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IT HAS BEGUN! ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator,

An Array of Frequencies are coming in from all around the Cosmos, and they are Massively affecting Earth in these moments. Your Suns Mass ejections along with the Direct energies coming in from Alcyone, and the Central Logos of this Galaxy, all being directed toward The Central sun of Earth.

And now, with the Beautiful 6th degree Light Rays coming from the 7 of the One, It's affecting all around you and within you. It is raising all who are advancing in this ascension process in these moments, and also activating the Human Collective into a mass awakening.

The stages of waking from being an enslaved race, often begin with fear, that is quickly replaced by anger. this Anger results in uprisings, against their enslavers. During those times there can be chaos and destruction, with freedom at stake. The controllers do not want to release their control over the masses.

In the Case of Earth, you are fighting a much harder battle with the Dark ones using their weather weapons against Humanity to bring in their Agenda of total control. Many ask why the Extraterrestrials don't intervene, when Thousands of People are being Killed.

The Liberation of a Planet is not an easy task. The attacks happening on humanity in these moments are because, they are using humanity as their blackmail or to intimidate, if you will. Forcing the Light forces to step back, to protect you. When we show ourselves, they attack you. When we express our concern, by shutting down Nuclear sites, they attack you. When we try and stop them from doing mare harm, they attack you more. We are working hard to break down their strong holds, but this does take time to accomplish. They have hidden bases everywhere on your Planet.

And as the Light becomes more intense engulfing your planet, the harder the Dark will fight, to cause fear amongst the Masses. Keeping your vibrations as low as they can, so you don't ascend.

We will continue showing ourselves and shutting down your weapons, and we will continue to spread the Light and Love on your Planet. The Dark Ones are getting very weak, and unable to continue much longer. They are finally being seen for their Crimes.

Their Dark plan was to trick Humanity into thinking that they are being invaded by an extraterrestrial race.

They are still trying to push this agenda. However, many of your Worlds Militaries are now aware of The Military industrial companies involvement in attacks against Humans. Whether they follow the agenda of the dark ones of invasion or tell the truth, will soon be seen.

Each one of you make a choice whether to wallow in the low vibrations that the Dark are causing on your planet or to rise above into the Light and not allow the chaos to affect you in that manner. When you see the Horror that the Dark ones are causing, instead of sending them Hate and Anger, and being sorrowful for all that's lost. Try transforming that energy to a positive action. Such as exposing the Dark actions that you have witnessed to help others awaken to truth. Truth is Light. Truth is Love. When you expose the Darkness you are doing the work of the Light. You are actually Higher in vibration in those moments because you express truth.

No matter how dark something is, even when it harms others, when it is exposed through truth, you raise your own frequency, because you see that truth. Many are afraid that they may lower their vibration if they see the disclosure and truth coming out. It is quite the opposite. The Only time you lower your vibration is when you are sending Hate and Anger to the individuals that caused the Harm. Being a Beacon of the Light one must not send these vibrations.

We understand it is difficult to send Love when that individual may not deserve it in your opinion. However, All deserve Love. and When you focus your intention on Healing the Situation and stopping the Harm, you can do it through the Love you have for the Ones Harmed. Instead of feeling sorrowful or sad that, so many have died, raise your understanding, to see that they all get the chance to come back as a 5th Degree human. They already have graduated, from the school of Earth.

All the Land and property being destroyed doesn't hurt the Earth. She will regrow her nature. Houses can be rebuilt, to allow for residence. Anything of physical possessions lost, is just an illusion. The dark has set up many traps, for people to get lost in their illusion. They have instilled into Humanity the need to possess objects. And this determines your wealth. Wealth is the Illusion, in the Higher realms we do not have income, money, or any other type of currency. Planets trade evenly product for product throughout the Universe.

Money is a trap of the dark. However, we do understand that it has been instilled, as a necessity, on your planet.

We must explain the differences between the Physical 3rd Degree realms to The 5th Degree realms.

Your man made stuff, can not enter into the Higher Vibrations, if it is not of Nature. This is why anyone of the beings of the Higher Vibrations and degrees of light, only use natural or organic material within our Ships. The more you alter a material, the lower in vibration it becomes. This is the same with your Food. The More you alter it by preserving it or cooking it the lower in vibration it becomes. The less you do to the natural substance, the higher it can become in vibration naturally.

You yourself can raise the Vibration of your surroundings, and your own food, just by expressing Love. Water holds memory and has the wisdom of your ancestors. When you express Love while around Water, you heal your Past, and your Future.

Our Presence here is to help Liberate Earth from the grasp of the Dark ones. and Help to Raise Humanity and this Earth into the Higher 5th degree of Light.

Each one of you can Enter the higher degrees of Love. But, each one of you must make your own choice of where you wish to reside vibrationally.

Ignoring the disclosure and ignoring our presence isn't helping you ascend. Many people on your planet, are intelligent with spiritual knowledge, and act as your spiritual Teachers. but if they do not make the Connection with their galactic Families they don't see their whole truth. Much of what is relayed from your Galactic Families are upgrades, and reconnection through your DNA, to help with raisng your frequency and excelerating your Ascension process.

Those who choose to deny Disclosure all together are still stuck in the illusion and will not make the ascension. Knowing and excepting truth is Part of the ascension process. It does not lower you in vibration to see the truth. It raises you in Love for your Fellow humans. Which is of the Higher Love of Service to Others.

Our Wanderers have been on the Earth for many Thousands of your Earth Years, preparing for these Moments in your Timespace. Waiting for Truth...

Now, it Has Begun. The Moment of Truth..

All of Creation is in Celebration. We await all of you in Joyous reunion. You are the Masters Returning Home. We love you and Honor you. In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator. We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

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