is that we are all from the Same Infinite Consciousness that is God. Respect will be the main energies to embody for those wishing to move into the Higher dimensions. By having enough respect for others to allow them their own truth, you embody the service to other mentality, you allow them to be themselves.

This will be a big change for humans to make, we have been taught that it is ok to push your truth on everyone else. This causes friction and eventually separation and war. To step into the New Earth we must learn to have respect, have respect of ourselves and others. the respect that all Life is sacred. and should be allowed to live. However you see this Universe whether you are religious or not, you already know that there is other entities in existence besides Humans. To become a Member in the Galactic Societies, as a species we must also see these beings as we do ourselves, as a spark of the Infinite Consciousness that is the One God.

We are all Family and the children of the same Mother/Father of Creation. We all are the same Spirit in many different Forms, and we are all Headed Home. Our Beautiful Mother Earth is Calling us Home, Don't make her Yell.

as so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light, Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus, the New Earth of Light, Full disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance, @


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