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Meditation ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

In These Moments We Will Address Meditation And The Gift Of Infinite Light This Brings To Your Being!

In Divine Planning From Your Origin To Your Current Waking Dream, Meditation Is The Path That Takes You Home!

If Anyone Has Ever Wondered Where To Find Everything, The Answer Remains To ‘Go Within’.

The God Realized Soul Is The Essence Of Your True Self.

You Are One Way That God Is Expressing In Infinite Creation In Non Physical And Physical.

To Feel The Presence Of God, Become The Awareness Of Your Story.

To Find The Ever Present Awareness, Allow The True Self To Live And Be As God.

Meditation Has Been The Method Used Since Creation To Quiet The Mind And Settle The Chaotic Identity In Peace And Serenity.

No Words Are Needed But Know In Truth, Each One That Meditates Should Follow The Guidance That The Soul Offers.

If A Mantra Assists With The Endless Train Of Thought, Then Follow This Method.

If Soft Music Assists With A Quiet Mind, This Is Fine.

Whatever Path Works For You, Follow This To The Inner World Of Being!

The Current Waking Dream Is Very Different From All Others.

For In This Dream, You Are Bombarded With News, Lies And Social Media Which Is Overloading Your Senses And Emotions.

Making Meditation A Priority Will Soon Lead You To Desire The Change That You Will Experience In Your State Of Being.

There Is A Place That Only You Can Go.

There Is A Breath That Only You Can Take.

Breathe Deeply Now.

You Are In Control Of Your Destiny.

Find The Sacred Place Within And Your Soul Will Allow You To Experience This Magnificent Destiny!

You Are The Light Of Earth!

Your Soul Is The Light Of Your Being!

You Are Infinite Awareness In Form!

Meditation Throughout Your Day As You Take Care Of Work And Family, Can Be Done By Simply Shifting Your Focus To The Awareness That You Are Doing Many Things.

This Is A Living And Waking Meditation.

Closing Your Eyes And Becoming Very Still And Quiet Will Allow Levels Of Consciousness To Be Accessed In Expansion. And Many Of You Will Experience Total Peace, and Glimpses Of Origin Or Other Waking Dreams.

Some Will Become So Peaceful That They Desire To Remain In This State For Many Hours.

The Attention You Give To Cultivating Your Inner World, Will Return To You With A Calm Demeanor As You Face The Outer World Of Your Waking Dream.

To The Seekers Of Truth And Light, You Need To Go No Further Than Your Own Heart!

Realize That You Are In The Group Of Souls That Chose To Arrive In The Last Waking Dream On Earth!

The Inner World Of Your Sacred Essence Will Be Lived As Your New Life In Sheen!

For Everything That Is Love Will Be Lifted High In Majesty And Bliss!

Find This Place Within And You Will Understand The Beauty That Is Before You!

In Light We Rise As One!

We Love You So!

The Pleiadian Collective. By Family Of Taygeta at


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