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Light-workers, It's Our Moment to SHINE 🕯️

Beautiful Blessings Dear Ones,

In these moments humanity is being surged with waves of the Purest Light coming from the Central Flower of the Universe. At the same time The Planet herself is beaming with Light coming from the Central Flower within. As above So below. What this is doing is raising us into a higher spectrum of Light then where we have been previously during this last 26,000 yrs. During the dark cycle, Humanity drastically decreased in vibration and fell into a deep sleep. In this Now, we are in the Moments of the awakening back into our higher Light.

Beings from all over the Universe have come to witness this magnificent transformation of Earth. There is so many now that the ones who wish to control can not deny their presence in our skies. Most of the ones here now are of service to the light. The darker ones can no longer withstand the frequencies we are now receiving. This is including the ones that have been on the planet, they are fleeing in a hurry. All that's left is the puppets they have left behind, these are the Ones still trying to push their dark agenda. These beings too will either surrender to the light or be removed. The Light is shining on all things that have been hidden from humanity. All truth will become known. Even the false light will be revealed for what it is. Many times we have said that the darkness runs much deeper than you ever even imagined, all will be exposed and "Transformed". Nothing that the dark has created for themselves will enter the light.

The Earth is returning to her former state of Higher Light, it is so. Nothing will stop this long anticipated event. As the Planet raises in frequency we too must raise in the light, releasing all that is not of Love and higher understanding.

What does it mean when we refer to "Higher Understanding"?

Having a higher Understanding means, you look at things from a higher point of view. For example: You find out that someone stole some food from your garden. You could call the police and cause that person problems, or you can learn to see with a Higher Understanding and see that person as being hungry and maybe in more need of that food than you. Higher Understanding means to have compassion and care for those around you. A higher understanding is putting Others first instead of the self. We do this type of thing with our own families, We always make sure our children are cared for first, and then the elderly and then ourselves. This Same compassion needs to spread to all of our Human family. The mindset of "Me first" or "it's all mine" or "It's all ME", thinking only of the "I", is the service to self mentality. Having the Higher Understanding is total service to the Light which is "Service to Others" mentality. No one should be hungry or homeless. No one should ever be pushed aside. All life is sacred and precious. The dark's agenda tries to pit one against another, whether it's Race, Religion, or even what you eat. To gain higher understanding you must learn to see beyond our differences and see the Light within. We are All of the Sacred Infinite Light that is in all things present. The Light is Unconditional Love Energy. When we Care for Others, it is that "Love" returning back to The Light, reflecting unto itself. This is bringing more Light unto this Planet. As each one of us personally raise in frequency, we are increasing the Light here on this earth causing the ascension of the Planet to move much faster. The Dark no longer have any time to throw in their curve balls. It's over for them. The Light is just becoming more and more intense. Nothing is stopping our ascension back to our former Light and beyond. Light-workers and Way-showers... It's the Moment for us to Shine. Shine your Light for all to see. Beam it in the darkest places you know of, bringing truth to the surface. There is nothing stopping the Power of your Love and Light. Use it.

In so much Love and Light,

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio.


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