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How to Become a "Light Being" ~ According to The Ancient Essenes'

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The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Texts, both sets of documents being discovered in the 1940s, gave life to a long-hidden knowledge. The authors of these fascinating writings were considered to be what is known as the Essenes.

The Essenes who were a Judaic religious group of Mystics believed in the Ascension or Purification of the Human body. This is also known as Human Alchemy. They believed they could literally transform themselves into Light beings, through the purifying of their Mind, Spirit, and Body.

When the ancient texts were found, It was discovered that there were 2 separate teachings within the early Christian Gospels.

One set was for the Outer circle or for the ones who just could not understand or comprehend the total truth. These are the main teachings that are still taught today within the churches.

Then there were the Inner circle Teachings, which was in alignment with the Universal Laws. This teaching was only for the ones willing to do all the inner work needed to accomplish their Ascension or Purification.

The first set of teachings were set in place due to the suppression of truth in ancient times. So, the preaching and teachings in public were very different from what was taught behind closed doors.

Those who were within the inner circle were taught the truth of the Universe. To the Essenes, the nature of man consisted of these 3 facets, the mental, physical, and spiritual, which is connected to all of creation.

The Essenes also claimed that they walked amongst other Light beings, which they called Angels, and who taught them the knowledge to ascend. It is thought that these beings were actually extraterrestrial in origin. On many accounts within the ancient writings, they refer to the actual encounters with these otherworldly beings, seeing objects in the skies, and portals from which the Light beings entered and came out.

Through these encounters with the Light Beings, they describe that they were often "Taken" or what we would consider as being abducted, and then taken to a heavenly place. they described that they would experience a celestial transformation or ascension that physically took place, then they are brought back to Earth. They would then teach others how to live within the Divine Will, of the Infinite Creator., and how to become beings of Light themselves.

It is also thought that Jesus was the Leader of this community. The scrolls reveal that the rabbis and priests of the Time were very against the Essenes, believing them as blasphemist, and heretics. The ancient Documents claim Jesus was crucified because he refused to submit to the Elites and controllers of the Time. After his crucifixion, everything changed greatly for the Essenes. Most went into hiding or left the area, while others submitted to the Roman teachings.

To become a member of The Essenes you had to follow very strict practices.

In order to ensure the correct development of all man's capacities, it was necessary to place himself in harmony with the forces of nature, and also the spiritual forces of this Universe. To do this the Essenes maintained a system of prayer and meditation, for the spiritual side. They worked on their mentality by controlling their temperance, lustful, and selfish ways, then work, service to others, and recreation for the physical.

The Essenes' community school was called "Yahad" (meaning "Oneness of God")

After a total of three years of probation, newly joining members would take an oath that included the commitment to practice reverence towards The Infinite Creator, and righteousness and Service towards humanity, to maintain a pure lifestyle, be mindful of your thoughts, to abstain from criminal and immoral activities, to transmit their rules uncorrupted, and to preserve the books of the Essenes.

They believed the soul to be immortal and connected to all things. They worshipped the one God, the Infinite Creator that all things are a part of, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

No blood-sacrifice was ever offered by them, as they claimed that a reverent mind was the best offering to God. To have this reverence gave the deepest respect for the Infinite Creator.

Among their virtues were unity, truthfulness, continence, Mercy, and temperance; they focused on healing the sick, they gave great respect to the aged, and showed marked kindness and hospitality to strangers, even washing their feet. All men and women were regarded as equal, and slavery was regarded as contrary to nature. This was totally against the laws of the times. Those guilty of crimes against their community were punished by long exclusion or complete ex-communication. They searched for medicinal remedies in nature, as they devoted special care to the sick irrespective of creed, and investigated the properties of minerals. They laid claim to magical powers and the ability to predict the future. All things were held in common, their very houses not being their own. They labored principally at agricultural pursuits or made farm implements or household articles, but never weapons of war, which they were not allowed to carry, except a staff for defense when traveling.

There are many false claims of how the Essenes looked at women. The fact is, they revered women as holding the Secrets of the Universe. The laws in those lands even today are totally against the equality of women. So, behind closed doors the Essenes gave great respect to the women of their communities, even allowing them to hold positions as disciples of the church. They did not see separation in the Mother/Father Creator, both being "The One Infinite Creator." Therefore their own roles as husband and wife were as One. Marriage was considered the sacred Union and was only to happen between Twinsouls, or what they referred to as Twin Angels, meaning to have a divine Soul connection. They were to "Love" each other but never have "lust" for one another. Love Making was not something casual, it was a very sacred act. The "Wholeness" Ascension for the Twin Angels proved to be very difficult, due to the clearing of the masculine and feminine separation. So, many chose not to marry and stayed celibate, as to not bother themselves with the disciplines of marriage, and ascend individually.

The Ascension was a way of Life for the Essenes. It wasn't just their spiritual Journey, it was a mental and physical one as well. They believed by following this strict way of life, you can physically change yourself into an actual being of Light.

They believed, connecting with Nature and understanding your Oneness with it all, Focusing on purifying the Mind and Body, and being of service to others, you begin to change your very being, into Light.

Whole Body Transformation was also practiced by the Tibetan Buddhist monks. They referred to their transformation as "The Rainbow Body." It took them 13 years of pure Thought with no Anger, no worry, and No Fear, to accomplish their goal of Light transformation.

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